Kirti Chakra

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The Kirti Chakra was the second most important gallantry award given away from the battlefield. The Award was less in precedence only to the Asokha Chakra. Prior to 1967, the KC was called as the Ashoka Chakra Class II, before it was reinstituted in todays form. Just over thirty such awards were made to personnel of the Indian Air Force. Including many NCOs and JCOs. Nine of the KCs were awarded posthumously.

One awardee Group Captain Denzil Keelor, was already a recipient of a Gallantry Medal, the Vir Chakra. Group Captain Maheshwar Dutt, a KC Awardee, was already a recipient of the Shaurya Chakra. Another notable award was to Group Captain Ravish Malhotra who was on standby for the Indo-Soviet Space mission in 1984.  No Bars have been issued to the KC till date.

Kirti Chakra Awardee List

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