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Vishist Seva Medal
WO Saroj Ranjan Chandra 19258 ORUnit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 70 Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

Warrant Officer Saroj Ranjan Chandra is one of the oldest members the engine repair section of Base Repair Depot and is currently employed as Warrant Officer-in-Charge Engine Test Bench. He has also received training abroad on jet engine testing and Universal Test Bench. In all his assignments he has consistently worked with devotion and has shown qualities of leadership.

Warrant officer Chandra has displayed originality in adapting old engine test bed for testing new engines and has also installed ACRE cold air units and turbine cooler testing unit without any outside help. Another notable achievement of this Warrant Officer is the manufacture of test bench for testing engines of particular type of helicopter from indigenous resources. This test bench is now in service use. Again by ingenuity and high professional skill he speedily repaired an engine test bed which was damaged seriously due to an engine explosion in the depot.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1970 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Flt Lt Bhaskar Prasad Das 7890 AE(M)Unit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 72 Announced 26 Jan 72
Details :

Flight Lieutenant Bhaskar Prasad Das (7890) of the Technical Engineering has been serving as Officer-in-Charge of the Goblin aeroengine overhaul line at a Base Repair Depot since January, 1965.

In 1968, Air Headquarters entered into contract with Messrs Rolls Royce Limited of the United Kingdom for reconditioning 50 Goblin engines. For this purpose, the Air Force was to despatch 55 life expired engines to them. Flight Lieutenant Das, through his intimate knowledge of Goblin Engines, not only enabled the Depot to survey and select the best engines to meet this commitment but by excellent coordination and leadership, completed the assigned task in record time.

The reconditioning cost of each engine was fixed by Messrs Rolls Royce Limited, U.K., at £ 10,000 with the proviso that in case the condition of any engine was not upto their expectations they would have an option to enhance the cost of reconditioning. Under this clause, the company subsequently demanded an additional £ 250 per engine. Flight Lieutenant Das, who had been sent to the U.K. for a course, was asked to undertake a scrutiny of this demand of the manufacturers. Making excellent use of his intimate knowledge and experience on Goblin Engines Flight Lieutenant Das persuaded the manufacturers to revert their original quotation and so saved the Government foreign exchange of £ 42,500.

The manufacturers also wanted to declare all the special packing cases, in which engines were received from India, to be beyond economical repair and fixed the cost of new packing at £ 300.00 per case. Again Flight Lieutenant Das was able to prove to the Company that only 12 of these cases were beyond economical repair. He thereby saved another £ 10,000.

The outstanding professional skill and devotion to duty shown by Flight Lieutenant Bhaskar Prasad Das are of special significance to the Air Force. For these, he is awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1972 Number:66 

Vishist Seva Medal
Flt Sgt Mannettu Varkey Phillipose 208052 ORUnit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 22 Jun 72 Announced 22 Jun 72
Details :

208052 Flight Sergeant Mannettu Varkey Phillipose served as Senior Non-Comm issioned Officer in charge of Sheet Metal Bay at a Base Repair Depot during the Indo-Pak Conflict of December, 1971.

Flight Sergeant Phillipose was entrusted with the task of fabricating of camera modifications and belting of tools for certain type of aircraft. He showed remarkable skill and a high degree of technical competence in the design and fabrication of these items and as a direct result of which the performance of our operational aircraft was considerably augmented.

In the execution of the above task, Flight Sergeant Phillipose was required to work for long hours as for every task the time schedule laid down for completion of task was very tight. He completed these tasks in time with complete disregard for his personal comfort.

Flight Sergeant Mannettu Varkey Phillipose displayed professional skill, ingenuity and devotion to duty and has rendered distinguished service of a high order. He is awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 22 Jun 1972 Number:85 

Vishist Seva Medal
Cpl Corporal Chandra Mohan Pillai 283406 ORUnit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 79 Announced 26 Jan 79
Details :

Corporal Chandra Mohan Pillai worked as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Special Project Section of a repair depot from January 1972 to August 1977. During this period he was employed as one of the few key personnel engaged in the development of an important Armament Store.

Corporal Chandra Mohan Pillai with his keen devotion to duty and inborn tenacity for hard work developed a vital internal assembly of the armament store. He had also fabricated a panel which facilitated time setting of Delay Arming Device to its exacting precision.

Corporal Chandra Mohan Pillai with his innovative ideas, high degree of professional skill and unmatched dedication to duty was rendered distinguished service of a high order for which Rashtrapati is pleased to award him Vishisht Seva Medal.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1979 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Ramwaswamy Chandra Kumaran 12440 AE(L)Unit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 90 Announced 26 Jan 90
Details :

Wing Commander Ramwaswamy Chandra Kumaran has been on the posted strength of an important Base Repair Depot since 30 Dec 86 before which he received training on 3rd and 4th line servicing of R-29 Aero Engine in USSR.

He guided a special team of technicians to prepare comprehensive Work Packages and Work Records for overhaul of the bare engine. There were 1031 types of special tools to be supplied by USSR. He identified about 350 most essential tools, got them manufactured within the resources of BRD itself facilitating launching of the overhauls of all types and series of R-29 engines during 1988-89. Under his stewardship of the Project, the depot was successful in producing aero-engines during 1988-89 to sustain operational preparedness of the MiG fleet.

For his professional competence of exceptionally high order and devotion to duty, the President is pleased to award Vishisht Seva Medal to Wg Cdr Ramwaswamy Chandra Kumaran.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1990 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Sqn Ldr Smarajit Munsi 14357 AE(M)Unit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 91 Announced 26 Jan 91
Details :

Sqn Ldr Smarajit Munshi was on the posted strength of a Base Repair Depot, Air Force. He was entrusted with the initial setting up of R-29 project. Later the officer was entrusted with the setting up and commissioning of R-29 Test Bed, the key result area identified for the achievement of task of R-29 engine. The overhaul line has so far produced a large number of engines, thus accruing a foreign exchange saving of Rs. 33 crores.

The Soviets did not supply the spacer to test 47M engine. Also the gas dynamic device for checking anti-surge and dynamic stability of R-29 engine was not supplied by the Soviets. The officer took the responsibility of designing and subsequently getting the item manufactured indigenously. This effort of the officer has saved more than Rs. 1 lakh in foreign exchange.

This officer has taken an initiative in testing R-29 engines with improved antisurge system. This improved system has an impact on better flight safety on the engines of Bahadur fleet.

For his exceptional professional competence, managerial and leadership qualities of highest order, the President is pleased to award Vishisht Seva Medal to Sqn Ldr S Munshi.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1991 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
MWO Suraj Parkash Mishra 219129 ORUnit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 91 Announced 26 Jan 91
Details :

MWO Suraj Parkash Mishra was on the posted strength of a Base Repair Depot and was employed at MWO i/c Machine Shop of the General Engineering Wing.

Keeping his capabilities in view, MWO Mishra was assigned the difficult task of manufacturing of more than 1200 complex tooling items like jigs, fixtures and special appliances. These were not supplied by USSR and were critically required by the new R-29 engine overhaul line.

RD-33 aero-engine was to be sent to the USSR for overhaul. Thirty cases were to be manufactured urgently. It involved manufacture of a very large number of assorted machine parts totaling about 200 by reverse engineering. Working round the clock with the technicians, guiding them at every step, MWO Mishra completed the manufacture of the items ahead of schedule.

AOG for Kiran Cooling Air Pack (CAP) started mounting for want of costly breakdown spares. MWO Mishra obtained samples of rotor shafts, end-cover and oil slingers required for overhaul of CAP. The assembled CAP passed the laid down standards.

For his outstanding contribution in fulfillment of production commitments, extra-ordinary professional competence, cost consciousness, the President is pleased to award Vishisht Seva Medal to MWO SP Mishra.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1991 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Chittranjan Mohanty 15084 AE(L)Unit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 00 Announced 26 Jan 00
Details :

Wing Commander Chittranjan Mohanty (15084) AE (L) is on the posted strength of a Base Repair Depot (BRD) since 22 May 95 and is presently working as Senior Engineer (Calibration, Computerisation and Indigenisation).

Prior to the present posting, Wg Cdr Mohanty has been involved in a number of important modifications/developments on Canberra, MiG-23, MiG-27 and MiG-29 aircraft. He had also set up overhaul facilities for over 200 electronic aggregates at the BRD and Electronic Service Centre at the operating base. On being posted to the BRD on completion of his training in France on Mirage engines, he was instrumental in installation and commissioning of FPI cabin, X-ray and Auto-Tig welding plants.

Considering his potential for innovative work at 402 Air Force Station he was assigned the responsibility of indigenisation of airborne components mainly of AN-32 aircraft and R-29 aero engines. He has done a commendable job in the field of indigenisation. During the past three years he has indigenised over 200 components effecting a saving of about Rs. six crores in foreign exchange. He also headed Maintenance Command Study Team, which compiled a compendium of rubber seals used on all Russian aircraft fleet that is being used as a systematization for their indigenisation. In field of calibration, he rationalised the calibration periodicity of 24 types of gauges, accepted by Air HQ resulting in greater availability of these gauges. He was also instrumental in getting the Master Calibration Centre accredited to NABL during this period.

For his dedication, sincerity and great contribution in the field of repair, modification, calibration, computerization and indigenisation, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Wing Commander C Mohanty.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2000 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
WO Soosiah Terence 248554 ORUnit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 01 Announced 26 Jan 01
Details :

248554 Warrant Officer Soosiah Terence, WF (B) is on the posted strength of a BRD since 11 Mar 92 where he is working as WO i/c Special Process Bay of Industrial Facilities Division of the Depot.

The alitizing process on aero engine turbine and guide vane blades was taking a lot of time as the components were required to be sent for dealitizing and vapour degreasing to a different section. WO Terence single-handedly took interest and initiative to locally manufacture the vapour degreasing plant & cleaning bath and installation of dealitizing bath at SP bay. This significantly reduced the repair time and ensured better quality of work. Further, with his enthusiasm and dedicated effort, he utilized his expertise on metallurgical process to repair the head treatment fixture of R-29 engine After Burner Diffuser. The fixture supplied by Russia had become unusable due to repeated heating and cooling cycles over a period. Fresh procurement action from Russia or from within the country did not materalise due to the material constraints, which caused production hold ups. The effort of WO Terence averted a serious production hold up.

WO Terence constantly strives to attain new heights by performing challenging tasks. Repair of Russian Vacuum Furnace and installation, commissioning and subsequent repairs to state of the art Vacuum Furnace for M-53 engine repairs at the BRD, repair of fuel tanks of a MiG-25 aircraft after the Russians expressed inability to do the same and development and manufacturing of form fuselage trolley for MiG-23 aircraft are few examples of his initiative, professionalism and motivation.

For his untiring efforts, professional excellence and distinguished service, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Warrant Officer Soosiah Terence.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2001 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Sgt Birendra Kumar 689695 ORUnit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 05 Announced 26 Jan 05
Details :

689695 Sergeant Birendra Kumar Electrical Fitter was enrolled on 17 Jul 1990 in the Electrical Fitter trade of the 1AF. He is posted to a Base Repair Depot (BRD) and presently working in the Plant Maintenance section of an R-29 Aero Engine Overhaul Line,

Sgt Kumar is a thorough professional with sound his initiative and dedication, he has been able to retrieve many unserviceable machines and ensure the satisfactory operation for the last three years. Stain-hardening Machine and Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath supplied by the Russians for R-29 aero engine overhaul procedures had been unserviceable for nearly 10 years and all efforts to retrieve them through OEM or civil market had proved futile, Procurement of new machine would have cost the exchequer Rs. 25 lakh. There was also a Self-Oscillation Frequency Testing Machine for R-29 aero engine compressor blades, which too was unserviceable for a long time and had an associated concession on overhaul procedure. Sergeant Kumar with sound application of his technical expertise repaired these machines, thus vacating long outstanding concessions and ensuring better application of overhaul technology.

Main Fuel Manifolds of this advanced turbojet aero engine get clogged with carbon deposit during their exploitation. During overhaul, their cleaning was being effected manually due to non-availability of a suitable flushing rig. Sergeant Kumar took upon the challenging task, studied the Fuel Manifolds design, and successfully fabricated a Benzene Flushing Rig for effective cleaning of the Main Fuel Manifolds. The reliability of the aero engine has thus been increased considerably, besides saving considerable manhours, and all at minimal cost. Sgt Kumar has fabricated many more rigs, like the High Pressure Rotor Block Assembly Disassembly Rig, High Pressure Turbine Blade Flushing Rig and Bearing Degreasing Bath, by rummaging the salvage and non-moving stores. These rigs proved to be of enormous engineering utility for R-29 aero engine overhaul procedures by increasing quality of work phenomenally, but with less effort.

His untiring efforts have enhanced serviceability and reliability of the numerous test rigs in the overhaul line, thus improving the quality of the R-29 aero engines being produced by the BRD. In fact, the present enviable status of various test rigs in the overhaul line bear testimony to this Individual's professional competence and selfless dedication to duty.

For his distinguished service of high order, the Hon'ble President Is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Sergeant Birendra Kumar.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2005 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Rajiv Mittal 14167 AE(L)Unit : 4 Base Repair Depot  Award Date 26 Jan 06 Announced 26 Jan 06
Details :

Group Captain Rajiv Mital (14167) Aeronautical Engineering (Electronics) was commissioned in the Engineering Branch of the IAF in Jul 1975. In his 30 years of distinguished service, he has held many important appointments at almost all levels of maintenance organisation in the IAF that include Senior Technical Officer of a premier flying squadron, Senior Engineer at a flying base and staff appointment at operational commands (Central Air Command, South Western Air Command and Western Air Command) and at Air HQ. He is currently commanding a Base Repair Deport (BRD), which has the rare distinction of overhauling three types of fighter aircraft aeroengines viz. R-29, M53-P2 and Viper.

After an initial successful stint of over a decade in MiG-21 Squadrons, Gp Capt Mital was specially selected for training abroad on the most complex ATEC system of Mirage 2000 aircraft in Oct 1984. During his long tenure of five years as STO of a fighter Squadron, the squadron matured from its infancy and was adjudged as best fighter squadron twice in a row.

Gp Capt Mital is a hardcore professional with a high level of integrity, dedication, devotion and 'never say die' attitude. Due to his exemplary military leadership qualities clubbed with his inherent engineering skills, he could motivate a professional group of AE officers, Engine Fit tradesmen and Workshop Fit tradesmen to achieve many landmarks in the history of a BRD. Under his efficient leadership, BRD achieved 'Average Plus' grading by DMI in Aug 2004 from its previous 'Below Average' grading. During the recent Commanders' conference held at HQ MC in Dec 2004, BRD, AF has also been adjudged as 'Best Aircraft BRD' in IAF.

Under his leadership, BRD has grown from strength to strength and developed a large number of innovative repair schemes which not only helped IAF in sustaining improved fleet status of Mirage-2000, MiG-27 and Kiran aircraft fleet but also resulted in huge savings of precious foreign exchange. BRD has now been selected for Best BRD competition in 2005.

For all-round distinguished service of high order, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain Rajiv Mital.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2006 Number: 

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