Param Vishist Seva Medal Awardee List for the year 2002

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Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Sriperambadur Raghavan 6710 LGSUnit : -N.A.- Award Date 26 Jan 02 Announced 26 Jan 02
Details :

Air Marshal Sriperumbudur Raghavan AVSM VSM (6710) Lgs was commissioned on 10 Nov 62 in the Logistics branch of the IAF, He has served with distinction at many field units, before holding prestigious appointments like Command Logistics Management Officer at Headquarters Eastern Air Command, Commanding Officer No. 56 Air Stores Park, Air Officer Commanding No. 25 Equipment Depot and Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Logistics) at Air Headquarters (VB). While working as Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Logistics) he was responsible for the smooth transfer of responsibility of provisioning and procurement of eight weapon systems to Headquarters Maintenance Command, and formulating their procedures. Closely associated with IMMOLS Project, his foresight and vision has contributed significantly to its inception and translation into reality. For distinguished services rendered, he was awarded VSM in 1995 and AVSM in 1997.

Air Mshl S Raghavan was appointed as Air Officer Logistics Management at Headquarters Maintenance Command on 22 Mar 99. With his remarkable skills and organising capabilities, he brought about several improvements in Warehouse Management, which include rationalisation of holdings, purification of data, correct documentation, and disposal of unwanted and non-moving items. During Kargil Operations, his overall management led to safe and expeditious movement of stores including explosives. Despatch of overhauled specialist vehicles by hired trucks and collection of repairable vehicles has been appreciated by operating units.

With a flair for bringing about changes, and commitment to greater decentralisation in decision making, he got Government approval for processing at Maintenance Command itself, indents for imported ranges, rotables, raw materials, machinery, testers etc, Introduction of ARS for CFT and ADGES, and budget management are areas of excellence worth mentioning. His steadfastness has ensured substantial increase of financial powers for Depots thereby considerably reducing lead-time in procurements. Revision of CRISP policy guidelines and realistic size wise management of airmen clothing items have led to cancellation of outstanding orders, and sayings to the state to the extent of Rs 10 crores.

Air Marshal Sriperumbudur Raghavan AVSM VSM has thus rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2002 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Manjit Singh Sekhon 6756 F(P)Unit : Southern Air Command  Award Date 26 Jan 02 Announced 26 Jan 02
Details :

Air Marshal Manjit Singh Sekhon VrC SC VM (6756) F (P) was commissioned in the IAF on 10 Nov 1962. Through out his long and distinguished career, the Air Officer has held a variety of Command and Staff appointments, with remarkable success, aplomb and ease. He has flown many types of fighters, transport and helicopters.

During 1962 operations, he participated in casualty evacuation and supplying of stores. He was awarded Vayu Sena Medal for gallantry for helicopter operations during 196367 in Nagaland, Mizo hills, NEFA, 1965 war and for evacuating more than 4000 casualities from remote areas. He was commended by the CAS in 970 for saving a helicopter with engine malfunction, and carrying out 5 aircraft dead stick landings during 1968-70.

During 1971 War, as a Flight Lieutenant, he commanded 121 Vampire Squadron at Srinagar. For his conspicuous gallant contributions during the war, he was awarded Vir Chakra on 24 Dec 1971. He raised and commanded a Helicopter Unit for 2 ½ years. For a gallant search and rescue operation by helicopter at night, in which, beyond the normal call of duty on 25 Feb 1975, he saved two fighter pilots, he was awarded Shaurya Chakra for gallantry.

As Flight Commander of 37 Squadron, 47 Squadron and Chief Operations Officer of a Fighter Station he contributed significantly and achieved zero aircraft accident rate. He commanded a MiG 21 Squadron for 2 ½ years and achieved remarkable results. As Chief instructor at Air Force Academy, under his dynamic leadership, the Academy achieved a record flying of over 19050 hours in a year, without any accident.

As a Group Captain, he commanded Air Force Station Awantipur for 3 years and made significant contributions to operations, armament storage, work services, and improved the security facilities. This made Awantipur the best fortified Air Force Station of Indian Air Force.

When he was Air Officer Commanding, Air Force Station Bidar for 2 ½ years, his Station flew more than 30400 hrs on jet aircraft with no accidents. His station was adjudged the best in Flight Safety, Operations, Maintenance and Administration for 3 years consecutively. He also personally formed the Formation Aerobatics Team on Kiran aircraft at Bidar.

The Air Marshal is an alumnus of National Defence College. While holding various staff appointments at Air HQ, he made meaningful contributions in Operations, Flight Safety, Training, Induction of Women officers in the Indian Air Force, and in various other operational fields.

As Air Defence Commander and Officiating Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO), South Western Air Command (SWAC), he made commendable contributions in re-organising and relocating units, Radars etc., Flight Safety, in concepts of Control and Reporting Centre, Mobile Pulse Doppler Radar busting, Special Heliborne Operations and Photo Reconnaissance, These contributions greatly improved the Air Defence and overall operational environment of SWAC.

As Air Officer Commanding Jammu & Kashmir, he once again brought about significant improvements in the operational environment, Air Defence set up and Air Maintenance doctrines in J&K to the entire satisfaction of Army and Air Force.

As SASO HQ Eastern Air Command, IAF, and later as SASO HQ Western Air Command, IAF he improved the overall operational, Flight Safety and Air Defence environment of the area. All air maintenance tasks, flood relief, casualty evacuation, counter insurgency operations and tasks given by Air HQ were achieved in the most professional manner. His services were also utilised during 1999 Kargil War. The Air Marshal has more than 8170 hrs of accident free flying on 46 types of aircraft.

As Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Air Command, IAF he has brought about remarkable improvements in the fields of Operations, Maintenance and Administration, and succeeded in achieving some of the tasks pending for more than 10 years. His Air Command has maintained zero accident rates. He is always willing to shoulder heavy responsibilities and additional tasks.

Air Marshal Manjit Singh Sekhon VrC SC VM has rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2002 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Proteep Kumar Ghosh 7106 AEMUnit : -N.A.- Award Date 26 Jan 02 Announced 26 Jan 02
Details :

Air Marshal Proteep Kumar Ghosh AVSM VSM (7106) AE (L) is functioning as Director General, Radar and Communications Project Office (RCPO) with effect from 01 Aug 2000. In his distinguished service career of 38 years, he has held many important appointments such as Officer Commanding, Station Commander, Air Officer Commanding of a very important Base Repair Depot, Senior Maintenance Staff Officer (SMSO) of an operational Command, Assistant Chief of Air Staff (System) at Air Headquarters for two years, and SMSO at HQ Maintenance Command, IAF for 14 months, prior to taking over as Director General, RCPO. Earlier in his career starting from 29 Jan 63, he has been the recipient of several fellowships of different academic institutions, namely, IETE, Telematics Forum of India, and holds the memberships of prestigious Indian Science Congress, Institute of Engineers (India) and Aeronautical Society of India. For outstanding contribution in his field, he was awarded VSM in 1995, and subsequently, AVSM in the year 2000. During his tenure as Air Officer-in-Charge Maintenance at Air HQ, the Air Marshal was responsible for the entire maintenance and execution of weapons/spares procurement and maintenance of aircraft/systems, which had a decisive effect during the Kargil operations. Thereafter, he took the assignment as SMSO, Maintenance Command, and was deeply involved in modernisation and re-vamping of infrastructure at various repair agencies, and has given impetus to the indigenisation for achieving the self-reliance of the Nation. Under his leadership, RCPO has successfully completed the long outstanding Futuristic Automatic Data Handling Systems Project, which also helped in development of Radar Data Processor. This is his unique achievement as the DG RCPO, and his processor can be fitted in any Radar System to be developed by the country in future. Undoubtedly, this development will save the national exchequer millions of rupees in terms of foreign exchange.

Air Marshal Proteep Kumar Ghosh AVSM VSM has thus rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2002 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Michael McMahon 7399 F(P)Unit : -N.A.- Award Date 26 Jan 02 Announced 26 Jan 02
Details :

Air Marshal Michael McMahon AVSM VM (7399) F (P) was commissioned in the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot in the Flying branch on 22 Jun 63. He commanded two Jaguar squadrons and held the posts of Director of Air Staff Requirements, Air Attaché, Paris, Air Officer Commanding, Air Force Station Ambala, Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Operations), Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO) at Headquarters Western and Eastern Air Command and Inspector General. He presently holds the appointment of Air Officer Commandingin-Chief of Headquarters, South Western Air Command. He served twice on the Staff at Tactics and Combat Development Establishment and is an A2Qualified Flying Instructor. He was twice awarded Mention-in-Despatches (1965 & 1971). He was commended by the CAS and awarded the Vayu Sena and Ati Vishisht Seva Medals. The Officer was the Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Operations) for a period of two and a half years during a critical time in the history of the Air Force. He handled Air Force and tri Service operations with balance and maturity. During this tenure, he was also a key member of Janakiraman Committee, which enquired into, and made recommendations towards resolving some of dire most contentious issues of contemporary times.

On promotion to Air Marshal, the officer was posted as the Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO), HQ Western Air Command. Responsible for all the operational aspects of Op “Safed Sagar", it was his single-minded insistence that led to the initial location and subsequent destruction of the logistics camp at Muntho Dolo. This much publicised success was largely responsible for early culmination of the operations. Subsequently, posted as SASO, HQ Eastern Air Command, he provided the impetus towards greater operational thinking as well as for rationalising infrastructure requirements within the Command.

Air Mshl McMahon was then posted as the Inspector General. Despite a short stint in this post, he brought about an awareness of the need for greater clarity and transparency in all aspects of Flight Safety. The Air Marshal was promoted and posted as the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, HQ South Western Air Command on 01 Aug 01. During this period, he applied his mind to the detailed planning of operational requirements, in the event that the effects of Op 'Enduring Freedom' unintentionally spread further than designed.

Air Marshal Michael McMahon AVSM VM has thus distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2002 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Teja Mohan Asthana 7672 F(P)Unit : -N.A.- Award Date 26 Jan 02 Announced 26 Jan 02
Details :

Air Marshal Teja Mohan Asthana AVSM VM (7672) F(P) was commissioned in 1AF on 28 Oct 63 as a Fighter Pilot. He has flown over 3000 hours on a variety of fighter aircraft. During his distinguished career, he has held several important field and staff appointments and performed consistently well in all of them. After notable tenures in many fighter squadrons, he had a very fruitful and distinguished tenure on the staff of Tactics and Combat Development Establishment, wherein his contribution in the development of new combat tactics and training of pilots earned much recognition. Apart from commanding an operational squadron, he commanded two frontline fighter bases, in the staff appointment as Director Joint Op Planning, he made significant contribution in the formulation of joint policies between the three services. After graduating from the prestigious Royal College of Defence, UK, he was posted as the Air Officer Commanding Advance HO at Western Command. While commanding the Advance HQ, he played a key role in forging better interservices cooperation and promoting synergistic relations between the Air Force and Army. He was also instrumental in the establishment of joint policies for the conduct of operations, both during peace and conflict. As Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Ops) during the Kargil conflict, he played a pivotal role in exercising higher control in the conduct and co-ordination of all air operations.

As Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Personnel Officers), besides making a comprehensive and much appreciated presentation to the Arun Singh Task Force on Higher Defence Management on all aspects of personnel and cadre related issues, he also coordinated the inputs of various Branches and Directorates. The resultant reforms and devolution of administrative powers to the service HQs owe much to the personal efforts of Air Mshl Asthana. In his subsequent appointment as the Senior Air Staff Officer of an Operational Command, despite the short tenure of four months, he was able to register his mark by initiating tangible measures for combating complacency amongst the aircrew, thereby enhancing flight safety. In his present appointment as the Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (DCAS) since Dec 2000, he has been resolutely working towards expediting the acquisition of vitally needed capital equipment, and preventing the surrender of funds. Under his guidance and control, the Air Force prepared a wellresearched and logically structured 10th Plan document, which was much appreciated, and incorporated in the overall Defence Plan, without any alteration. As the DCAS, he has been maintaining a constant and healthy interaction at all echelons of the MOD and MOD (Fin), with complete focus and tenacity, to ensure that the modernisation of the Air Force does not suffer a setback due to inadequate utilisation of allotted resources. As a member of the Board of Directors of various PSUs, he has been able to put forth the Air Force viewpoint and objectives concisely, in periodical meetings. Similarly, in various Boards for the DRDO projects, he has been consistently highlighting the operational imperatives and providing inputs to keep the projects focused in the right direction.

Air Marshal Teja Mohan Asthana AVSM VM has thus rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2002 Number: 

Param Vishist Seva Medal
Air Marshal Manek Bomanshaw Madon 7681 F(P)Unit : -N.A.- Award Date 26 Jan 02 Announced 26 Jan 02
Details :

Air Marshal Manek Bomanshaw Madon AVSM VM & Bar (7681) F (P) was commissioned as a fighter pilot on 28 Oct 1963. During his long career of thirty-eight years, he has distinguished himself in some extremely important Command and Staff appointments. He has commanded a front line fighter squadron and an important operational base. He has also commanded the prestigious Air Force Academy and served in demanding staff appointments like the Air-I and Air Defence Commander in Operational Commands. Presently he is Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO) at Western Air Command.

An outstanding pilot, he has 5000 hrs of accident free flying to his credit. He was awarded the Vayu Sena Medal for gallantry in the 1971 war, and Bar to the VM in 1985. For distinguished service of a very high order, he was awarded the Ati Vishisht Seva Medal while he was Commandant of the Air Force Academy. Air Mshl Madon is a graduate of two inter-services institutions, the College of Defence Management and the National Defence College.

During his tenure, as Commandant of the Air Force Academy all training had been successfully completed within the stipulated time frame regardless of natural or other constraints and hurdles. Complicated and sophisticated joint training programmes were drawn out within a short span without compromising on the standards of training. As a result of the initiatives taken by him, the Air Force Academy today is racing towards its ultimate aim of becoming an Air University.

Immediately after taking over as the SASO of Western Air Command, he set into motion a variety of measures aimed at sharpening the fighting edge of the most important command of the IAF. He has ensured high standards from not only the Command staff but also the field units in all fields of operational activity. He has reviewed and optimised training schedules and facilities at the operational bases towards ensuring safely and efficiency. His efforts and close monitoring of all Command policies has greatly helped in the achievement of a high state of operational preparedness and also a lower accident rate. All targets laid down, in fighter operations, in maintenance support by the Transport fleet in the development and progression of the computer network and in the field of Flight Safety have been achieved well within the stipulated time frames.

Air Marshal Manek Bomanshaw Madon AVSM VM & Bar has rendered distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 2002 Number: 

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