Ati Vishist Seva Medal & Uttam Yudh Seva Medal

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As with the PVSM and the SYSM, the awards for distinguished service in wartime at a secondary level was fulfilled by the Ati Vishist Seva Medal (AVSM) and from 1980 onwards, by the Uttam Yudh Seva Medal (UYSM).

Till date only four UYSMs have been awarded to the IAF including three for the recent Kargil Conflict.

Most of the AVSMs for wartime service were during the 1971 War. Staff Officers, Base Commanders and some Squadron Commanders were given this Medal for distinguished leadership and service during the war.

  1. One Awardee, Wg Cdr D M Conquest received two awards. He was given an AVSM as well as a VrC, a unique achievement.
  2. Only two Air Force Officers, Air Chief Marshal LM Katre and Air Marshal PS Ahluwalia, have ever been given ‘Bar’ to their AVSMs.
  3. Only one Non-Commissioned Officer was ever awarded an AVSM – Sgt V R Kantheti, an Air Force Safety Operator.
  4. Atleast six Sqn Ldr rank officers were also awarded the AVSM. No Awards were made to ranks lower than Sqn Ldr.
List of AVSM Awardees
Award details for the year 1992 are not available in the database
List of UVSM Awardees

The War time AVSM and UYSMs are listed below

Wg Cdr Krishna Dandapani CO 230 Signal Unit, Amritsar
Sqn Ldr Lakhmir Singh 230 Signal Unit, Amritsar
Air Cmde Gian Dev Sharma 1742 F(P)
Air Cmde Bawa Sampuram Singh Bedi 1795 AE(M)
Air Cmde Solomon Purushottam 1928 F(P) AOC, Adv HQ EAC
Air Cmde Harcharan Singh Bakshi 2083 ADM
Air Cmde G K Singha 2361 AE(M)
Air Cmde Kanwar Singh 2781 F(P) AOC, Rajasthan Area.
Air Cmde Trilochan Singh Brar 2884 F(P) Air I, Air Ops, WAC HQ
Air Cmde Surinder Singh 3009 F(P)
Air Cmde Krishna Mohan Ram AVSM 3101 F(P) Air I, Air Ops, EAC HQ
Air Cmde Jafar Zaheer 3173 F(P) Stn Cdr, Agra
Air Cmde C S Naik VSM 3499 AE(M)
Air Cmde Amrit Lal Saigal 3608 AE(M)
Gp Capt Gurdial Singh Punia 2134 ADM
Gp Capt Audrey Leslie Michael 3416 F(P) Dte of Offensive Ops, Adv HQ
Gp Capt Ramesh Chandra Jain 3546 AE(L)
Gp Capt Emmaneul Fernandes 3577 F(P)
Gp Capt Amrit Dev Datt 3789 AE(M)
Gp Capt S K Nair 3803 AE(M)
Gp Capt Kanwar Iqbal Singh Chabbra 3831 F(P) CO, 4 TAC , 15 Corps, J & K
Gp Capt Prem Pal Singh, MVC 3871 F(P) Air I, Air Ops, CAC HQ
Gp Capt Mohan Badami 3888 F(P)
Wg Cdr V Krishnamurthy, VM 4022 F(P) Stn Cdr, Uttarlai
Wg Cdr Mohinder Singh Bawa , VM 4494 F(P) Stn Cdr, Jaisalmer
Wg Cdr Ranjit Dhawan VM 4572 F(P) CO, No. 220 HF-24 Marut Sqn.
Wg Cdr V B Sawardekar , KC 4593 F(P) CO, No. 29 MiG-21 Sqn.
Wg Cdr Upkar Singh 4658 F(P) CO, No. 1 MiG-21 Sqn.
Wg Cdr S P Sabharwal 4413 F(P)
Wg Cdr Krishan Kumar Badhwar 4669 F(P) CO, No. 35 Canberra Sqn.
Wg Cdr Donald Melvyn Conquest 4692 F(P) CO, No.122 Hunters (OCU)
Wg Cdr K C Khanna VM 4722 F(P) CO, No. 101 Sukhoi Sqn.
Wg Cdr K G Radhakrishnan 4956 AE(M)
1989 I P K F
Air Cmde Manmohan Singh Vasudeva
1999 Kargil
A V M Satinder Singh Dhillon 7980 AE(M)
A V M Jagnandan Kumar Pathania 8053 ADM
A V M Narayan Menon 9005 F(P) AOC, J&K

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