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Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn Ldr Sudhir Vishwamurti Bal 15552 F(P)Unit : No.224 Squadron  Award Date 23 Mar 90 Announced 26 Jan 91
Details :

Sqn Ldr Sudhir Vishwamurti Bal is on the posted strength of one of the Air Force Squadrons with effect from 21 Aug 89. On 23 Mar 90, he was authorized to fly a procedure sortie by night during dark phase. While carrying out an instrument let down, he experienced a case of severe engine surge at a height of 5 Kms. The RPM of the engine dropped and the JPT (Jet Pipe Temperature) started rising abnormally, while the 'engine overheat' light came on. He analysed the situation correctly and promptly switched off the engine. Thereafter, a successful relight was carried out by him. However, on opening throttle, the engine surged once again forcing him to switch off the engine for second time. By this time, the aircraft had descended to a height below 3 Kms. Again, he carried out a relight successfully, descending below 2 Kms in the process of relight. While carrying out the relight, he skillfully positioned himself to carry out a descending circuit and landed the aircraft safely, with minimum use of RPM.

Sqn Ldr SV Bal has displayed exemplary professionalism and extraordinary courage in the best traditions of the Air Force. In recognition of his professionalism and courageous act, the President is pleased to award Vayu Seva Medal to Sqn Ldr SV Bal.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 24th August 1991 - No.3-Pres/91 dated 26th January 1991 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn Ldr Harender Pal Singh 20477 F(P)Unit : No.224 Squadron  Award Date Announced 15 Aug 99
Details :

Squadron Leader Harendra Pal Singh (20477-R) Flying (Pilot) is on the posted strength of a Fighter Squadron from 12 Dec 97. He has a total flying experience of 1060 hrs and is "Fully Operational" on MiG-23 BN aircraft with 750 h of flying experience on type. He is a highly disciplined and a professional flier. Sqn Ldr HP Singh moved to Air Force Station Srinagar on 18 May 99. He was available throughout the period of Operations "Safed Sagar" and took an active part in the operations. He flew 18 missions over the operational area. During these missions the pilots were under constant threat from enemy interceptors, surface to air missiles and anti aircraft guns. Sqn Ldr HP Singh displayed a very high sense of bravery in the face of enemy by flying all the missions successfully and delivering the bombs on the target with maximum accuracy. He remained enthusiastic and displayed high degree of gallantry while executing the given missions. As a senior pilot, he set an example of courage and dedication for the younger pilots in the Squadron.

For his exceptional courage and gallantry in the presence of the enemy while taking part in 'Op Safed Sagar', the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Squadron Leader Harendra Pal Singh.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 11th March 2000 - No.27-Pres/2000 dated 15th August 2000 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Flt Lt Rajesh Walia 21858 Unit : No.224 Squadron  Award Date Announced 15 Aug 99
Details :

Flight Lieutenant Rajesh Walia (21858-G) Flying (Pilot) is on the posted strength of a Fighter Squadron from 16 Aug 93. He has a total flying experience of 1018 h and holds a "Fully Ops" category on MiG-23 BN aircraft with 340 hours of flying experience on type. During Op "Safed Sagar", Flt Lt R Walia moved to Air Force Station Srinagar along with his Sqn. He was available throughout the period of Operations.

On commencement of the operations, engaging targets in the Kargil sector, using the conventional modes of attack may have resulted in more losses than the IAF suffered. In this demanding situation, Flt Lt R Walia, using his ingenuity came up with an innovative new method of attack. This mode of attack and release parameters proved highly successful and was extensively used by all the Squadrons involved in Op "Safed Sagar". Flt Lt R Walia's ingenuity was, therefore, a major contributor to the phenomenal success of the IAF in Op "Safed Sager". Besides this contribution, Flt Lt R Walia flew a total of 19 stories during the operations both by day as well as by night. He displayed thorough professionalism on ground and exceptional courage while executing his missions in the presence of enemy air and ground threat.

For his display of exceptional bravery, ingenuity and professionalism during Op 'Safed Sagar', the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Flight Lieutenant Rajesh Walia.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 11th March 2000 - No.27-Pres/2000 dated 15th August 2000 

Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Wg Cdr Michael Fernandez 16967 F(P)Unit : No.224 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 04
Details :

Wing Commander Michael Fernandez (16967) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned in the Flying Branch of the IAF on 29 Dec 1982. He is a Qualified Flying Instructor and an alumnus of the Defence Services Staff College. Presently he is the Commanding Officer of a fighter Squadron wef 28 Jun 2001.

A few months into his command, post 9/11, the Sqn mounted live Operational Readiness Platform (ORP) and stayed almost continuously on alert until deployed for 'Op Parakram' in mid-December. While deployed, the squadron participated in every command level exercise in every role from live ground attack missions to Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) Combat Air Patrols to Counter Surface Forces Operations strikes to heavy armament loading exercises and acquitted themselves commendably under Wg Cdr M Fernandez's leadership. All this while the Sqn was also carrying out live ORP. Under his guidance, the unit devised a high altitude release sighting technique to overcome the inherent limitations of the aircraft's gunsight with appreciable results. It was also under his command that the fleet dropped live armament by night for the first time. Though severely constrained in terms of aircrew and technical officer strength, he managed to operate his operational detachments efficiently undertaking all assigned tasks. This included successful operation of a two aircraft ORP from the civil airfield at Ahmedabad on a trial basis. With his leadership and motivational skills he had groups of the Sqn's Tech Flight keenly volunteering to be despatched to the op location, thereby allowing the Sqn's Daily Servicing Section (DSS) personnel adequate rotation to spend time at home base. This did wonders for the unit's morale. He enthused his Sqn members to envision the future and innovate in several areas - the most notable one being the use of the hand held Global Positioning System (GPS) as a combat debrief tool. Besides maintaining a high serviceability state throughout his tenure, an average of 62% for fighters and 74% for trainers, also achieved 100% serviceability in Jan 2003.

In Jan 2003, with no warning, the unit was inspected by Directorate of Air Staff Inspection (DASI), after almost a decade, two changes in location and a change in role. With absolutely no past indications for guidance, Wg Cdr Fernandez led his unit to achieve 'high average' in all the three prongs while the squadron flew every conceivable type of mission, be it air defence or ground attack.

For his exceptional devotion to duty, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Wing Commander Michael Fernandez.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 24th April 2004 - No.32-Pres/2004 dated 26th January 2004 

Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Wg Cdr Radhakrishnan Radhish 17853 F(P)Unit : No.224 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 06
Details : Wing Commander Radhakrishnan Radhish (17853) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned on 14 Jun 1985 in the Flying Branch of the IAF. In 20 years of distinguished service, he has held several important appointments that include Flight Commander of lighter Squadron (Sqn), Fit Cdr of premier MiG 23 Sqn , Senior Flight Safety and Inspection Officer of a premier base and Commanding Officer of frontline fighter Sqn.Wg Cdr Radhish was appointed the Commanding Officer'of frontline fighter Sqn on 09 Jun 2003. The Sqn is, at present, equipped with Mig 23 MF, an aging fleet now on its last few years of service in the 1AF.An above Average professional flier and a good officer to the core, Wg Cdr Radhish has solely been instrumental in ensuring a positive, pro-active and professional growth amongst the Air Warriors of his Sqn. During his tenure the Sqn took part in Ex VAYU SPARDHA-2003, Ex-EKLAVYA 2003 & 04 and Ex VAYU SHAKT12004. The Sqn though severely handicapped in terms of aircraft availability and steadily reducing trained manpower took up the challenge for all such exercises and through dedicated, inspired and selfless leadership of Wg Cdr Radhish came out with flying colours In tasks assigned to it. The Sqn, which also has the role of Banner towing for air-to-air gunnery and flare drop for air-to-air missile firing by various fighter Sqns of the 1AF and the Indian Navy, always ensured that the task assigned was achieved. Under the command of Wg Cdr Radhish the Sqn, which is a pure Air Defence one, for the first time undertook practice bombing with 25 Ibs and 3 kg bombs using the CLBS on the Mig 23 MF wef Dec 2003. The Sqn has since mastered the art of bombing also.The tireless, dedicated, selfless and devoted professional leadership on part of Wg Cdr Radhish bore fruits during the recently held Director Air Staff Inspection (DASI) and Aircrew Examining Board (AEB) visit wherein the Sqn was adjudged AVERAGE PLUS overall and all pilots passed the ground and flying tests respectively. The AEB also upgraded three pilots who were given their initial Master Green ratings and the CO renewed his MGIR1E. During the DASI inspection the CO himself was given EXCEPTIONAL and AVERAGE PLUS grading in the missions led by him.The Sqn has also been entrusted with the running of the Station's open air cafeteria and to the satisfaction of one and all, the same is being done with finesse, total involvement and dedication resulting into a profit making venture.For unflinching devotion to duty and l very high quality of military leadership on all fronts, The Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Wing Commander Radhakrishnan Radhish.
Reference: Gazette of India dated 18th March 2006 - No.30-Pres/2006 dated 26th January 2006 & AFD2006 Investiture  

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