Squadron Histories

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-Limaye, Wg Cdr A.S. When Lightnings Strike : No.20 Squadron, Indian Air Force 1956-2006. Society for Aerospace Studies, 2006. (No ISBN)

-Pushpindar Singh. The Battle Axes. No. 7 Squadron, Indian Air Force. 1942-1992. Society for Aerospace Studies.(No ISBN)

-Pushpindar Singh. Dragon Fire – No 6 Squadron 1942- 2012., Society for Aerospace Studies 2012

-Pushpindar Singh. The First Supersonics: No 28 Squadron, IAF 1963-2013, Society for Aerospace Studies 2013 (ISBN  978-93-82811-015)

-Pushpindar Singh. Tigers in the Sky – No 1 Squadron 1933- 2008., Society for Aerospace Studies 2003

-Pushpindar Singh. Ed  Valiant to the Last – Illustrated History of No.221 Squadron Indian Air Force. Society for Aerospace Studies.(ISBN : 81-901915-4-3)

-Pushpindar Singh. The Black Archers: Illustrated History of No. 47 Squadron Indian Air Force, 1959-2009. Society for Aerospace Studies.(ISBN : 81-901915-6-X)

-Pushpindar Singh. Ed  The Fighting Fourteen: Illustrated History of No. 14 Squadron Indian Air Force, 1951-2011. Society for Aerospace Studies.(ISBN : 81-9019594)

-Sabharwal, Wg Cdr D P. Cobras : 3 Squadron Indian Air Force – Diamond Jubilee , No.3 Squadron, IAF 2002

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