Indian Air Force Flying Units Database

No.2 Squadron
Winged Arrows
No.7 Squadron
Battle Axes
No.8 Squadron
Eight Pursoots
No.10 Squadron
Winged Daggers
No.11 Squadron
Charging Rhinos
No.15 Squadron
Flying Lances
No.16 Squadron
Black Cobras
No.17 Squadron
Golden Arrows
No.18 Squadron
Flying Bullets
No.25 Squadron
Himalayan Eagles
No.27 Squadron
Flaming Arrows
No.28 Squadron
First Supersonics
No.32 Squadron
No.33 Squadron
Himalayan Geese
No.37 Squadron
Black Panthers
No.44 Squadron
Mighty Jets
No.45 Squadron
Flying Daggers
No.47 Squadron
Black Archers
No.49 Squadron
No.51 Squadron
Sword Arms
Date Raised : 1955-11-01 Disbanded : 1963-01-08 Location : New Delhi
Originally given the HT-2 and Harvard, they had Vampure FB Mk52 introduced in 1959. In 1962 the flight moved from Palam to Pune. Subsequently it got absorbed into 220 sqn as the new IAF sqn.... Read More
Date Raised : 1956-05-26 Location : Bombay
Date Raised : 1956-10-07 Location : Madras
Location : Allahabad
Disbanded : 1963-01-31 Location : Calcutta
Operated as 55 (Bengal ) Aux Squadron reformed into to 221 Squadron AF.... Read More
Location : Bhubaneshwar
Location : Chandigarh
No.77 Squadron
Veiled Vipers
No.78 Squadron
Valorous MARS
Date Raised : 2016-05-06 Location : Panagarh
Date Raised : 1951-12-01 Disbanded : 1959-12-10 Location : Agra
102 Survey Flight which formed at Barrackpore circa 1951. In 1959 it moved to Agra and amalgamated with 106 SR Units to form 106 SR Squadron. 102 Survey Flt became A Flight and 106 SRU became B Flight..... Read More
Date Raised : 1957-02-15 Location : Kanpur
105 CTU was raised under 1 BRD Kanpur to train fighter pilots of the Royal Afghan Air Force. F/L Karan Yadav was the first CO and the unit was equipped with one Harvard (IT 282), on spitfire T Mk IX (HS543) and two Spitfire MK XVIIIe. The unit moved to palam for gunnery training over tilpat and then moved back to Kanpur in June 1957 to stand down at the end of the month..... Read More
Date Raised : 1959-11-23
105 Helicopter Units is the second oldest Helicopter Units of the Indian Air Force. The Units formed at Jorhat on 23 November 1959, was equipped with Mi-4 helicopters and moved to Air Force Station Gorakhpur on 3 August 1987. Besides, communication, Logistics and reconnaissance Units also carries out SHBO and VIP task..... Read More
Date Raised : 1960-01-01 Location : Jodhpur
The Units was raised in January 1960 at Srinagar. It was initially established for S-62 and Bell 47 G-3 helicopters. In November 1961 when MI-4 helicopters were inducted into the IAF, this was the first Units received the present fleet of MI-8s on 1 February 1981..... Read More
Date Raised : 1962-02-10
The Units was raised at Tezpur with MI-4 helicopters on 10 Aug 1963. 110 HU moved in to the station from Tezpur on 08 Sep 69..... Read More
Date Raised : 1963-08-01
The Units of Snow Tigers was on 01 Aug 63, under the Command of Sqn Ldr BS Kalra. The Units was located at Tezpur with MI-4 aircraft, with its main role being casuality evac and tpt support. During this period the Units also had a detachment of two ac for his highness of the King of Nepal. On 03 Feb 1964 the Units was fully operational..... Read More
No.114 Helicopter Unit
Siachen Pioneers
No.115 Helicopter Unit
Hovering Angels
Date Raised : 1967-04-01 Location : Tezpur
No. 115 Helicopter Units was formed at Chandigarh on 01 Apr 1967 under the command of Sqn Ldr C Rama Rao (4711) F (P) and was equipped with MI-4 helicopters. The Units was earmarked for operations in Rajasthan sector with its location at then Air Force Flying College, Jodhpur. moved to its present location, 11 Wing, AF on 08 Sept 68. By Dec 67, the Units had received its full complement of aircraft, aircrew and ground personal. The Units then moved to its new location at AFFC, Jodhpur on 16 Jan 68 and was declared fully operational..... Read More
Date Raised : 1967-07-27 Location : Jodhpur
116 Helicopter Units was formed in Sarsawa in August 1967 with Mi-4 Helicopters. Later, the Units has operated Chetak and recently, the Dhruv helicopter . This was also one of the first helicopter Unitss to be equipped with Anti Tank Guided Missiles, thus assuming the name of ‘Tankbusters’ that the Units bears proudly till date..... Read More
No.117 Helicopter Unit
Himalayan Dragons
Date Raised : 1971-02-01
Date Raised : 1971-11-22
The Units crest of 118 HU, AF "THE CHALLENGER" consists of three rotor blades superimposed over the mountain on top depicting snow clad mighty Himalayas and water on the bottom depicting the Brahamaputra river in all its glory. The scenario depicts the area of operations of 118 HU since inception (apart from the basic of VVIP/VIP, the Units also carries out Causality Evaluation as and when need arises). The Units has been operating into the far reaches of Himalayas doing Air Logistics in aid of the state government of Arunanchal Pradesh as well as the Indian Army deployed along the IB with neighboring China. Helicopters of the Units has been tasked with flood relief operation for the entire north east and has also undertaken extensive flood relief operations in the other parts of the country and the adjoining country of.... Read More
Date Raised : 1971-12-01 Location : Nal
120 Ad-hoc Squadron is only a war time establishment. It was activated during 1965 opertaing out Jodhpur with the pilots and Vampire aircraft from C&R School at Jodhpur. The Sqn was awards one VrC and one VSM for its role in 1965. During the 1971 war, it was activated with Mystere aircraft from Target Tow Flight (TTF) and pilots from TTF and 31 Sqn, operating from Nal. The Sqn earned three VrC's for its role in 1971.... Read More
Date Raised : 1971-08-01 Disbanded : 1972-03-01 Location : Halwara/ Srinagar
121 Ad-hoc Squadron is only a war time establishment. During the 1971 war it comprised of 15 Vampire aircraft from C&R School, AEB, ATW and FTW. Nine of these operated from Srinagar and another 6 from Halwara. .... Read More
Location : Jaisalmer
122 Ad-hoc Squadron is only a war time establishment. During the 1971 war, pilots and aircraft from Hunter Operational Training Unit (OTU) at Jamnagar were sent to Jaisalmer to form this unit. The unit did exceptionally well in what later came to be known as battle of Longewala and won many gallantry awards. .... Read More
Date Raised : 1971-12-01 Location : Sirsa
123 Ad-hoc Squadron is only a war time establishment. It is believe it was first activated for operations in Nagaland with use of machine gun and F24 aerial camera for Recce at Tezpur in 1962. The Sqn was activated again during the 1971 war with five T-6G/ Harvard aircraft from from AFA and FIS during the 1971 War. It operated from Sirsa till 6th December 1971 and thereafter at Rajouri ALG. The aircraft were painted Dark Green on surface and black on the underneath. They were rigged with Hunter electric boxes and carried 6 x T-10 rockets and did 13 ops sorties during the war..... Read More
Date Raised : 1981-09-26
The Units was formed on 26 September 1981 at Kalaikunda. The Units was allotted Mi-8 Helicopters in January 1982. The main task of this Units was to carry out search and rescue operations and VIP/VVIP commitments. The Units moved from Kalaikunda to its present location Car Nicobar.No official crest has been allotted to the Units. However the unofficial Units mascot is " The Dolphin". This helpful sea creature belonging to the class Mammillae is quite abundant in the Bay of Bengal adjourning the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. The Units motto is " AAPATSU MITRAM " meaning a friend in time of trouble as symbolised by the ever helpful Dolphin..... Read More
Date Raised : 2019-02-10 Location : Mohanbari
Chinook.... Read More
Date Raised : 1985-06-10
127 HU was raised on 10 Jun 1985 at AF Station Hindan under the command of Wg Cdr FH Major. It was the first Units to be equipped with the latest Mi-17 helicopters and accepted the challenging task of providing communication and logistics support to the outposts in the snow capped Himalayas..... Read More
No.131 FAC Flight
Airborne Pointers
Date Raised : 1974-08-02 Location : Hindon
131 FAC Flight, one of the firsts of its kind, in terms of role, was established in 1974 at Pathankot. The first Commanding Officer was then Sqn Ldr MS Sekhon Vr C, SC, VM. The Units was established on the Bell-47G-3 and moved to udhampur in Sep 75. The first SAR mission flown by the Units was on 5 jan 75 on Z1085. The Units crest depicting a frontal view of a Cheetah has the Units's name that of Air Borne Pointers inscribed in a semi-circle. The Units's motto that of 'Savage and Powerful' is related to the Units's all important role that of a FAC. By its accurate guidance to fighter aircraft on to the tgt, it assists in the destruction of enemy's Vas and VPs..... Read More
No.132 FAC Flight
Hovering Hawks
Date Raised : 1986-02-24
132 Forward Area Control Flight was formed at Udhampur on 24 Feb 1986. The Flight was raised as a result of the overall plan to provide airborne FAC support to the fighter aircraft of the IAF in J&K sector. In Oct 97, 135 FAC Fit was merged with this Flight. Though the nomenclature of Flight is retained, it is a virtual Units with an establishment of 08 Cheetah and 02 Chetak helicopters and 22 pilots. The Flight's Area Of Responsibility includes the entire J&K sector, northern Punjab and western Himachal Pradesh..... Read More
Date Raised : 1986-03-01 Location : Jaisalmer
Raised in March 1986 at 41 Wing AF, Jaisalmer. The Units had no aircraft till June. In July four Cheetah helicopters were ferried from Sulur to Jaisalmer, in the thick of monsoons. It took almost 10 days to reach Jaisalmer. Later two more Cheetahs joined the Units making it a total 6 helicopters. The Op Role was AirBorne FAC duties. The Units flew a number of sorties in conjunction with fighters from Jodhpur. Also fighters of visiting squadrons. The Units was also tasked with SAR, Cas Evac and other tasks from time to time. Initial officers to join the Units were S/L O Ramprasad, Sqn Ldr Pritpal Singh, Fg. Offr VS Bharti, Fg.Offr M.Singh, Fg.Offr R.Sharma, Fg.Offr R. Isser and Flt Lt. OP Bharati ( Engg Offr). In May 1986 Wg. Cgr. G.S.Kahlon was posted as the first commanding officer..... Read More
Date Raised : 1995-07-31 Location : Bhuj
Raised at Bhuj. It moved to Hindon to merge with 131 FAC Flt and was likely merged around 1999.... Read More
Date Raised : 1995-07-31 Disbanded : 1997-09-22 Location : Bhatinda
Raised in Bhatinda with five new Cheetah aircraft. The first to be equipped with GPS. It was subsequently moved to Udhampur and merged into 132 FAC Flt in Oct 1997 at which point they had 10 aircraft all together.... Read More
Date Raised : 2019-10-21 Location : Pathankot
137 (H) Sqn was raised at Pathankot on 21 Oct 2019 and equipped with six AH64E, attack Helicopter.... Read More
Date Raised : 1975-01-01
No.142 SSS Flight
Flying Amphibs
Date Raised : 1974-08-01 Location : Hashimara
142 SSS Flt, AF was formed at Jamnagar on 01 Aug 1074 with five MI-4 helicopter. The flight was entrusted with the task to support forward airbase, visual observation posts and Air Land /Air Sea rescue. The basic war time role of the flight is helicopter support in general or as required basis and other special tasks as and when ordered. The flight converted onto Chetak helicopter on 01 Sep 1981 (five) and the Units moved to Kalaikunda on 07 May 1982. The Units again moved to Bagdogra on 06 Dec 1982 and is currently based at Hashimara. EAC Comm Flt was merged with this unit in Sep 1997.... Read More
Date Raised : 1987-01-01
151 HU was raised at Jodhpur on the Mi-17 around 1987. However, in 1992 it was numberplated. It formed in 2003 as the ALH Evaluation Flight to evaluate the ALH. The flight was re-designated as 151 HU and tasked to create the first helicopter display team in the IAF. The Units is named Sarang which in Sanskrit means Peakcock..... Read More
Date Raised : 1988-09-14 Location : Sarsawa (Saharanpur)
Date Raised : 1988-11-01 Location : Udhampur
No 153 Helicopter Units was raised at Air Force Station, Udhampur on 01 November 1988. Initially equipped with the Mi-17 helicopter, the Units upgraded to the Mi-171V in February 2001 and then on to the Mi-17V5 in January 2014. In the period since its inception, 153 HU has actively participated in Operations Meghdoot, Pawan, Rakshak, Blizzard, Baruab, Sarpvinash, Rahat, to name a few. The Units also took part in Operation Safed Sagar, flying extensively over the forbidding heights of Kargil and Dras. In recognition of its services, 153 HU was awarded the Chief of the Air Staff’s Citation in the year 2007 – one of the first Indian Air Force Unitss to be so awarded. The name and crest of the Daring Dragons draw inspiration from the mythical Ladakhi dragon since Ladakh is the main area of operations of the Units..... Read More
Date Raised : 2012-03-08 Location : Srinagar
Date Raised : 2011-01-14 Location : Suratgarh
No.156 Helicopter Unit
Armoured Kestrels
Date Raised : 2012-01-23
Date Raised : 2012-04-09 Location : Barrackpore
No.158 Helicopter Unit
Silver Falchions
Date Raised : 2012-12-10 Location : Phalodi
Date Raised : 2013-02-11
Date Raised : 1976-01-13 Disbanded : 1978-08-04 Location : Hindon
181 Flt was initially formed as 171 Flt at Palam with two HS-748 aircraft. The unit conducts startegic and tactical Electronic Intelligence and Communication Intelligence reconnisance. It currently operates a Boeing 737-200 equipped with Airborne integrated SIGNIT system and HS-748 in COMINT/ COMJAM role..... Read More
Date Raised : 2014-12-04 Location : Bhatinda
First AEW&C Squadron. Christened the 'Netra', the Airborne Surveillance System is seen to be a game-changer in air warfare. The Netra is designed to control the battle space by detecting enemy aircraft more than 300 kilometres away. Its using the Embraer 145 jets.... Read More
No.220 Squadron
Desert Tigers
No.222 Squadron
Disbanded : 1997-09-30 Location : Shillong
EAC Comm Flt was merged with 142 SSS Flt in september 1997. Previously it had Devon and Otter aircraft. After the Otter crash landed it was replaced with the Chetak.... Read More
Date Raised : 1964-06-11 Location : Nagpur
HQ Maintenance Command Communication Flight (MCCF) was formed as a section of SAASO branch of HQ MC, IAF on 11 Jun 64 at Kanpur with AVRO, Devon and Dakota aircrafts. The Units shifted to Nagpur in 1969. The status of an independent Units was granted on 24 Aug 84. The main role of the Units is communication of AOC-in-C and PSOs of HQ MC, IAF. The Units has been called upon to fly in aid to civil power in the event of natural calamities. The Units flew extensively in Op Vijay and Op Parakaram towards mobilisation of manpower and equipment. The Units took active part in the post-tsunami operations in Jan 2005 by assisting the Govt of Maldives with a one-aircraft detachment. Besides its original, the Dakotas and the Devons, the Units has also operated Dornier-228 aircraft. These aircraft were also utilized for training .... Read More
Location : Gandhinagar
Dakotas- 2 VIP modified & 1 freighter when it was setup.... Read More
Date Raised : 1950-01-26 Location : Yelahanka
The Units took birth in the RAF in 1942. Initially the Units was known as 225 Group Communication Flight, RAF and was located at RAF Stn Yelahanka. In May 1946, the flight moved to HAL airfield ""at Bangalore and was subsequently disbanded. In June 1946, a new Units was formed as No. 2 (Indian) Group Communication Flight. The name was changed on 15 August 1947 to No. 2 (Trg) Group Flight, RIAF. The present name of the Units was given on 26 January 1950. In June 1964, the Units moved back to Yelahanka from Bangalore and has remained there ever since. The Units has been equipped with a variety of aircraft ranging from Havard, Devon, Dakota, Vampire and the present Avro. The Units undertakes VVIP/ VIP communication duties for service and civilian dignitaries. Additionally, the Units has carried out movement of per.... Read More
Date Raised : 1947-08-15 Disbanded : 1950-01-25 Location : Bangalore
The Units took birth in the RAF in 1942. Initially the Units was known as 225 Group Communication Flight, RAF and was located at RAF Stn Yelahanka. In May 1946, the flight moved to HAL airfield ""at Bangalore and was subsequently disbanded. In June 1946, a new Units was formed as No. 2 (Indian) Group Communication Flight. The name was changed on 15 August 1947 to No. 2 (Trg) Group Flight, RIAF. The present name of the Units was given on 26 January 1950. In June 1964, the Units moved back to Yelahanka from Bangalore and has remained there ever since. The Units has been equipped with a variety of aircraft ranging from Havard, Devon, Dakota, Vampire and the present Avro. The Units undertakes VVIP/ VIP communication duties for service and civilian dignitaries. Additionally, the Units has carried out movement of per.... Read More
Date Raised : 1996-06-01 Location : Bidar
Date Raised : 2000-11-27
The first ever UAV squadron in the IAF, it was formed as No.34 Squadron on 27 Nov 2000 at Bhatinda, it was renamed to 3001 Squadron in December 2003..... Read More
Location : Jammu
Date Raised : 2004-09-20
3004 Sqn was formed on the 20 Sep 2004 at Nalia with the designated task of carrying out intelligence through surveillance and Reconnaissance within the Kutch sector. In the course of its duties the squadron has been a source of real time imagery and intelligence of incursions into the Indian Territory which has been instrumental in countering and checking infiltrations. The sqn has assisted the Indian Army, Navy, Coast Guard and BSF in various missions. The squadron has also successfully flown a single continuous mission of 34 hours duration, a record with no parallel till date..... Read More
Date Raised : 2005-06-14

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