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Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Inder Singh Dua 3631 ADMUnit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 70 Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

Wing Commander Inder Singh Dua (3631) took over as Senor Personnel Staff Officer of Headquarters Maintenance Command, IAF on first Apr 1969. Prior to this he worked as Command Works I, in which assignment he was graded outstanding.

Immediately after taking over his new duties, Wing Commander Dua brought about radical changes in the working of his department. His organisation and professional sill resulted in the better handling of the administrative problems in the Command. He also ensured that no disciplinary cases were left unactioned and that the personal problems were attended to promptly. His devoted work contributed largely towards the betterment of administration in general and in particular the good administration of the civilian personnel, who abound in this Command.

The non-finalisation of the documents of airmen and civilians prior to their proceeding on discharge retirement, resulting in delayed finalization of their pension claims, had been one of the major problems of the Command. With ingenuity and professional zeal, Wing Commander Dua was able to formulate procedures by which the documentation is now completed in time. He has also spent long hours, beyond the call of his duty, to compile a large number of useful pamphlets and directives on administrative matters which have been of great value to the units.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1970 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Shyamal Kumar Mittra 3818 AE(L)Unit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 70 Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

Wing Commander Shymal Kumar (3818) has been the Command Electrical Officer since November 1966. In this capacity he has been responsible for variety of complex tasks such as third and fourth line servicing of aircraft electrical components, instruments, engineering system and overhauling of a number of electrical ground equipment. Besides these responsibilities, he was entrusted with the job of designing and setting up a modern and elaborate electroplating shop in Repair Depot on "turn key" basis - a new concept, and the preparation of the design and technical specifications of a centralized compressed Air Supply system for the Repair Depot. The work in both these projects involved detailed market survey of the indigenous resources and a thorough understanding of the technical set up of various workshop a the Depot. By perseverance he completed the assigned task successfully, thereby displaying an admirable depth of knowledge, ability for sustained hard work and high degree of initiative and devotion to duty.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1970 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Sqn Ldr Mahinder Singh 4191 EQPTUnit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 70 Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

Squadron Leader Mahinder Singh (4191) took over as Command Judge Advocate of Headquarters Maintenance Command in May, 1968. Prior to this, he was Command Judge Advocate at Central Air command where he was commended for his good work by the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief.

As Command Judge Advocate at Headquarters Maintenance Command, he has displayed great understanding and fore-sight in effective and speedy finalization of disciplinary cases through sustained hard work. He possesses a thorough knowledge of Air Force law and applies it with great confidence. It has been the result of his efforts solely that there are no arrears of courts martial in the Command. He has also been responsible for instilling a sense of urgency in the handling and disposal of disciplinary cases at all levels. Beyond the call of his duty almost single handed this officer has been responsible for issuing a number of pamphlets on legal matters which have been of immense help to the units, thus making a tremendous contribution towards good discipline and better administration.

He has carried out an analysis of the disciplinary cases to find out the causes of the various offences and made valuable suggestions towards the preventive aspect. Consequently, offences like absence without leave and rash and negligent driving accidents have been curbed to a greater extent.

The number of civil suits in the Command are the maximum, because of the large number of civilians working in its stations/ units. By his high professional skill, meticulous planning and liaison with Government Law Officers and counsels, he has ensured that the cases are properly contested. His mature advice and tactful handling of the arbitration cases, which came up before the Air officer Commanding-in-Chief, has led to amicable settlement of disputes, saying large amounts to the State.

His equipment background has been an asset in his professional assignments. He has also taken pains to improve his knowledge of law and other subjects. His contribution in all fields of work has been exceptionally high throughout.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1970 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Nimmagadda Durga Nageswara Bhaskara Rao 6306 AE(L)Unit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 82 Announced 26 Jan 82
Details :

Wing Commander Nimmagadda Durga Nageswara Bhaskara Rao was commissioned in the IAF on 1 Jul 61. He has held a number of important appointments such as Firing Team Commander in an Operational Guided Weapons Squadron and Wing Electrical Officer of a Flying Station.

As Command Electrical Officer at Headquarters Maintenance Command, Wing Commander Bhaskara Rao was responsible for successfully coordinating the manufacture of a number of Ground Support Equipment required by operational units in record time. The Lashing equipment required for AN-12 aircraft, ground equipment for Mi-8 overhaul line and ground support equipment for Jaguar aircraft, refuelling rigs for the helicopter units and control box for the Hunter starting system are some of the important manufacturing projects successfully accomplished by him which resulted in saving of considerable foreign exchange.

By his initiative, drive and technical ingenuity he successfully established the repair facilities for Cheetah Oxygen Mask in record time by augmenting the resources under his command. This helped in clearing all the outstanding AOG demands against this item.

Throughout his career, Wing Commander Bhaskara Rao has displayed high degree of imagination, intelligence, professional ability and dedication to duty. He is a rare combination of an efficient engineer and skilled manager. His meticulous planning and foresight have paid dividends in saving valuable foreign exchange. His sustained efforts in consolidating the repair and manufacturing potential of Ground Support Equipment available with this Command have greatly contributed in not only meeting the demands of operational units effectively, but also in taking take up for manufacture of Ground Support Equipment for the newly inducted sophisticated aircraft.

For his dedication to duty and deep involvement, Rashtrapati is pleased to award Vishisht Seva Medal to Wing Commander Nimmagadda Durga Nageswara Bhaskara Rao.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1982 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Sqn Ldr Deepak Chandra Bakshi 7795 EDNUnit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 82 Announced 26 Jan 82
Details :

Squadron Leader Deepak Chandra Bakshi (7795) Education was commissioned in the IAF on 19 Oct 63. During a span of 17 ½ years he has served on a number of instructional and important staff appointments. In his early service career he worked as an instructor and underwent a Postgraduate Diploma Course in Statistics and computerization at Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.

In Apr 70 on completion of the above course, he was appointed to take over charge of newly-formed Information cum Data Cell of Directorate of Personnel (Officers). Within a short period, Sqn Ldr Bakshi, through initiative and drive, introduced innovations and improvised methodology which broughtin distinct qualitative improvements in the postings procedures and selection techniques. The data complex thus built through his hard labour and untiring efforts later provided a sound base for final computerization of the entire 'P' Staff Information system.

During 1971, anticipating the impending Indo-Pak conflict the Directorate of Personnel (Officers) embarked upon the preparation and implementation of Manpower Augmentation Plan for the operational units. Sqn Ldr Bakshi worked very hard for prolonged hours, sacrificing his personal comforts to execute with meticulous accuracy the augmentation of operational units facing the enemy during the conflict. The Manpower Augmentation Plan was a success and duly appreciated by the AOsC-in-C of Operational Commands. For his above outstanding contribution, Sqn Ldr Bakshi was commended by the Chief of the Air Staff.

After an exacting and sensitive tenure at Air HQ (Directorate of Personnel (Officers), the Officer worked as Staff Officer to AOCin-C No. 1 Operational Group/HQ Training Command for two years. In July 78 while working as Command Co-ord Officer at HQ Maintenance Command where the main thrust is on production activities he was detailed to reorganize the Data Complex at Command Headquarters for monitoring the production activities of Base Repair Depots/ Equipment Depots and evaluating their constraints leading to shortfalls and suggesting/implementing remedial measures which brought excellent results in the form of increased production. He established a powerful and effective monitoring machinery which kept a close watch on production activities of units and provided timely warning of replenishments. In order to achieve this task the officer has to put in prolonged hours of sustained hard work during and after office hours. Throughout, he showed rare sense of dedication to duty, loyalty and high level of professional competence.

Despite high pressure of work and heavy demands placed on him during the last decade, Sqn Ldr Bakshi with calm composure, remarkable competence and rare tenacity, has continued to work hard to the absolute satisfaction and much appreciation of his superiors. He has remained cheerful throughout and with his capable disposition shown extreme resolution and determination to produce both quantitative and qualitative results.

For his outstanding achievements and untiring zeal, ability and willingness t shoulder additional responsibilities with utmost speed and foresight, the Rashtrapati is pleased to award Vishisht Seva Medal to Squadron Leader

Deepak Chandra Bakshi.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1982 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Rajinder Paul Singh 4444 GD(P)Unit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 84 Announced 26 Jan 84
Details :

Wing Commander Rajender Paul Singh was initially commissioned in the Flying Branch of the Indian Air Force as a Pilot in January, 1953, but because of lowered medical category due serious injuries suffered during a flying accident, he changed over to Administrative Branch.

Undaunted by his physical disability the officer adjusted himself to the demands of his new job as a ground duty officer. He con tinued to hold important and responsible appointments like Command Training Officer in Western Air Command and Command Works Officer in Central Air Command. In addition to staff jobs he has also performed his duties in various field appointments creditably. During his present tenure as Command Works Officer in Headquarters Maintenance Command, Wg Cdr RP Singh has been instrumental in bringing about excellent coordination between the Military Engineering Formations and user Air Force Stations. He had placed his demands for allotment of funds Capital Works by advanced planning and timely completion of pre-sanction formalities. The hundred percent execution of Capital Works Plan of Maintenance Command during his tenure as Command Works Officer was a noteworthy achievement.

For his devotion to duty and an indomitable will and unflinching determination, the President is please to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Wing Commander Rajendra Paul Singh.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1984 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Madhav Saxena 13489 AE(L)Unit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 93 Announced 26 Jan 93
Details :

Wg Cdr Madhav Saxena is on the posted strength of HQ Maintenance Command since 04 Mar 91 and has since been working as Staff Officer to AOC-in-C. In addition, he has also been looking after the Indigenisation Cell and computer set-up created in the Secretariat.

In the year 1990-91, supplies from the Soviet Union dropped to negligible levels, causing severe spares shortages at production units. AOC-in-C, Maintenance Command directed that a well planned indigenisation effort be made. He entrusted the responsibility of this critical project to Wg Cdr Saxena. The officer showed vision beyond his years in service. He identified core areas and also monitored and directed the progress towards vendor development, liaison with PSUs and close interaction with training-cum-technological research institutes. The remarkable foresight shown by Wg Cdr Saxena bore fruits within an unexpectedly short time span. Improvements in the availability of ASVs to operational units is a shining example. His efforts are specially praise-worthy as he could finally prove his contention that indigenised items will be more cost effective.

Wg Cdr Saxena devised an information system by which material planning, production progress and capacity utilisation can be monitored on day-to-day basis at step levels and also helped in efficient utilisation of scarce resources.

For his dedication to service, mature outlook and foresight, the President is pleased to award Vishisht Seva Medal to Wg Cdr Madhav Saxena.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1993 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Wg Cdr Amitava Chaudhuri 12616 AE(M)Unit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 94 Announced 26 Jan 94
Details :

Wg Cdr Amitava Chaudhuri was commissioned on 04 Jan 71. Presently he is appointed as Technical Planning Officer at HQ Maintenance Command.

He has made very effective contribution in the field of indigenisation of computers. Taking into account his expertise in the field of armament, the officer was given two special armament projects, viz. modification of MRSIV rocket pods for Iskara Aircraft and development of colour smoke emission pods for Kiran MK-II Aircraft. Wg Cdr Chaudhuri personally designed the various sub-systems and prepared 55 engineering drawings. Both these projects are in advanced stage of completion.

During his current tenure at HQ Maintenance Command, he has put in long hours of sustained hard work unmindful of personal comforts. His professionalism, dedication to duty and sincerity of purpose are exemplary and worth emulation.

For distinguished service of high order, the President is pleased to award Vishisht Seva Medal to Wg Cdr A Chaudhuri.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1994 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Air Cmde Vipin Kumar 11950 LGSUnit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 02 Announced 26 Jan 02
Details :

Air Commodore Vipin Kumar (11950) Lgs was commissioned on 28 Jun 69 in the logistics branch of the Indian Air Force. In 32 years of distinguished service, he has held important command and staff appointments that include Chief Logistic Officer and Officer Commanding of an Air Stores Park. He is a graduate of College of Defence Management. For work of a very high order Chief of Air Staff in 1987 and Air Officer Commandingin-Chief Maintenance Command commended him in 1977 and 1979.

Air Cmde Vipin Kumar was posted to Headquarters Maintenance Command since 22 Mar 1999. As Senior Logistics Management Officer, he showed deep application and involvement in the continuous availability of all clothing items and streamlined provisioning methods to achieve it. This not only resulted in greater user satisfaction but also heavy savings in procurements. He was also closely associated in the formulation and implementation of plans for faster movement of all specialist vehicles by road trailers from/to operational units, which resulted in cutting down of transportation time and increased availability of these vehicles at repair depots and operating units. Similarly, he immensely contributed in streamlining procedures for budgetary booking and management of funds, ensuring near zero unserviceabilities for want of specialist vehicle spares, quick disposal of unwanted surplus stores etc.

Air Cmde Vipin Kumar is highly committed, dedicated and positive looking officer. He carries out the tasks in a systematic and methodical manner with clear foresight and correct planning in anticipating work needs and utilisation of resources coupled with exceptional professional and managerial capabilities.

For his professional excellence, dedication, leadership and distinguished service of a high order, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Air Commodore Vipin Kumar.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2002 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Yeranilly Tirumala Vasudeo 15804 AE(L)Unit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 05 Announced 26 Jan 05
Details :

Group Captain Yeranilly Tirurmala Vasudeo (15804) Aeronautical Engineering (Electronics) was commissioned on 02 Jul 1979 in the Engineering Branch of IAF. During 25 years of distinguished service, he has held several important appointments, including staff appointment at Air Head quarter and Headquarter Maintenance Command. He is also a graduate of the Defence Services Staff College. He has been commended by the Chief of Air Staff. Presently, he is posted to a major transport Wing as Chief Engineering Officer.

As Deputy Director (Projects) at Air Headquarter from Oct 93 to May 97, Group Captain Vasudeo closely monitored large number of indigenous programmes, like Prithvi, Trishul, UAV, Lakshya and Phased Array Radar, including coordinating their field trials for IAF utilisation. During his tenure at Air Force Technical College from Jun 98 to Dec 99, he single handedly prepared the college for ISO-9001 certification, and got it too. With this, AFTC became the first training institute of IAF to be awarded such certification, thus becoming trendsetter for other training institutes of the IAF.

At Headquarter Maintenance Command, he played a stellar role during "Operation Parakaram" in steering the Base Repair Depots in the right direction to maintain high operational capability of the field units. His meticulous planning to route specialist teams from the Base Repair Depots to various Missile and Air Defence Squadrons considera bly improved serviceability and availability of the weapon systems in these units. He conceived and introduced several new computer projects, like Desktop Signaling System, computer hardware repair centre, Thin client computer configuration, and soft ware programming for Command operations centre. These efforts were a major step towards achieving a paperless office, and have given a big boost to the computerisation programme in Maintenance Command.

In all his appointments, Gp Capt Vasudeo has shown exceptional involvement and has worked beyond the call of normal duty. For his devotion to duty, he was commended by Chief of the Air Staff on 26 Jan 92. The officer has always excelled in all the service courses that he has undergone in India and abroad. He also earned the "Directing Staff" grading while undergoing the course at Defence Services Staff College.

For his distinguished service of high order, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain Yeranilly Tirurmala Vasudeo.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2005 Number: 

Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Zia Ahmad Rizvi 14968 LGSUnit : Maintenance Command  Award Date 26 Jan 08 Announced 26 Jan 08
Details :

Group Captain Zia Ahmad Rizvi (14968) Lgs was commissioned on 10 Jun 1977 in the Logistics (Lgs) Branch of IAF. In his 29 years of distinguished service, he has held several important appointments, which include Senior Logistics Officer of Flying Stations, Chief Logistics Officer/Dy C Lgs O at Equipment Depots (EDs) and staff appoint ments at Command and Air HQ. He has been awarded commendation by CAS in 1996 and by AOCin-Cs in years 1993 and 1998.

He is a hard core professional with very high level of integrity, dedication, devotion and assertive positive attitude. Through out his career, he effectively planned utilisation of available resources towards overall benefit of IAF and synergised the various TechnoLgs activities to ensure enhanced flying efforts both while serving in field units at Flying Stations and EDs as well as in staff assignments. He incorporated several effective result oriented procedures to enhance availability of spares ensuring higher fleet serviceability. As Dy C Lgs O EAC in largest ED, his systematic spares demand and supply analysis followed by interaction with HAL and major Base Repair Depot resulted in 30% reduction of Aircraft On Ground (AOG) in six months itself and also incidences of AOGs declined. During year 1998-99, provisioning activities of spares of few aircraft were decentralised necessitating automated processing of huge data. He willingly accepted this challenge and a comprehensive user friendly processing package in Oracle environment was developed in record time of 18 days which remained in use till change over to IMMOLS recently.

The Officer demonstrated outstanding managerial and professional skills even as young Flt Lt while serving at an ED, when due to change in stocking policy, Lakhs of Litres of aviation Oils were received in different packaging. He undertook in a time bound manner the uphill task of segregation, storage, sampling and introduc tion of testing B/F card system for costly/sensitive aircraft Oils which is still in vogue for life monitoring of stocks. While serving at flying bases, besides effective spares support to Sqn's higher fleet serviceability, he initiated various measures to ensure gainful utilisation of costly non-moving airborne spares by other bases.

At every unit of posting, he closely associated himself willingly with various welfare activities also. Standard of Preprimary School at Palam was enhanced in short span of time both in terms of facilities and teaching standards and was awarded "Best School" by HQ MC during 1995. His contribution, for setting up "Special Children School" at Bamrauli during 1991, "Adult Education" and "Family welfare" programmes at Bamrauli and at village near domestic airport New Delhi, adopted by AF Station Palam, needs special mention. For distinguished service of high order, Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vishisht Seva Medal' to Group Captain Zia Ahmad Rizvi.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2008 Number: 

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