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Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Nawal Niranjan Dhir 2752 EDNUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 70 Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

Wing Commander Nawal Naranjan Dhir (2752) Education has been senior training Officer (Non-Technical) in addition to his duties as Command Education Officer at Headquarters Training Command since Jul 1966. During this period, he has been responsible for achieving high standards in Non-Technical Training of officers, Flight Cadets and airmen in this Command, besides proving an all round educational coverage. While handling this dual task, he has displayed a high degree of academic and professional knowledge, zeal and enthusiasm. His guidance on educational problems has always been original and of a high caliber.

Specifically, he has been responsible for introducing the latest techniques in teaching English and improving the standard of airmen recruits at various Ground Training Schools. He has also been instrumental in revising and making up-to-date the various syllabi for non-technical trades.

His sense of dedication has been beyond the normal call of duty. Despite his personal discomforts and the handicap of a restricted medical category, he has always put in sustained hard work, showing great organizing ability and high sense of responsibility.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1970 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Ved Prakash Mishra 3627 ADMUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 70 Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

Wing Commander Ved Prakash Misra was commissioned in the Administrative and Special Duties Branch in July, 1949. He successfully completed the Defence Services Staff College Course in 1957-58 and has held few important appointments since.

He was Assistant Judge Advocate General (Air) at Air Headquarter prior to his posting to Headquarters Training Command as the Command Judge Advocate in October 1956. As an A.J.A.G (Air) at Air Headquarters Wing Commander Misra was in the process of drafting a new set of Air Force Act Rules. Notwithstanding change of appointment, he continued applying himself to this task and completed the draft in December 1966. The draft has since been approved by the Government and is under issue. In October 1966 when Wing Commander Misra took over the duties of the Command Judge Advocate, a large number of disciplinary cases and courts of inquiry proceeding were pending finalization. He worked hard not only to clear these arrears but also ensured that the new cases received due attention. In so doing, he investigated and removed the causes for delay. He analysed disciplinary cases and traced reasons which led to the commission of avoidable offences. By delivering lectures at stations and units under Training Command he helped in promoting better knowledge of Air Force law and a feeling of greater responsibility for reducing disciplinary cases by preventive action.

Though not part of his duties as a Command Judge Advocate, Wing Commander Misra painstakingly studied civil law, and the practice and procedures of civil courts, and by timely intervention and advice ensured that the interests of Service and the Government in any civil suit or proceedings did not suffer. He also made himself fully conversant with matters of disciplinary proceedings against civil Government servant and advised the Commanding Officers on correct procedures in respect of such proceedings. He wrote and issued training pamphlets giving comprehensive information on the subject and on Air Force law for the use of officers and cadets under training.

Wing Commander Misra has all along taken great pains to keep abreast with the latest trends in legal thinking. As a result his opinions have earned him a reputation for impartiality and high standard of judgment.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1970 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Sqn Ldr Mysore Krishnamurthy Ranganathan 5717 ADMUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 76 Announced 26 Jan 76
Details :

Squadron Leader Ranganath had a brilliant and distinguished academic career, which included two gold medals in the LLB Examination. As Officer-in-Charge Personnel-1 at Headquarters Training Command, he has handled the duties and jobs entrusted to him with utmost cheerfulness, diligence and competence. He was trained on aerial photography and has made significant contributions in the modi fication of two aircraft for aerial photographic roles. With his deep and clear knowledge of Air Force Law, Civil Law and various rules and regulations affecting personnel, he has been performing the duties connected with Courts Martial as well.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1976 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
MWO Pritham Pal Singh 220970 ORUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 86 Announced 26 Jan 86
Details :

220970-H Master Warrant Officer Pritham Pal Singh Mechanical Transport Driver has been working as Mechanical Transport Officer at HQ Training Command (Unit) since June 1984. The MT Section of this unit has large fleet of transports and provides MT coverage to a large number of units including HQ Training Command, IAF. Apart from this, the unit has to meet the additional task for providing staff cars to all visiting VIPs and high dignitaries from other formations. Inspite of acute shortage of experienced and qualified MTD tradesmen and transports, he has managed to achieve a high standard of maintenance and serviceability state of transports. By his superior planning ability and intelligence, he has always handled the difficult task very carefully and wisely. Recently, through his own efforts he has introduced a modern type of Daily Inspection point to facilitate the MTDs to carry out DI of MT vehicles quickly and comfortably.

In a short span of time he was instrumental in devising procedures for control and coordination of MT section particularly the large number of cars on its fleet. During the tenure he has achieved highest rate of fuel economy by means of his superior planning and coordination of MT runs to the maximum. On many occasions he has worked from morning till late hours in the night in order to meet the urgent and important task of the section.

MWO PP Singh has carried out his duties with exceptional enthusiasm and intelligence. With his exceptional ability and deep knowledge of his trade, he has brought the section to the highest standard of efficiency in all respects.

He has been constantly guiding and training his subordinates not only from supervisory level but also keeping close contact at the working level. For his exceptional work he was commended by Air Officer-in-charge Administration on 15 Aug 76 and by Chief of the Air Staff on 26 Jan 79.

For dedication and devotion to his duties and exceptional ability, the President is pleased to award the Vishisht Seva Medal to 220970-H Master Warrant Officer Pritham Pal Singh.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1986 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Yadvinder Singh Walia 11258 ADMUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 87 Announced 26 Jan 87
Details :

Wing Commander Yadvinder Singh Walia was commissioned in the Administrative Branch in Dec 67. He has held a variety of appointments which include Station Adjutant, Station Security Officer at Flying Stations, Assistant Provost Marshal and Staff Officer.

As Assistant Provost Marshal, he ensured smooth and efficient movement of a large number of convoys. He also played a leading role in handling movement and flawless piloting of a number of foreign dignitaries and VVIPs. By excellent planning and limited resources, he reduced the number of outstanding cases of apprehensions and absence without leave. His tact, sense of involvement and mature judgment helped him establish cordial relations between the Air Force and the civil police and the local population.

At Adampur, he with his cordial relations with local civil population and the civil police, succeeded in unearthing a gang of thieves which had been operating from outside the AF Station for a very long time.

At Nagpur, again, he established a cordial working link between the Air Force and the civil authorities. He laid the net and succeeded in catching red-handed a civilian MTD who was involved in stealing petrol and diesel from service vehicles for a couple of years. He with his superior provost skill and contacts succeeded in apprehending six cases of desertion and AWOL of a serious nature.

In Mar 85, he was appointed Staff Officer to Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Training Command in recognition of his professional competence.

For his extraordinary achievements, integrity, dedication and exceptional leadership qualities, the President is pleased to award Vishisht Seva Medal to Wing Commander Yadvinder Singh Walia.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1987 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Thumpe Parampil Dominic Mathew 13039 AE(L)Unit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 99 Announced 26 Jan 99
Details :

Group Captain D Mathew (13039) Aeronautics Engineering (Electronics) has been on the posted strength of HQ Training Command since 02 April 96. He has been in charge of the transport, helicopter and Iskra fleets.

Group Captain D Mathew is a dynamic professional and a methodical officer. His exceptional planning skills have contributed towards maximising aircraft availability at Flying Training Schools. He has always planned ahead and projected in time the requirement of the fleets to Air HQ and to his superiors in Command HQ to ensure provisioning of spares and to meet other repair/servicing requirements. He has also been interacting directly with the BRDS, repair agencies and other formations to monitor progress and ensure that technical requirements of each aircraft are attended to. He is quick in decision making and does not allow any time to be lost. This has resulted in achieving a very high average serviceability for a number of fleets. The average rectification/inspection percentages were brought down significantly by effective monitoring and proper staggering, despite acute problems of spares in most of the fleets.

Group Captain D Mathew believes in good human values and inter personal relations. He is courteous in dealing with his colleagues and subordinates and very respectful towards every one. His sincerity, devotion to duty and hard work is worthy of emulation. He is continuously working towards attainment of higher goals.

For his devotion to duty, sincerity towards service and hard work, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain D Mathew.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1999 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Narayanan Vijayakumar 12725 ACCTUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 01 Announced 26 Jan 01
Details :

Group Captain Narayanan Vijayakumar (12725) Accts was commissioned in IAF on 26 Jun 71 and on that occasion was awarded CAS Medal, Best All-rounder Trophy and the President's Plaque for Best Officer trainee. Since then the officer held several important and varied appointments in his career. He has been commended earlier by the CAS and AOC-in-C. He has authored many papers and has developed a number of softwares on Public Fund and Non-public Fund subjects for the benefit of officers posted to field Units. The officer was additionally tasked by Air HQ on the Revision of AF Officers Appraisal System, where he was the team leader during 95-98. His revised designs of the Appraisal System were implemented in IAF with effect from Jan 98. The officer is highly qualified academically and professionally and is sought regularly as a guest speaker in many AF Training Institutions.

Since his posting as C Accts O to HQ TC with effect from 17 Jun 98, Gp Capt N Vijayakumar has been excelling in each area of his function. He took a large number of measures to closely monitor the state of management accounting of Non-Public Funds. As a result, there has been significant improvement in this generally weak area of administration. He streamlined the budgetary control system on locally controlled heads and ensured availability of sufficient funds to all Stations/Units. He was instrumental in introducing an effective monitoring system for the AOC-in-C on the delegation of financial powers exercised by the Staff officers at HQ TC. A noteworthy achievement is his compilation of all accounting rules, regulations and procedures on ATG, which have been issued to all Training Institutions for guidance and adherence.

Gp Capt N Vijayakumar personally designed and implemented the LAN for admin branch at HQ TC. Another significant performance by the officer is the achievement of a record lowest figure of outstanding audit objections for Training Command for AAC 9899 which was possible due to his close interaction with all audit agencies and relentless pursuit of a number of cases with the audit and Air HQ. In the management of Command Welfare Fund, he devised newer methods of budgeting, processing of applications for grants, control of expenditure and made available more funds of welfare measures to stations. As PMC of the Command Officers' Mess during the past one year, he has supervised the renovation of various facilities and has successfully planned and organised major parties, important functions and VVIPvisits in the Mess.

For distinguished service of a high order, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain Narayanan Vijayakumar.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2001 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Bidanda Chengapa Nanjappa 13246 F(P)Unit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 02 Announced 26 Jan 02
Details :

Air Commodore Bidanda Chengapa Nanjapa (13246) F (P) is on the posted strength of HQ Training Command (TC) Air Force from 07 May 99, as Senior Flying Training Officer -II (SFTO II) in the Flying Training Section. From 03 Jan 2001 to 09 Mar 2001 he functioned as the Chief Flying Training Officer (CFTO). Air Cmde Nanjapa has been a Directing Staff in Tactics and Combat Development Establishment, Commanding Officer of a MiG-21 Bis Squadron, and the Chief Operations Officer at Air Force Station, Pathankot. He is an M.Sc. and M.Phil. in Defence Studies, besides being a graduate of Defence Services Staff College and the College of Combat.

In his capacity as SFTO-II, has initiated and directed the revision of flying training syllabi and the change of training schedule at Flying Instructors School, the revision of flying and ground training syllabus of all Flying Training Establishments (FTE) under TC. He was instrumental in making the case for Stage-III training and the Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) to be placed under HQ TC, and in working out the manner in which, training would be re-organised in TC during phased induction of the AJT.

He was involved in planning and finalising the increased display schedules and work-up of the Suryakiran team into a nine aircraft team with synchronous pair manoeuvres. During the final run-up to Aero India 2001, as officiating CFTO Air Cmde Nanjapa was involved in planning and overseeing the Static and flying display and Flight Safety of all aircraft taking part, planning and monitoring the movement of all participating aircraft, planning and orchestrating all VVP/VIP moves and supervising the large movement of visiting aircraft. The impeccable conduct of the show with complete safety testifies to the efficient supervision by Air Cmde Nanjapa. As Officiating CFTO, he has initiated measures to ensure that there is no compromise in quality from the FTEs. He has motivated the key supervisors in the FTEs to implement the values enshrined in the directions of the Chief of Air Staff and Air Officer Commanding-inChief, in improving the quality of flying training, and is constantly suggesting ways and means of improving flying and ground training as well as the working of HQ TC. He has been able to motivate all officers and staff in the Flying training section towards a higher quality of work, turnout and dedication by using a judicious mix of reward and example. His influence towards ensuring higher efficiency extends beyond the flying training section to other allied and support sections.

For distinguished service of a high order, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Air Commodore Bidanda Chengapa Nanjapa.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2002 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Hariprasad Thazhepara 17036 ADMUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 04 Announced 26 Jan 04
Details :

Wing Commander Thazhe Para Hari Prasad (17036) Administration was commissioned in the Administrative Branch of the 1AF on 29 Dec 1982. Presently, he is on the posted strength of HQ Training Command, 1AF since 23 Apr 2001 as the Command Judge Advocate.

Wg Cdr Hari Prasad has introduced a new work-ethos in the Command Legal Section. Instead of working in a compartmentalized fashion, he has encouraged all other sections to interact and seek the advice of legal section before taking decisions on major issues, which has ensured issue of foolproof and legally sound orders/directions. Wg Cdr Hari Prasad has institutionalized the monitoring of civil suits in the Training Command. His approach of shouldering the responsibility of civil cases by legal officers, rather than leaving them to the concerned units and sections has paid rich dividends in defending civil cases. He possesses intellectual honesty of the highest degree and always renders correct, complete and appropriate legal advice to his superiors.

Wg Cdr Hari Prasad has an astute sense of comprehending and identifying problem areas. While analysing the observations by civil authorities on unauthorised possession of liquor by Service personnel he was quick to point out the anomaly existing between the Service rules and the State Excise laws leading to the perceived violation of State Excise Laws. When the Andhra Pradesh Government called up AF personnel to pay profession tax, against the usual norms, he carried out an analytical examination of the situation and suggested the solution to exclude Service personnel from the purview of the order of the State Govt. To equip the Air Force officers in dealing with legal problems, Wg Cdr Hari Prasad has also mooted the idea of starting a Paralegal course.

Wg Cdr Hari Prasad continues updating his legal knowledge. He has used his higher legal qualification to the hilt in his appointment. It is a testimony of his professional competence that in the past about five years, Wg Cdr Hari Prasad has been often selected as the Judge Advocate to conduct the Court Martial especially in the complex cases. All the Court Martials conducted by him were logically concluded and the decisions whenever challenged were upheld by the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

Soft-spoken and mature in his dealings, Wg Cdr Hari Prasad leaves an indelible impression on the others. Always ready to shoulder additional responsibility cheerfully, he keeps his subordinates well motivated for any responsibility. The legal activism innovated by him in identifying problems and rectifying them in administrative and training matters is evolving into a new work culture, motivating his juniors to foster professionalism.

For his distinguished service of high order, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Wing Commander Thazhe Para Hari Prasad.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2004 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Ajay Masson 14926 ADMUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 06 Announced 26 Jan 06
Details :

Group Captain Ajay Masson (14926) Administration was commissioned in the Administrative Branch of the IAF on 10 Jun 1977. An Air Traffic Controller of very high calibre, the officer achieved 'Category A', the highest category for professional competence within ten years of service. During his chequered career of more than 27 years, he has held diverse appointments, which includes the posts of Senior Air Traffic Control Officer, Air Force Examiner for Air Traffic Control Officers, Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Personnel Staff Officer at Headquarters Training Command, IAF. A thorough professional, the officer in 1989 was adjudged as the 'Best Air Traffic Controller' in the IAF. An alumni of Defence Services Staff College and College of Defence Management, the officer for his professional ability and distinguished service was commended by the Chief of the Air Staff on 08 Oct 1999.

As Chief Administrative Officer at Air Force Station, Jalahalli this de-fatigable officer with total dedication and perseverance, demonstrated an exceptional capacity to work towards creating innovative infrastructural changes, resulting into improvement, in overall quality of life of the station personnel.

As Senior Personnel Staff Officer at HQ TC IAF, his excellent organisational and inter-personal skill ensured effective and timely completion of allocated tasks. The officer displayed highest standards of professionalism and foresight towards ensuring absolutely flawless and timely augmentation of human resources and foolproof security measures for Aero India-05, a mega event organised by Ministry of Defence. During his tenure the number of outstanding movements and disciplinary cases have shown a marked downward trend. The officer has an astute sense of comprehending and identifying problem areas. Being proactive in problem solving approach, he took keen personal interest to ensure error free and timely submission of Appraisal Reports, and effective implementation of the latest policies on 'USTAD' and revised assessment scheme for PBORs.

For his unflinching devotion to duty, professionalism and distinguished service of high order, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain Ajay Masson.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2006 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Arun Kumar Paul 15955 AE(L)Unit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 10 Announced 26 Jan 10
Details : Group Captain Arun Kumar Paul (15955) Aeronautical Engineer (Electronics) was commissioned in IAF in the Aeronautical Engineering (Electronics) branch on 07 Jan 1980. The officer has held important field and staff appointments. For his relentless efforts in improving operational environment, he has been commended thrice by the Chief of Air Staff and once by the Air Officer Commanding in Chief. During the period July 2006 to May 2008, the officer was appointed as Chief Engineering Officer of a fighter base. The officer built up all AOG aircraft (ac) in a record period of two months without putting down any flight line ac. The officer could achieve 100% serviceability of the ac on at least three occasions and maintained overall serviceability of 80% for one whole year against the background of low serviceability status of the fleet in the entire Indian Air Force. All operational and maintenance tasks were successfully achieved during his tenure. The officer took over as Director Avionics Modification at Air HQ on 02 Jun 08. The directorate is handling eighteen different projects. With his proactive and incessant efforts, he coordinated the management with a new team of officers and resolved outstanding issues in all the projects. His professional acumen and personal guidance resulted in finalisation of the implementation methodology of Darin II Jaguar simulator. As Director, he has put his vast experience in the engineering field towards streamlining techno-logistic chain of Laser Designator pods. The officer has sustained a very high serviceability of the pods despite the system being utilised on a variety of platforms. During his present tenure, the officer has completed induction and commissioning of BISON Avionic Part Task Trainer at five different bases, High Performance Human Centrifuge system at Institute of Aviation Medicine, HAWK Synthetic Training Equipments at Bidar, Kiran/HPT simulators at four different bases and Forward Air Controller kits for all the Tactical Air Control units. The induction of Mirage Mission Simulator, Dornier Flight Training Device, CCD/FLIR for Mi- 17 heptr and Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation pods has moved to the final stages. The officer has also finalized Long Term Maintenance Agreements with the OEM for all the critical systems. For distinguished service of high order, Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain Arun Kumar Paul.
Reference: Air Force Day Booklet 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Kalianda Appaya Muthana 16372 F(P)Unit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 10 Announced 26 Jan 10
Details : Group Captain Kalianda Appaya Muthana (16372) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned in the Indian Air Force as a Fighter Pilot in the flying branch on 11 June 1981. A graduate of the National Defence Academy, the officer has over 3000 hrs of total service flying. The officer is a Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) and an Experimental Test Pilot (ETP). He has held several key command and staff appointments including that of a Qualified Flying Instructor, Test Pilot and Test Flying Instructor (TFI), Flight Commander and Commanding Officer of a fighter sqn, Project Test Pilot of an Aircraft Upgrade Project, Director of Aircraft Upgrade at Air HQ and Chief Ops Offr of a frontline fighter base. He is presently the Station Commander of Air Force Station, Nal. As a graduate of the Defence Services Staff College he holds an MSc degree from Madras University. Gp Capt KA Muthana, as a fighter pilot was assessed above average. He ensured very high training standards as a QFI and as a test pilot performed several key trials. For his performance as Flight Commander (10) of a front line fighter Sqn he was commended by the Chief of Air Staff in 1996. While on deputation to HAL (Nashik Division) as Chief test pilot he ensured very high standards of production. In 1999 he was selected to command the first Bison Sqn of the IAF The officer's vision and effectiveness directly contributed to creation and sustenance of world class infrastructure for a new type and also achieved 100% safe flying record. The officer was then handpicked as the project test pilot for the Sukhoi Upgrade programme and was instrumental in ensuring development of a potent fighter platform for the IAF As Chief Operations Officer of a frontline fighter base he managed to directly oversee runway repairs and induction of the Sukhoi aircraft while continuing unrestricted operations in a very busy civil aviation hub. The officer was appointed to command a frontline fighter base in January 2008. During his tenure, he led from the front and ensured 100% safety. The base flew over 5000 sorties under his watch and supported 14 flying detachments. Despite severe resource constraints, the base supported unhindered operations as a key detachment base for Western Air Command and mounted successive Republic Day Flypasts efficiently. The station effectively supported and sustained a Fighter Sqn, a Pechora Sqn, a Transportable Radar Unit, a Mobile Observation Flight and an Electronic Surveillance Unit. The performance of the lodger units in various inspections and exercises was of a very high order and was well appreciated. The welfare activities undertaken in the station were widely appreciated. Key upgradations of the New Station Medicare Centre, the SNCOs' Mess, Op Complexes for Sqns/Units, Weapon Storage Areas and Station HQ were realised. The station won the award for the most Energy Conscious Station of Western Air Command. For his devotion to duty of high order, Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain Kalianda Appaya Muthana.
Reference: Air Force Day Booklet 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Sanjeev Kumar Mittal 17051 ADMUnit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 10 Announced 26 Jan 10
Details : Group Captain Sanjeev Kumar Mittal (17051) Administration was commissioned in the Indian Air Force in the Administrative Branch on 29 Dec 1982. He is on the posted strength of Air Force Station Tezpur with effect from (wef) 08 Feb 06. He performed the duties of Flight Commander Works and Environment Flight upto 09 Oct 07 and has now taken over the duties of Chief Administrative Officer wef 10 Oct 07 as permanent incumbent. At the time of his arrival, there were three fighter squadrons operating from this base. The runway which was over 65 years old had to be maintained to prevent any cases of FOD. This was done despite the constraints of not stopping flying and limited funds. Subsequently, the station underwent a major transformation since it was slated to host the first SU-30 MKI squadron in the North East, works costing over Rs. 500 crores had to be executed which mainly involved complete resurfacing and extension of the runway and building up state of the art infrastructure to house one of the most maintenance intensive aircraft in the IAF's inventory. This involved tremendous foresight, meticulous planning and flawless execution, and all this despite the inherent problems in the North East of terrorism, connectivity, labour, bandhs, insecurity and vagaries of weather. With his leadership, tact and man management skills, he overcome all hurdles to meet the PDC of 31 May 09. The runway was formally inaugurated by the AOC-in-C on 15 Jun 09 and the first SU-30 MKI operated from this base for a week. Further the station also had to look after Dulong Mukh, Air to Ground firing range located over 250 kms away in the heart of Arunachal Pradesh. He ensured the availability of the range continuously for day and night operations; despite the distance, extremely difficult road connectivity, no electricity and hardly any communications. In the year 2006-07, AF Stn Tezpur witnessed a high suicide rate amongst service personnel. Gp Capt Mittal through his concerted efforts brought down this undesirable trend to nil in year 2008 and 2009. He left no stone unturned many a times beyond his purview to improve the quality of life of air warriors and their families in the station. For distinguished service of high order, Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain Sanjeev Kumar Mittal.
Reference: Air Force Day Booklet 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Bhartendra Singh 19874 F(P)Unit : Training Command  Award Date 26 Jan 10 Announced 26 Jan 10
Details : Wing Commander Bhartendra Singh (19874) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned in the Indian Air Force as a Transport Pilot in the Flying Branch on 17 Dec 1988. He is a Qualified Flying Instructor who has held appointment of AF Examiner, Directing Staff (OS) at Transport Aircraft Operations Tactics Development Cell (TAOTDC) and is commanding the elite Strategic Reconnaissance Sqn. He is a fully operational pilot on Il-76, Il-78, 00-228, AN-32 and HS-748 holding Cat/IR A/MG on all types with a total of 6500 hrs of incident free flying to his credit. Wg Cdr Bhartendra Singh prior to assuming command, as OS at TAOTDC, galvanized the CONOP5 (Concept of Operations) for Battle Field Transport ac. He has evaluated the war time potential of AN-32 ac and formulated SOPs for Combat Offloading and CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue}.The survivability of transport platform in TBA has increased manifold by the tactics and EW ethos indoctrinated by him. The officer was responsible to cement strong tactics and evaluation methodology during the nascent stage of the institution and push-started the first ever Transport Combat leader (TCL) course in the IAF He was also chosen as the pilot representative to evaluate C-130 J special operational ac during its demonstration flight in India by the United States Air Force. During his command of the HS-748 SR Sqn, he has single handedly designed and conceded PC based Moving Map Display for Aerial Survey role. This seamless integration of technology has saved approximately Rs. 4.5 crores to the exchequer by providing precision amounting to near 100% acceptance of survey photographs. It has also enabled real time predictions of photo errors, which in turn has resulted in fool proof mission accomplishment. He was the harbinger of 'self help' resource utilisation in the decades pending unserviceability of the ICC (Interval Central Computer), the heart of survey camera, which was repaired in house by the core team. This resulted in a direct saving of Rs. 56.8 lakhs to the IAF and importantly boosting the earlier depleted operational efficacy. The unique and first ever concept of two ac Buddy Mode Survey Role on Avro ac was developed and operationalised under his guidance. This mode has undoubtedly provided a cutting edge in planning consideration for commanders during time restraint contingencies in any op requirement. Additionally, his leadership and personnel involvement at all levels evoked the culture of team spirit which resulted in unit performing excellently in sports and adventure activities. For distinguished service of high order, Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Wing Commander Bhartendra Singh.
Reference: Air Force Day Booklet 

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