Bob Doe inaugurates ‘The Aviation Bookshop’

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Simon Watson is well known as the noted aviation journalist and photographer who had done considerable work on the Indian Air Force. What is not so well known is that Simon also owns the ‘Aviation Bookshop’ which recently relocated to Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The Aviation bookshop is well stocked and is a frequent place of visit for IAF enthusiasts in the UK.

The new premises was inaugurated by Wg Cdr RFT Doe DSO DFC. Wg Cdr Doe was one of the highest ranking aces from the Battle of Britain with 15 kills . He was also the founding CO of No.10 Squadron RIAF in 1945 and recieved the DSO for his leadership.


Wg Cdr RFT Doe (sitting on right, foreground) hands over his book to Sqn Ldr Loughran. Wg Cdr CHL Digby, ex CO of 10 Squadron looks on.

On the Inagural day at the bookshop, Wg Cdr Doe signed out copies of his autobiography “Fighter Pilot” on the occasion. To his delight, two of the patrons in line for the autographs were No.10 Squadron veterans – Wg Cdr CHL “Digger” Digby (Retd) and Sqn Ldr IS “Locky” Loughran (Retd). Needless to say, Bob Doe was delighted to meet up with two veterans of ‘his’ squadron. As Sqn Ldr Loughran wrote to us:


Wg Cdr RFT Doe (sitting ) with Sqn Ldr IS Loughran and Wg Cdr Cecil Digby at the Aviation Bookshop.

“But what made us feel really welcome was Bob Doe’s welcome to Digger and me, “You fellows have really made my day” the proceedings came to a standstill as we were photographed and greeted by this legend of the Battle of Britain.”

Sqn Ldr Loughran had arranged for an autographed copy of the book to be sent to No.10 Squadron IAF’s collection.

Simon Watson had sent us the photographs of the ocassion. Copies of the ‘Fighter Pilot’ personally autographed by Bob Doe can be procured for £30.00 plus postage from the address below:



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