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AVRO 748 In India - More Than Four Decades On

The induction of the AVRO 748 aircraft type in India was the result of the drive of just one man. This is now a part of the history of the country's aviation industry. Having joined the Indian Air Force (IAF) as a Hawai Sepoy (Air Soldier), a rank lower than that of a Private, Harjinder Singh rose to become an Air Vice Marshal (AVM). One of his many initiatives was the construction of an aircraft at IAF Station Kanpur (UP) in early 1958. This was appropriately called Kanpur 1. AVM Harjinder Singh lost the race to introduce this as a basic flying club aircraft to the Pushpak made by Hindustan Aircraft Ltd (HAL) Bangalore. He then made Kanpur II but again lost to HAL's Krishak Mk II. The latter became the Air Observation Post aircraft for the Indian Army.

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