Awardee List for the 45 Sqn

A total of 13 Awards are listed.
Vir Chakra : 2 | Vayu Sena Medal : 9 | Vishist Seva Medal : 2 |
Vir Chakra
Sqn Ldr Sudesh Kumar Dahar 4425 GD(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date 01 Sep 65 Announced 01 Jan 66
Details :

Squadron Leader Sudesh Kumar Dahar was the leader of a Vampire force, which went in action on 1st September 1965 in the Chhamb sector, where a Pakistani force had crossed the border and attacked our positions with heavy armour. Squadron Leader Dahar led the first section, which destroyed six enemy Patton tanks, one anti-aircraft gun position, several trucks and many enemy troops in that area. His section of four Vampire aircraft was attacked by anti-aircraft guns and also by Sabre jets. Skillfully handing the situation, he brought three aircraft safely back to base after a successful mission.

His complete disregard of his personal safety was a source of inspiration to the other pilots and his squadron continued to inflict crushing blows on the enemy, destroying enemy supply lines petrol dumps railway wagons, conveys and encampments.

The courage and determination displayed by Squadron Leader Sudesh Kumar Dahar were in the highest traditions of the Air Force.

Reference: Gazette of India , 12th February 1966 - No.15 - Pres/66 dated 1st January 1966 

Vir Chakra
Flt Lt Apramjeet Singh 7403 F(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date 08 Dec 71 Announced 26 Jan 73
Details :

Flight Lieutenant Apramjeet Singh was commissioned in the Flying Branch of the Indian Air force in June 1963. During the Indo-Pakistan conflict of December, 1971, he flew 21 operational sorties consisting of escort and sweep missions, deep inside enemy territory. On 8th December 1971, while flying as Number two in the Chhamb Sector, his formation encountered heavy enemy ground fire in which his leader was shot down. His aircraft was also hit and sustained heavy damage. Despite the fact that the aircraft had become almost uncontrollable, due to damage to its port wing, and many other systems becoming unserviceable, he displayed exemplary skill and courage in bringing his aircraft back to base safely.

In this action, Flight Lieutenant Apramjeet Singh displayed gallantry and professional skill of a high order.

Reference: Gazette of India , 16th June 1973 - No.37 - Pres/73 dated 26th January 1973 

Vayu Sena Medal
Gp Capt Jagdish Rai Bhasin 3591 GD(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 68
Details :

Group Captain (then Wing Commander) Jagdish Raj Bhasin was in command of a Squadron from April 1966 to May 1967. He was entrusted with, the stewardship of the Squadron at the time of its re­equipment with a new type of aircraft. The primary task of the Squadron was to train the pilots to use this new type of aircraft. For this purpose he, despite many difficulties, marshalled all the resources at his disposal with utmost speed and carried out the task successfully by working about twelve hours a day. During his stay in the Squadron, he introduced effective steps for flight safety.

Throughout, Group Captain Jagdish Raj Bhasin displayed professional skill and exceptional devotion to duty in the best traditions of the Indian Air Force.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 8th June 1968 - No.35 - Pres/68 dated 26th January 1968 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Arun Kanti Mukherjee 4416 GD(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

Wing Commander Arun Kanti Mukherjee has been one of the pioneer supersonic pilots of the Indian Air Force. He has a total of 2,410 hours of flying to his credit and has flown over 1,200 sorties in the supersonic aircraft. In June 1967, he took over the command of a squadron which was responsible for the conversion training of pilots on the supersonic type. A large number of pilots have passed out from this squadron without a single serious mishap. Under the able leadership of Wing Commander Mukherjee, the Squadron has not only become a good conversion unit but if has also achieved a high degree of operational preparedness. In 1968, the squadron received three trophies for the best maintained supersonic squadron, the best squadron and the individual rocket trophy.

Throughout, Wing Commander Arun Kant Mukherjee displayed courage, determination and devotion to duty.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 25th April 1970 - No.16 - Pres/70 dated 26th January 1970 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn Ldr Ranjit Singh Bedi 5120 F(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date 23 Jan 70 Announced 26 Jan 71
Details :

On 23rd January 1970, Squadron Leader Ranjit Singh Bedi was leading a formation of four aircraft during a rehearsal of the Republic Day Flypast. When on the final run in, at approximately 500 ft above ground level, the port stabilator of his aircraft was hit and damaged by another aircraft in the formation, causing it to roll over on to its back. He showed remarkable presence of mind and professional skill in regaining control of his aircraft and thereby averting a serious mishap. He has been a Flight Commander in a Fighter Squadron for over three years. He has successfully converted a large number of pilots on the type of aircraft with which his Squadron is equipped.

Throughout, Squadron Leader Ranjit Singh Bedi displayed professional skill and devotion to duty.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 4th September 1971 - No.53 - Pres/71 dated 26th January 1971 

Vayu Sena Medal
Sqn Ldr Gopalasamudram Mahadevan Vishwanathan 9056 F(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 79
Details :

Squadron Leader Goplasamudram Mahadevan Viswanathan was commissioned in the Air Force in December, 1964. He has been performing the duties of a flight commander in a front line supersonic fighter Squadron since July, 1976.

He has to his credit 1980 hours of flying on various types of aircraft, of these 1625 hours are on jet fighters. He has maintained an accident-free flying record and it is for this unblemished performance that the he was commended by Chief of the Air Staff on the 26th January, 1975.

On the 16th March, 1978, at about 1100 hours while Squadron Leader Viswanathan was performing the duties of Senior Flying Supervisor in the Air Traffic at a Station, a fighter pilot was coming in for a landing after his training sortie. A bird hit the aircraft at a very low height just a few second before landing. The young pilot decided to eject and transmitted his intentions on the Radio telephone. Squadron Leader Viswanathan, who was fully attentive, realised that the aircraft was at too low a height to permit a safe ejection. Without loosing even a fraction of a second, he advised the pilot to force land straight ahead and thereafter guided him on Radio telephone about the forced landing. His alertness on duty and sound judgment helped in saving the valuable life of a young pilot as well as a valuable aircraft.

Squadron Leader Gopalasamudram Maha devan Viswanathan thus displayed exemplary professional competence and devotion to duty of an exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 19th January 1980 - No.7- Pres/80 dated 26th January 1979 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Darshan Singh Basra 6519 F(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 83
Details :

Wing Commander Darshan Singh Basra was commissioned in the Air Force in May 1962. The officer has all along maintained and displayed highest order of flying professionalism.

Wg Cdr Basra was selected to undergo flying training abroad on two types of aircraft in 1963. Subsequently he gave a good account of his flying proficiency and instructional ability while on posted strength of various instructional establishments. Later, he also held prestigious Command of two fighter Squadrons. During his period of command both the Squadrons maintained a totally nil accident rate. One of his Squadrons won the Flight Safety Trophy in 1979 and was placed second for the Instrument Rating Trophy in 1980. Wg Cdr Basra was the leader of his Command Bombing team in the Inter Command gunnery Meet in 1979 and won the championship.

Wg Cdr Basra has flown over eleven types of aircraft and has logged over 3400 hrs of flying. Wg Cdr Basra commended by the Chief of the Air Staff in 1978 for executing a successful restricted RPM landing on a fighter aircraft.

For his utmost dedication to duty and professional ability the President is pleased to award VAYU SENA MEDAL to Wing Commander Darshan Singh Basra.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 2nd February 1985 - No.5-Pres/85 dated 26th January 1983 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Jeffrey D'Souza  7432 F(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 84
Details :

Wing Commander Jeffrey D' Souza was commissioned in the Air Force in 1963.

From the beginning of his career, Wg Cdr Jeffery D' Souza showed a high degree of skill in his basic profession of flying. Initially trained as fighter pilot on Vampire and Toofani aircraft he had just over two years service when the hostilities with Pakistan broke out in 1965. He participated fully during these operations in all tasks allotted to his unit. Later he was selected to become a qualified flying instructor after being trained at the Flying Instructors School. Thereafter he joined the Elementary Flying School and performed the duties of its flight commander. Wg Cdr D'Souza was posted to a MiG-21 Squadron where he was graded a Category A-2 instructor and was selected to become a Fighter Combat Leader. His excellence as a trainee FCL caused him to be retained as a member of the staff of the Tactical and Air Combat Development and Training Establishment after his training. Following a very effective tenure as a staff FCL, Wg Cdr D' Souza was selected to lead a team of instructors to a friendly foreign country.

In 1981 Wg Cdr J D' Souza was appointed as the Commanding Officer of a fighter squadrons. Soon after his assumption of office, his Unit was re-equipped with a modern type of aircraft. Wg Cdr D' Souza planned and executed this conversion with élan and zeal and was able to declare his unit operational within three months of the arrival of aircraft.

For his extensive accident free record of flying, his qualities of leadership and devotion to duty, the President is pleased to award Vayu Seva Medal to Wing Commander Jeffrey D' Souza.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 2nd February 1985 - No.5-Pres/85 dated 26th January 1983 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Anil Kumar Jain 14565 F(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 98
Details :

Wg Cdr A K Jain (14565) F (P) has been on the posted strength of No. 45 squadron, AF since 25 Sep 95 and has been performing the duties of Commanding Officer since then. Besides being a FCL he is a highly accomplished fighter pilot who has flown over 2,700 hrs on various types of ac of which over 1700 hrs are on MiG-21 Bis. As a CO and in a short time frame of one year and five months he has flown 385 hrs on MiG-Bis ac which is commendable.

His Sqn has achieved many laurels during his able command. DASI in their surprise visit in Nov 95 assessed the Sqn performance as 'Average Plus'. AEB in Mar 96 also gave 'Average Plus' grading to the Sqn in both flying and ground subjects, 'Above Average' grading in technical subjects. During the intersquadron meet, the Sqn stood first amongst all Sqns of the fleet of the command. All this was possible mainly because of his untiring efforts, high degree of professionalism and top quality guidance given by him to his Sqn pilots.

His planning and control over the maintenance activities of the Sqn and management of the meagre resources is also noteworthy. He has ensured a very good stagger plan which has ultimately resulted in over 70% ac serviceability making it possible for the Sqn to fly more than 230 hrs every month. Though located in a remote base with many inherent problems, he with his effective leadership qualities has ensured a very high standard of morale amongst all his unit personnel.

For his exceptional professionalism, vision and foresight, superb managerial skills, sustained hard work and for an excellent and very successful command of a fighter squadron located in a remote base, the President is pleased to award "Vayu Sena Medal" to Wing Commander A K Jain.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 14th March 1998 - No.29-Pres/98 dated 26th January 1998 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn Ldr Prashant Kumar Bundela 21540 F(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 00
Details :

Squadron Leader Prashant Kumar Bundela (21540) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned in the fighter stream on 14 Dec 91 and is posted to a Fighter Squadron in the Western Sector. He has acquitted himself exceptionally during his service, achieving a high level of professional competence. On 10 Aug 99, Sqn Ldr Bundela was the leader of a two aircraft MiG-21 Bis live AD alert mission. After several hours of resolute alert state, at 1100 hrs Sqn Ldr Bundela's mission was scrambled by the radar unit to intercept an unidentified track approaching the international border, North-West of Naliya. After scrambling expeditiously, Sqn Ldr Bundela took his formation to meet the threat and made visual contact with the unidentified aircraft which had crossed the border into Indian airspace and correctly identified the aircraft as a Pakistan Navy Atlantique Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft.

Squadron Leader Bundela asked his Wingman to identify the intruder and judged that intruder was engaged in a hostile Reconnaissance/Elint/Probe Mission. Squadron Leader Bundela first tried to instruct the intruder through visual signals to land at the designated Indian Air Base. However, instead of following these instructions, the intruder turned menacingly towards Sqn Ldr Bundela. On establishing the intruder's hostile intentions Sqn Ldr Bundela, keeping his composure under enemy threat, fired an Air to Air Missile at the intruder. The intruder was brought down by the single missile finding its mark. The threat to our air space and hostile action of the enemy was thus neutralized.

Squadron Leader Bundela's gallantry ensured the inviolability and sanctity of Indian Air Space against hostile action by enemy aircraft.

For this conspicuous act of gallantry in the face of the enemy and for displaying professionalism, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Squadron Leader Prashant Kumar Bundela.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 1st July 2000 - No.85-Pres/2000 dated 26th January 2000 

Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Wg Cdr Umesh Shastri 15698 F(P)Unit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 01
Details :

Wing Commander Umesh Shastri (15698) Flying (Pilot) has been in command of a front line fighter squadron of the Air Force since 10 Mar 97 up to 31 April 2000. He is a highly experienced fighter pilot with over 3400 hours of accident free flying of which 2086 hours are on MiG-21 aircraft. He is a qualified flying Instructor holding A-2 category and is also a Fighter Combat Leader.

During his tenure as Commanding Officer he has always led the squadron from the front. He has ensured good planning and exemplary execution of all tasks assigned to the squadron. The squadron has always risen to every occasion and has acquitted itself with credit in all facets of activity. He has personally led the squadron's formation during the airpower demonstration at Pokharan, Vayushakti-98 as well as Vayushakti-99 and carried out attacks on the assigned targets with impeccable professionalism. During 'Op Safed Sagar' the squadron was the first in SWAC to achieve the feat of 100% serviceability, which speaks volume of his quality of leadership, planning and coordination. The squadron has also weathered through two cyclones, which hit the station in 1998 and in 1999. Through meticulous planning and execution he ensured the dispersion and securing all service equipment and other assets of the squadron, thus saving them from any damage. He ensured a high training status of aircrew and ground crew at all times. This manifest itself on 10 Aug 1999 when an intruding Pakistani Atlantique, a Naval surveillance aircraft was shot down by a section of two aircraft from his squadron.

For his excellent leadership of the squadron through all tasks assigned, for his capabilities and dedication to duty and for leading the squadron by personal example which is in the best tradition of the service, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Wing Commander Umesh Shastri.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 26th May 2001 - No.68-Pres/2001 dated 26th January 2001 

Vishist Seva Medal
Flt Sgt Jotindra Nath Kaul 201852 ORUnit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date 26 Jan 70 Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

201852 Flight sergeant Jotindra Nath, Fitter 1 has been the senior non-commissioned officer-in-charge Daily servicing Section in an operation Squadron since May, 1967. The squadron carries out flying both by day and night. Consequently, the Daily servicing Section has to plan and carry out its work on round the clock basis. Flight Sergeant Kaul has organized this complex work with credit. As a result, the squadron has successfully completed its allotted tasks, despite shortage of spares and limitations of manpower.

In addition to his primary duties in the Daily Servicing Section Flight Sergeant Jotindra Nath Kaul has been responsible for supervising the training of technicians to form the nucleus of trained manpower for other squadrons re-equipping with the same type of aircraft. Further, on many occasions he had to share the work of the central repair and servicing section also to enable the station to meet the heavy demands of operational and training flying. In all these tasks, Flight Sergeant Kaul has been a source of inspiration to others.

Flight Sergeant Kaul is brilliant example of an airman displaying a high professional skill.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1970 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Flt Sgt Kunjuthayee Thanga Muthu 207576 ORUnit : No.45 Squadron  Award Date 26 Jan 72 Announced 26 Jan 72
Details :

207576 Flight Sergeant Kunjuthayee Thanga Muthu, Radar Mechanic was enrolled in the Indian Air Force in June, 1950. He was selected for training abroad on Fire Control Radar. Since May, 1966 he has been serving with an operational squadron.

In 1966 when the Squadron was equipped with a new type of supersonic fighter aircraft, problems were encountered with the Fire Control Radar equipment. With his hard work and professional skill he helped to service the equipment and the aircraft were operationally fit in a short time.

He has fabricated a test-rig from local resources and has used this successfully for fault rectification and servicing on the radar equipment of a number of types of aircraft. He has also been responsible for assembling a Skelton test-rig at daily servicing section by which all fault rectifications and occasional periodical servicing may be carried out without hampering the work schedule of the central repair and servicing sections. These steps have appreciably improved the serviceability of the radar equipment.

As the Senior Non-Commissioned officer of his section, his initiative, hard work, zeal and enthusiasm have been a source of inspiration to his men. He has made a significant contribution to the operational efficiency of his Squadron.

Flight Sergeant Kunjuthayee Thanga Muthu has displayed outstanding professional skill, initiative, selfless devotion to duty and has rendered distinguished service of a high order. He is awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1972 Number:66 

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