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The oldest (and probably the first ever ) biographical book about an Indian Air Force dates from 1949 – a biography of Wg Cdr Majumdar written by K N Dutt. Since then less than two dozen biographies were published. We list all the books known to us in  this page.


-Ahluwalia, Gp Capt Amrik Singh, Airborne to Chairborne : Memoirs of a war veteran. XLibris, USA, 2012 (ISBN: 978-1469196565)

-Awan, Wg Cdr Aizad Baksh, Winged Wagon : Early days of the IAF and RPAF 1929-1944. Modern Press, Karachi, 1962

-Benegal, Air Commodore Ramesh S, Burma to Japan with the Azad Hind: A War Memoir (1941-45). Lancer International, 2009

-Bonarjee, V.S.C. My days in the Indian Air Force 1940-1948 . Privately Published, 1998.

-Bouchier , AVM Cecil. Spitfires in Japan – From Farnborough to the far east. Global Oriental, Kent UK 2005 (ISBN 1901903443)

-Chandrakant Singh, Major. Cavalier in the Sky – Biography of Air Vice Marshal Chandan Singh MVC AVSM VrC. L G Publishers, 2021. (ISBN 978-9383723669)

-Chakko, Gp Capt Jacob . Memoirs. National Printing Press, 1999.

-Dilbagh Singh, Air Chief Marshal. On the Wings of Destiny. Knowledge World, 2010 (ISBN 978-93-80502-267)

-Dutt, K.N. A coin of Indian metal : The life of Wg Cdr KK Majumdar DFC and Bar . Christian Litt Society of India, 1949

-Gibbs, Air Marshal G.E. Survivors Story . Hutchinson , 1961

-Ivelaw-Chapman, John High Endeavour : Life and times of Air Chief Marshal Ronald Ivelaw-Chapman.

-Jafa, DS Three Nations, One People. Minerva Publishers

-Jafa, DS Death wasn’t painful. SAGE Publishers  (ISBN 978-8132117896)

-Jasjit Singh, Air Commodore. The ICON: Marshal of the Air Force, Arjan Singh, DFC. Knowledge World, New Delhi 2009. (ISBN: 978-81907431-81)

-Karayi, P K, Wing Commander. Images at Eventide, English Edition Publishers, 2005 (ISBN: 8189066838)

-Lal, Air Chief Marshal Pratap Chandra. My years with the IAF. Lancer International, 1986. (ISBN: 81-7062-008-2)

-Latif, Bilkees. The Ladder of His Life: Biography of Air Chief Marshal Idris Latif, PVSM. Knowledge World, 2013. (ISBN:978-9381904855)

-Mehra, Air Chief Marshal O P . Memories – Sweet and Sour. Knowledge World, New Delhi 2010. (ISBN: 978-93-80502-090)

-Muniruddin, Syed . Indian Air Force and Me. Patridge India, New Delhi 2017. (ISBN: 978-1482870596)

-Raghavendran, Air Marshal Subramanian. Panther Red One. Center for Air Power Studies

-Raghavendran, Air Marshal Subramanian.Panther Red One – The Sequel. Manohar Publishers 2015

-Rai, Jyoti M. Leading from the Cockpit : A fighter pilot’s story – Air Chief Marshal H S Moolgavkar. Society for Aerospace Studies,New Delhi 1997. (ISBN:8190191578)

-Ramunny, Wg Cdr Murkot. The Sky was the Limit. Northern Book Center,New Delhi 1997. (ISBN:8172110847)

-Ranbir Singh, Gp Capt. Marshal Arjan Singh DFC: Life and times, Ocean Books, New Delhi 2002 (ISBN:8188322040)

-Roopinder Singh. Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh – Rupa Charitravalli series , Rupa Publications 2002

-Russell, Graham For King & Another Country: An amazing story of an Indian WW2 RAF fighter pilot , Arthur H.Stockwell, 2009 (ISBN: 9780722340103)

-Sahota, Harbans Singh Farmer’s Son who dared to fly , Zorba Books 2020 (ISBN 978-9390011193)

-Saigal, Air Cmde A L . Birth of an Air Force: the memoirs of Air Vice Marshal Harjinder Singh. Palit & Palit, 1977.

-Saigal, Air Cmde A L . Plain Peak to Gold Braid ??????

-Vaidya, Air Marshal A V. Wings of Joy, Knowledge World, New Delhi 2007 (ISBN:978-81-87966-68-5)


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