Book Projects & Announcements

The website is associated with several supporters who have over the years published books and works related to the Indian Air Force. This section features book launches, or announcements related to such projects

The Forgotten Few

K S Nair is no stranger to this site. Several of his articles and contributions are featured throughout the history section. His second publication hit the stands a couple of months ago - The Forgotten Few is a contemporary one-volume narrative history, of the Indian Air Force‚Äôs contribution during World War II.

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Squadrons, Patches, Heraldry & Artwork of the Indian Air Force 1932-2016

This book aims to record as many patches as possible from the flying units together with a brief resume of each unit, where known.  Phil Camp has collected more than a 1000 patches of the Indian Air Force in an effort that spanned two decades.  In this book, Phil traces out the origins of the squadrons and units of the IAF, their heraldry, artwork and patches history.

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Panther Red One : The Sequel

The much awaited sequel to the delightful "Panther Red One: Memoirs of a Fighter Pilot". The author Air Marshal S Raghavendran is the retired Vice Chief of the Indian Air Force. In this sequel, he chronicles his career where the first book left off. Covering the staff and operational command appointments, the Air Marshal holds no punches in describing the disconnect between the government bureaucracy and the Defence procurement and planning wings.

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Eagles over Bangladesh : The Indian Air Force in the 1971 War

Eight years in the making, this book is the follow up to the well received "India-Pakistan Air War of 1965". The story of the Indian Air Force's operations over Bangladesh during the liberation war, including its role in training and equipping the Mukti Bahini fliers, its air offensive against Dacca and the constant bombardment of the Pakistani Army is narrated in great detail. Drawing on interviews with Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani veterans, it tells the story of the air war as never before with exclusive photographs and previously unpublished research.  

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The Westland Wapiti in the Indian Air Force

Who would have thought that a detailed history book can be written about the IAF's first aircraft?  The Westland Wapiti in Indian Air Force Service (1933-1943) is one such book. Researched with the help fo a grant from the Center for Armed Forces HIstorical Research of the United Services Institute, this book is a pioneer in the field of aircraft histories. It was officially launched by the IAF on 5 September 2014 

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Ganesha's Flyboys : The Indian Air Force in Congo 1960-62

In August 1960, an Indian Air Force C-119G Packet landed at N'Djili airport in the Congo, bringing three crews and about 35 ground personnel from No 12 Squadron, Indian Air Force, to operate UN transport aircraft in that country. They were followed by Canberra bombers of No.5 Squadron. This book - first in the Rakshak Series - details their story. Click the Cover to see ordering details.

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