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A total of 198 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
11 Jun 47 Spitfire XIVe TX979 Fg Offr G S Sekhon +
Click to View Record 4 Sqn flew into mountain ag Okyama Japan, followed by No
11 Jun 47 Spitfire XIVe SM925 Fg Offr J A Martin +
4 Sqn flew into mountain at Okayama Japan while followin
20 Jun 47 Spitfire VIIIc MV406
AFS(I) ran short of fuel during aerobatics, belly landed
16 Jul 47 Spitfire VIIIc MT912 Plt Offr G S Guran +
1SFTS dived on low level flight at Gara Village 3m S of
30 Jul 47 Spitfire XIVe NH759 Plt Offr Zafar Masud
Click to View Record AFS(I) tyre burst on TO, BL Ambala
30 Jul 47 Spitfire VIIIc MT993
AFS(I) tyre burst on TO BL at Ambala
05 Aug 47 Spitfire VIIIc JG378 Plt Offr R C Malani
AFS(I) uc collapse on landing. Not locked down ac W/O
27 Aug 47 Spitfire VIII JG623 Flt Cdt Kirit Bhushan Sharma+
AFS(I) Ac burnt
28 Aug 47 Spitfire VIII MT783 Plt Offr Raghu Nath Bansilal +
AFS(I) Ac missing
02 Sep 47 Spitfire XIVe MV386 Plt Offr Kshitimohan Nilkanth Kashalkar +
AFS(I) Cr while dive bombing practice
01 Oct 47 Spitfire XIVe MV287
AFS(I) DNE. Reported Engine Failure
01 Oct 47 Spitfire VIII LV670
AFS(I) DNE. Total wreck disintegrated
23 Oct 47 Spitfire VIII MT743 Flt Cdt Honnappa Harolhalli Annaiya +
01 Nov 47 Spitfire XIVe RM992
AFS(I) DNE. Ac taxied into Fencing, hit wall. Propellor b
05 Nov 47 Spitfire VIII MT595 Fg Offr Potula Venkata Sobhan Ram
Click to View Record AFS(I) Lost way in dark on ferry to Srinagar. BO near Mur
12 Jun 48 Spitfire Flt Cdt Santosh Bhattacharjee +
AFS(I) Caught fire and crashed near Shahbad, Karnal
24 Aug 48 Spitfire Fg Offr Chandan Singh
Click to View Record AFS(I) On landing lost control and flipped over
24 Sep 48 Spitfire VIII JG325 Flt Cdt S C Samuel +
AFS(I) Crash near Jagadhri due to Mid-Air-Collision durin
28 Jan 49 Spitfire Flt Cdt K Abraham +
08 Mar 49 Spitfire Flt Cdt S B Borkar +
29 Oct 49 Spitfire VIII JG686 Plt Offr Chandra Kant Mankar +
1 AFA In Memoriam
14 Jun 50 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Satish Kumar Khanna +
CTU Stalled during Approach Ambala
15 Jul 50 Spitfire XVIII HS-677 Plt Offr Syed Ali Mohd Mobarak +
CTU Died during a height climb Sortie. Source : htt
18 Jul 50 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Samesh Chander Goulatia +
CTU Killed in Spitfire Crash
26 Jul 50 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Satyendra Kumar Gorawala
Click to View Record CTU Cr due to engine failure after touchdown
22 Aug 50 Spitfire XVIII
CTU Crashed in an out-house of a bungalow and caught f
20 Sep 51 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Subrata Biswas +
14 Sqn Possible MAC
20 Sep 51 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Jaydev Gurubhashya Hiramat +
14 Sqn Possibly MAC with below . http://pibarchive.nic.in
05 Oct 51 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Radharaman Nandi +
2 Sqn No Details 51 PC
20 Oct 51 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Bhagwant Singh Mangat +
2 Sqn In Memoriam
02 Feb 52 Spitfire XVIII HS-652 Fg Offr Parveen Chander Soni +
15 Sqn
04 Apr 52 Spitfire XIX HS-701 Fg Offr Suraj Prakash Dutt
Click to View Record 101 Sqn U/C abnormal extension, BO safely, Chakeri
05 Apr 52 Spitfire XVIII HS-679 Plt Offr Inder Mohan Chopra
Click to View Record 14 Sqn BO Jamnagar coast - target drogue fouled elevator
28 Jun 52 Spitfire XVIII HS-989 Lt Menon (IN) +
14 Sqn Off field landing Dhubhalia
29 Jul 52 Spitfire XVIII HS-980 Fg Offr G P K Menon
15 Sqn Cat E
12 May 53 Spitfire XVIII HS-692 Plt Offr Narinder Kumar Malik
Click to View Record Wheels up landing
28 May 53 Spitfire XVIII HS-987 Fg Offr Satish Kumar +
14 Sqn Engine failed on TO from Barrackpore. Crashed near
22 Jun 53 Spitfire XVIII HS-984 Plt Offr Sukhjinder Singh
29 Jul 53 Spitfire XVIII HS-996 Plt Offr Krishnaswamy Rangachari
Click to View Record 2 Sqn FL 1.5 m NW of Meerut after getting lost
06 Aug 53 Spitfire XVIII HS-617 Fg Offr Rasiklal Popatlal Dave +
14 Sqn
22 Aug 53 Spitfire XVIII HS-979 Plt Offr Kartar Singh Gill +
1 AFA Spun into ground Hakimpet
01 Sep 53 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Bharati Kumar Chatterji
Click to View Record CTU Nosed over at Hakimpet
24 Nov 53 Spitfire XIX HS-693 Plt Offr Rudolph Joseph Hourigan
101 Sqn Stalled on approach to Palam Cat E
15 Dec 53 Spitfire XVIII HS-679 Plt Offr Yeshwant Srinivas Padbidri
1 AFA Cr when ac swung on landing
16 Dec 53 Spitfire XVIII HS-663 Plt Offr Rajinder Pal Singh +
1 AFA Cr during LL Roll 5NM NW of Hakimpet
02 Dec 54 Spitfire XVIII Plt Offr Niravar Singh +
Click to View Record 14 Sqn crashed near Midnapur
21 Dec 54 Spitfire XVIII HS-648 Fg Offr Daya Krishan Bhatnagar +
14 Sqn Crashed at 12-30 hours five miles south-west of Ka
26 Jul 55 Spitfire T IX Flt Lt Iqbal Krishan Kumar +
Plt Offr Yash Pal Wadhawan +
CTU In Memoriam

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