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Special Offer in US: $42.00
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2017 In Memoriam

Title: In Memoriam – The Fallen Air Warriors
Author: Air Marshal Bharat Kumar
Hardcover: 176 Pages
Publisher:  IMR Media Pvt Ltd
ISBN-13:  978-81-86857-25-0
Rating: stars 4 5 

This is a book that should have been written long ago – too many of those who perished in the service of the country in the Indian Air Force have been forgotten. For some families, there has never been closure, because a lot of the time the circumstances that killed their near and dear ones were never clear to them.

The concept of books based on aircraft accidents and losses, or of airmen lost on operations and in peacetime is nothing new in the litterature world of the RAF or World War Two Research. However it is unheard of in the context of Indian military history for such a book to exist. Previously the Indian Air Force did produce one book “The Memorial Book” which was devoted to war time casualities. It was a restricted publication that was not available externally.  Air Marshal Bharat Kumar’s book is a pioneering effort to chronicle the names of all the airmen lost – whether in peacetime or in war. The book attempts to put a face or a photograph to every air warrior lost in a flying incident.  Granted that this work is not 100% accurate but it is the closest that one would hope to achieve for some time to come.

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