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1942 : 116

A total of 116 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
20 May 42 Hart (India) K2123 Plt Offr Noor Mohamad Moosaboy Sheriff +
1 CDF Spun into Sea off Chamberanab, Plt Offr S S Bali K
20 May 42 Audax (India) K7529 Plt Offr Sangram Singh Bali +
1SFTS DiG at night Sitapur 8m NW of Ambala. 10 feet into
20 May 42 Audax (India) K5569
6 CDF 6CDF hit by J 9496 20-5-42 Drigh Road
23 May 42 Hart (India) K2126
1 1ATU uc collapse on ldg at Peshawar 23-5-42
23 May 42 Hart (India) K2126
1ATU Overturned on landing aftre uc collapsed
25 May 42 Hart (India) K2119
1SFTS blown away in dust storm at Ambala 25-5-42
28 May 42 Wapiti IIA K1291 Plt Offr Gerald Ernest Sequeira
5 CDF ran into soft ground and tipped up Cochin 28-5-42
30 May 42 Lysander II L4808 Plt Offr S A JOSEPH
AC1 Ernest FOXALL +
Click to View Record 4 CDF Took off in Coarse pitch while taking delivery - c
01 Jun 42 Audax (India) K7336 Plt Offr Khan
1SFTS uccollapse Heavy ldg ambala 1-6-42 ROS
02 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5571 Plt Offr Ameer Qamaruzzaman
Plt Offr Trilochan Singh +
1SFTS 2s hit tree rec fromdive 5m NE of Ambala 2-6-42. P
02 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5572
1 1ATU 1s 1AGS hit tree rec from dive 2-6-42 ROS
06 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5589 Plt Offr K M David
Click to View Record 1SFTS tax into K8319 Ambala 14-5-42 , Uc Collapse in Hea
07 Jun 42 Audax (India) K4857 Plt Offr I N Shiv Puri
Click to View Record 1SFTS 1s 2s caught fire while parked Ambala 7-6-42
08 Jun 42 Hart (India) K2113 - -
1SFTS PT-B dam 8-6-42 SOC 44 ac tipped over during maint
09 Jun 42 Wapiti IIA K1254 Plt Offr Francis Mousinho +
Plt Offr Lakshman Sarup +
5 CDF Lost at Sea , Plt Offr Francis Mousinho MIA
10 Jun 42 Audax (India) K7484 Plt Offr C G Devasher
Click to View Record 1SFTS Overturned in FL in bad weather on navex 13m SW of
15 Jun 42 Hart (India) K2106
1SFTS ARSC Bamga;pre I/c collapse at Goldfield, Mysore 1
16 Jun 42 Audax (India) K7539 Plt Offr Gopal Dass
1SFTS stalled onldg uc collapse ambala 16-6-42
01 Jul 42 Audax (India) K5561 Flt Lt S S Majithia
Click to View Record 3 Sqn Heavy Landing due to judgement error. Damage to ai
02 Jul 42 Hurricane Z4697 Plt Offr A S J Henry
Click to View Record 151OTU Belly landed on first solo - in error
10 Jul 42 Hart (India) K2130 Plt Offr M A Khan
1SFTS NB-E EngCutUClps on FL Toda, 16m NW of Samli 10-7-
11 Jul 42 Audax (India) K5603 Plt Offr Gage RAF
1SFTS caught fire after ldg Ambala 11-7-42
14 Jul 42 Hart (India) K3922
1 1ATU Swung on landing and overturned Bairagarh 14-7-42
14 Jul 42 Audax (India) K3922
1 1ATU
15 Jul 42 Wapiti IIA K2290 Fg Offr Homi Burjorji Dorabji
Click to View Record 2 AACU IAF 2AACF Crashed at Bangalore, 15 Jul 42
16 Jul 42 Wapiti V J9757 Sgt Openshaw
Cpl Mathews
1 AACU IAF Cr Drigh Road, Cpl Mathews Injured along with pilo
25 Jul 42 Wapiti IIA K1290 Plt Offr Gerald Ernest Sequeira +
Plt Offr Nasir-Ud-Din +
5 CDF Crashed in Bay of Bengal Plt Offr Nasir Ud Din als
26 Jul 42 Audax (India) K5568 Plt Offr Roger George COBLEY
Plt Offr N K Shitoley
Click to View Record 1 1ATU 1ATU EC OT FL Pempora 25-7-42, Overturned in soft
30 Jul 42 Audax (India) K4856 Plt Offr Z A Sanjana +
Sgt Jayakumar Arya +
Click to View Record 3 Sqn Cr on Tac R Mission to Dara Khel, AG Ayre Killed 1
03 Aug 42 Hart (India) K2114 Plt Offr A S Latif
Click to View Record 1SFTS overturned after FL 8m NE f Ambala 3-8-42
03 Aug 42 Hart (India) K2096
1SFTS overturned FL landing in bad weather alipur 14m N
04 Aug 42 Tigermoth II DG507
1 CDF FL 5m W of Bamrauli due to Engine failure . Ac fat
06 Aug 42 Hart (India) K2109
1SFTS overshot forcelanding at Ambala. Pilot took off wi
20 Aug 42 Hurricane BD724 Plt Offr Noel Ruxton Clarke Murcott
Click to View Record 151OTU Crashed the only Hurri II - eng failure due to gly
22 Aug 42 Atalanta AW15 DG451 Plt Offr P S C Patwardhan +
Plt Offr Nasir Ud Din Ahmed
Click to View Record 1 CDF Cr at St Thomas Mt Burned out G-ABTI 3 Cr K. Crew
27 Aug 42 Audax (India) K4858
1 1ATU overturn in FL Bairagarh 27-8-42
02 Sep 42 Hurricane AG201 Plt Offr P S Gill
Click to View Record 151OTU IAF Cr L on Aerodrome after engine failure due to
08 Sep 42 Hart (India) K8627
1SFTS Stalled at low altitude and crashed, Khera, 8 1/2m
11 Sep 42 Audax (India) K7442 Plt Offr M S Khan
1SFTS Hit Tree in FL 1m SE of Ambala 11-9-42
14 Sep 42 Lysander II L4770 Plt Offr Salahuddin
Cpl R N Sahai
Click to View Record 2 Sqn Crashed . Crew injured and admitted to Hospital
15 Sep 42 DH86A HX789
5 CDF Cr on TO from cochin due to incorrected swing
15 Sep 42 Audax (India) K7465
1SFTS Aircraft overturned during night landing
15 Sep 42 DH86A HX789
5 CDF Former VT-AKM - Cr on TO from cochin due to incorr
17 Sep 42 Audax (India) K5237
3 Sqn 3s tipped up kanpur 17-9-42
18 Sep 42 Audax (India) K5581
3 Sqn 3s stalled on TO Mirmasha 18-9-42
22 Sep 42 Lysander II Plt Offr P N Katrak
Sqn Ldr Babner
Click to View Record 4 Sqn Forcelanded 40m SW of Fort Sandeman. Lost his way
27 Sep 42 Hurricane Fg Offr A A Narayanan
Click to View Record 151OTU BL on Aerodrome after wheels failed in up position
02 Oct 42 Hurricane II AG283 Plt Offr K Raghunathan +
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Demonstration Flight at Bangalore - struck wires d
03 Oct 42 Audax (India) K7547 Plt Offr A S Sekhon
Click to View Record 1SFTS Bounced on ldg and uc collapse 3-10-42 fuselage to
11 Oct 42 Leapard Moth MA922 Sgt Robert Robb STEWART +
Sgt Thomas George MASTERS +
1 CDF one-and-half miles south-west of Mandambarkham, af

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