Vayu Sena Medal Awardee List for the 220 Sqn

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Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Flt Lt Wishnu Mitter Sondhi 5705 GD(P)Unit : No.220 Squadron  Award Date Announced 01 Jan 66
Details :

In September, 1965, Flight Lieutenant Wishnu Mitter Sondhi was sub-section leader in the second formation of Vampires that struck the enemy in the armour in Chhamb Sector. Fully aware that the first section was jumped by an enemy F-86 formation, he kept a sharp look out for the enemy aircraft even when attacking the enemy armour with rockets. Undaunted by the presence of the enemy aircraft of superior performance, he delivered his rockets against the enemy tanks. He sighted a formation of F-86 and registered several hits on it. Meanwhile his wingman warned him of other F-86s closing in astern and Flight Lieutenant Wishnu Mitter Sondhi had to break off to avoid being hit. His wingman was shot down and he alone of his section fought his way back to base. His cool courage and flying skills were in the best traditions of the Air Force.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 12th February 1966 - No.14-Pres/66 dated 1st January 1966 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Flt Lt Shrikrishna Vishnu Pathak 6358 GD(P)Unit : No.220 Squadron  Award Date 01 Sep 65 Announced 26 Jan 66
Details :

On 1st September 1965, Flight Lieutenant Shrikrishna Vishnu Phatak was a Wingman in a four aircraft formation. As the formation was entering the enemy area in the Chhamb sector, he saw several enemy aircraft. He reported their position and stuck to his own formation to guard his leader's rear. The formation was ordered to take evasive action and to turn hard starboard. In the process, his aircraft was fired upon by the enemy and was partially out of control; yet he stayed in his aircraft and continued to try to control it till he saw that it was in flames and the fire was spreading fast. Even then he did not lose his nerve, and tried to gain height from a very low altitude. Having failed to do so, he was forced to abandon the burning aircraft. Soon after landing he saw some troops around him and since he was not sure of his location he evaded them till he was overpowered by a posse of armed personnel and bayonetted. The bayonet narrowly missed going through his lungs.

Throughout this encounter, Flight Lieutenant Shrikrishna Vishnu Phatak displayed presence of mind, professional skill and devotion to duty of a high order.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 12th February 1966 - No.14-Pres/66 dated 1st January 1966 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn Ldr Dinkar Shantaram Jatar 6521 F(P)Unit : No.220 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 72
Details :

During the operations against Pakistan in December, 1971, Squadron Leader Dinkar Shantaram Jatar was attached to a Fighter Bomber Squadron. He carried out a large number of operational missions deep into enemy territory despite heavy ground fire and air opposition. On the 4th December, 1971, when his No. 2 was hit by ground fire and ejected deep inside enemy territory. He, unmindful of his safety, remained in the area till he could confirm the safe ejection of his No. 2. On the 9th December, 1971, while attacking an airfield beyond hundred nautical miles in enemy territory, he ran short of fuel. Undeterred, he pressed home two attacks and brought the aircraft back to base with practically no fuel. On the 10th December, 1971, while on a close support mission, the left engine of his aircraft was crippled by enemy ground fire. Despite this handicap, he completed his mission and returned to base safely.

Throughout, Squadron Leader Dinkar Shantaram Jatar displayed courage, professional skill and devotion to duty.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 7th October 1972 - No.108 - Pres/72 dated 23rd September 1972 

Vayu Sena Medal
Sqn Ldr Vinod Kumar Bhatia 10892 F(P)Unit : No.220 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 84
Details :

Squadron Leader Vinod Kumar Bhatia was commissioned in the Indian Air Force in June, 1967. Since then he has been on active flying duties continuously serving with distinction in different fighter Squadrons. During this period he also underwent flying Instructors and Fighter combat leader courses.

In June 81, Sqn Ldr V K Bhatia was posted to a Fighter Squadron, the second Squadron to re­equip with advanced aircraft. The first Squadron which was re­equipped some months earlier had not stablised till this date; so Squadron Leader Bhatia had very few guidelines to go by. In some areas concerning induction of the new aircraft, and training of aircrew and ground crew there were no precedences. It is to the credit of Squadron Leader Bhatia that the Squadron's re­equipment programme went through smoothly and as planned. Thereafter, his primary objective was to get his aircrew operational, a task which he undertook and achieved with a great deal of enthusiasm and efficiency.

Throughout Sqn Ldr Bhatia has displayed extra ordinary ability to inspire and motivate his subordinates to achieve allotted tasks. His own professional competence is highly commendable. Despite severe constraints inherent in any re-equipment programme, Sqn Ldr Bhatia by skillfully managing the material and personnel resources at his disposal achieved remarkable results.

For his devotion to duty, professional ability of a high order and outstanding managerial skills, the President is pleased to award Vayu Sena Medal to Squadron Leader Vinod Kumar Bhatia.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 2nd February 1985 - No.5-Pres/85 dated 26th January 1983 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Paranjit Singh Bhangu 12932 F(P)Unit : No.220 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 92
Details :

Wing Commander Paramjit Singh Bhangu has been commanding one of Air force Squadrons since 26 Jun 89.

Wg Cdr PS Bhangu took over the command of the Sqn at a stage when its overall performance with special reference to air-to-ground armament was at a low ebb. He identified the Key Result Areas and reviewed planning of the Squadron training. His immediate priority was to motivate and train his subordinates to perform as wellknit professional team. He achieved this by his dedicated approach and putting in long hours of hard work in personally training his subordinates.

Positive signs of improvement were indicated when the Squadron was tasked to plan and launch 12 to 15 aircraft missions during 'Ex Gumrah'. His personal involvement and eye for the smallest detail ensured safe execution of the task. The Squadron performed exceedingly well during 'Eklavya 89'. The Squadron won the night bombing team event and Wg Cdr Bhangu personally won the individual day bombing event. There has been as sea change in the quality of flying carried out the unit. He was co-opted staff member for Supervisors Combat Orientation Course (SCOC) from 08 to 18 Aug 89.

Wg Cdr Bhangu has been very closely associated with the modification and trial of SPO-10 on MiG-23 BN aircraft. He is also involved in the modification of radio altimeter. He has followed up his suggested modification of cine camera fitment on MiG-23 aircraft which he initiated as Flt Cdr in Nov 87.

Under his custodianship, the squadron during the last DASI inspection of 08-12 Apr 91, managed an all time of high of 74.25% in operational capability. Backed by sound a soundly administered unit, a well disciplined body of Squadron personnel, Wg Cdr Bhangu has led his unit from strength to strength in the best traditions of the IAF.

For his inspiring leadership, professional competence and dedication to improve and maintain his Squadron's op efficiency, the President is pleased to award Vayu Seva Medal to Wg Cdr PS Bhangu.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 11th April 1992 - No.29-Pres/92 dated 26th January 1992 

Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Wg Cdr Perumpillabil Narayanan Radha Govind 15019 F(P)Unit : No.220 Squadron  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 00
Details :

Wing Commander Perumpillabil Narayanan Radha Govind (15019) Flying (Pilot) has been the Commanding Officer of a Fighter Squadron since 25 Mar 97. He is an A-2 QFI who has served as an instructor both at Air Force Academy and Flying Instructor School. He has over 4000 h of accident free flying to his credit, having been fully Ops on the SU-7, MiG-23 BN and MiG-27. He is a graduate of the Defence Services Staff College, and the College of Defence Management.

Wg Cdr Govind, the Commanding Officer of a Fighter Squadron has distinguished himself in many ways. He relocated his Squadron at a new station in a short span without compromising in its operational efficiency. The Squadron was relocated at a place that had been disused for a long time. With his leadership and motivation he set about cleaning up and operationalising the area which now stands out for its cleanliness and operational efficiency. He also implemented an innovative concept of providing spatial identity by providing each aircrew with distinctive work area.

In terms of training, he achieved and maintained near 100% operational status of all his aircrew. In spite of shortage of aircrew he ensured a high percentage of night strike qualified pilots while consistently meeting the allotted flying task.

In the area of maintenance, in spite of constraints of limited technical infrastructure, his unit achieved and maintained a high aircraft and specialist vehicles serviceability. He motivated his unit to achieve the best Ops turn around service timing for two years in a row during Ex-Trishuls 98 and 99. His Unit has also designed and fabricated innovative test rigs, which were highly appreciated by AOC-in-C, HQ WAC during his visit to the Unit.

For his significant contribution is managing a front line Fighter Squadron with his effective leadership, tireless devotion to duty and thirst for excellence, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Wing Commander Perumpillabil Narayanan Radha Govind.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 1st July 2000 - No.85-Pres/2000 dated 26th January 2000 

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