Vayu Sena Medal Awardee List for the 37 Wing

A total of 4 Awards are listed.
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Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Wg Cdr Mohan Gupta 18562 F(P)Unit : 37 Wing  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 05
Details : Wing Commander Mohan Gupta (18562) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned on 06 Dec 1986 in the IAF He is posted as a Chief Operations Officer at Air Force Station Car Nicobar with effect from 23 Jun 03.On 08 Oct 03, at 0925 h, he received a message that the Adventure Expedition at the Galathea river in the Great Nicobar Island was more than 18 hours overdue. Reacting to an emergent situation he immediately tasked the Base Helicopter Unit to launch the rescue helicopter. Ensuring no delay, the helicopter was airborne within thirty minutes of the receipt of the message with Wg Cdr Gupta as captain. On landing at Campbell Bay, even though limited details of the expedition were available with the local Detachment Commander, he and his crew worked out the possible route taken by the expedition members. He then took off for the rescue with emergency rations and medical supplies. He ensured that a proper briefing was carried out for effective and optimum crew utilisation.The entire route was in a hilly terrain with dense foliage, which made ground observation very difficult. Through initially no results were achieved he persisted with the search, effectively utilizing each member of his crew to finally spot the team twelve kilometers from their planned RV point. The team was in a deep narrow valley with tall trees ranging from 25 to 100 meters height on either side. This precluded a landing. He assessed the situation and decided to winch up the personnel. Variable winds and limited tip clearance of only five to ten meters made the task extremely demanding and challenging. Displaying a very high level of flying accuracy, concentration and crew resource management in this environment, all the fifteen members were successfully winched up. They were provided initial nourishment and brought back safely.For his exceptional devotion to duty and professional acumen in executing the rescue mission, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award Vayu Sena Medal to Wing Commander Mohan Gupta.
Reference: Gazette of India dated 9th April 2005 - No.28-Pres/2005 dated 26th January 2005 & AFD2005 Investiture  

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Wg Cdr Pemmaraju Maheshwar 19183 F(P)Unit : 37 Wing  Award Date 26 Dec 04 Announced 15 Aug 05
Details : Wing Commander Pemmaraju Maheshwar (19183) Flying (Pilot) is on the posted strength of Air Force Station Carnicobar since 05 Apr 2004.On 26 Dec 2004, Air Force Station Carnicobar was devastated by a severe earthquake which was followed by Tsunamis. The house atop which Wg Cdr Maheshwar had taken refuge along with his and a few other families collapsed due to the onslaught of the tidal waves. While most of the families perished, Wg Cdr Maheshwar and his family miraculously survived suffering heavy physical injuries. After regrouping his family and placing them on a safe location, the professional in him came alive,Inspite of being badly Injured by the swirling debris, Wg Cdr Maheshwar got airborne for a short while in a Mi-8 to lake stock of the extent of devastation. From that moment onwards, despite the recently experienced trauma of witnessing the loss of colleagues and their families, Wg Cdr Maheshwar worked tirelessly to ensure that the runway and all the support services were available round the clock to facilitate evacuation of approximately 5500 personnel, families and civilians from the island of Carnicobar and also enable the unhampered ingress of relief materials. The civilians of the islands wanted to be evacuated to Port Blair. The management of this extra traffic was well regulated by his personal intervention. The runway at Carnicobar had never seen so much night flying before especially by big aircraft like IL - 76 and a large number of AN -32 aircraft. These aircraft flew on emergency lighting system as no electrical systems exist and the surrounding area was In darkness as there was no power supply. Extensive and incident free air operations took place by day and night on a rapidly deteriorating quake damaged runway surface. His personal involvement and supervision ensured'the smooth flow of traffic. Though the medical team advised complete rest to prevent aggravation of haematoma injury, Wg Cdr Maheshwar continued to maintain round the clock vigil to ensure a safe operational environment in a post calamity scenario, where most of the technical facilities were not functional.For this act of exceptional courage, selfless devotion to duty towards mankind, extraordinary physical and menial ronm^d find exemplary leadership in a natural disaster without concern for his personal loss or trauma, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)' to Wing Commander Pemmaraju Maheshwar.
Reference: Gazette of India dated 26th November 2005 - No.130-Pres/2005 dated 15th August 2005 & AFD2006 Investiture 

Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Sqn Ldr Satyendra Kumar 23499 F(P)Unit : 37 Wing  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 06
Details : Squadron Leader Salyendra Kuiiuir (23499) Administrative/Air Traffic Controller is on the posted strength of Air Force Station Carnicobar since 02 Feb 2004.On 26 Dec 2004, Air Force Station Carnicobar was devastated by a severe earthquake followed by Tsunami waves. Sqn Ldr Kumar reacted in the nick of time and managed to move his family to safety. Immediately thereafter, he assumed his responsibility as Senior Air Traffic Control Officer (SATCO) and took stock of the situation.Since the Air Traffic Control (ATC) structure had collapsed, he activated the ATC vehicle to act as a 'mobile ATC', On inspection of the runway he realised that only 7000 ft of runway length was available due to one end being submerged under seawaters and also the runway surface was degraded at various places. His quick assessment of the runway gave hope to everyone and evacuation was possible through fixed wing operation thus obviating a panic situation. He also was quick to realise that the working strength available to him was very minimum as many of his Air Field Safety Operators were either trapped in seawaters or were missing. Despite these constraints, he commenced providing Air Traffic Services immediately.The insecurity of the Jetties made the runway at Carnicobar the focal point for all evacuation and ingress of relief supplies. The perception amongst the civil population that the island was sinking, generated mass hysteria among them, thereby was causing a mass influx onto the airfield. The threat to safe air operations was further compounded by the rapidly deteriorating runway surface. He personally took charge of the vigil and kept the Air Traffic well regulated. A round the clock intense operation of various types of aircraft was sustained by a few personnel though most facilities were non-functional. This Herculean feat was possible by his exceptional leadership and professionalism.Sqn Ldr Satyendra Kumar while performing the duties nf Senior Air Traffic Control Officer has displayed a very high sense of responsibility, professionalism and leadership In the face of extreme adverse conditions without concern for his personal trauma or loss.For his exceptional sense of duty, The Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Squadron Leader Satyendra Kumar.
Reference: Gazette of India dated 18th March 2006 - No.30-Pres/2006 dated 26th January 2006 & AFD2006 Investiture  

Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Sqn Ldr Oruganti Siva Narsimham 24296 ACCTUnit : 37 Wing  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 06
Details : Flight Lieutenant Oruganti Siva Narsimham (24296) Accounts is on the posted strength of Air Force Station Carnicobar since 05 Apr 2004.On 26 Dec 2004, Air Force Station Cnrnicohar was devastated by a several earthquakes which was followed hy Tsunamis.Flt Lt Narslmham was himself swept away hy the tidal waves as he was on the way to the officers' married quarters after the first wave struck, to advise them to move away from the area. He survived the onslaught of the tidal waves by holding on to some flotsam. After extricating himself, with total disregard to his personal safety, he immediately helped others in similar predicament to survive.Thereafter, Fit Lt Narsimham displayed exemplary initiative and leadership qualities by forming a team of airmen to help in managing the survivors who were trickling in. As the numbers grew, he took over the responsibility of maintaining discipline and order, thereby obviating any untoward incident. He also went about providing solace and comfort to the surviving personnel and their families. His meticulous and vigilant approach helped in early identification of all missing personnel and their family members. After the departure of families, Fit Lt Narsimham played a key role in stabilisation of the Air Force Station in the aftermath of the devastation. He motivated a team of personnel to work tirelessly for three days under the scorching sun to set up tented accommodation for all the personnel who would stay on at Air Force Station Carnicobar. It was an extremely well planned camp complete with messes, cookhouses and stores. Flt Lt Narsimham took over as the 'camp adjutant' and ensured that the camp was well administered.For exemplary leadership qualities and total devotion to duty without concern to personal trauma or loss, The Hon'ble President is pleased to award "Vayu Sena Medal' to Flight Lieutenant Oruganti Siva Narsimham.
Reference: Gazette of India dated 18th March 2006 - No.30-Pres/2006 dated 26th January 2006 & AFD2006 Investiture  

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