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1943 : 147

A total of 147 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
24 Aug 43 Vengeance II AN825 Fg Offr S L Rikhye
Plt Offr R Ghosh
Click to View Record 7 Sqn Fuel line came loose and cockpti filled with fumes
24 Aug 43 Hurricane AG142
151OTU engine cut during to, aircraft bl back on runway
28 Aug 43 Hurricane IIC BN212
2 Sqn Caught fire and crash landed at Kuhatur
30 Aug 43 Harvard IIB FE491 A/Plt Offr Avtar Singh
Click to View Record 1SFTS landed on airfield with U/C retracted. Ac repairab
04 Sep 43 Tigermoth II DG512 Fg Offr Reginald Ernest RYAN+
Fg Offr K B Joshi
Click to View Record 2EFTS Dived into ground after stalling at 1000 feet near
09 Sep 43 Audax (India) K3098
3 Sqn 3Sqn Swung into dutch in Miransha 9-9-43
11 Sep 43 Hurricane IIB AP915 Fg Offr Mir Mustafa Hussain +
6 Sqn Dived into ground out of cloud 9m NW of Poona
11 Sep 43 Tigermoth II DG515 Offr Cdt A J Clarke
2EFTS Spun into trees after stalling in a climbing turn
20 Sep 43 Hurricane AG169 Fg Offr Harbans Singh Thapar
151OTU 3 Sqdn Batch, bounced on ldg, stalled hit ground w
20 Sep 43 Hurricane AG263
151OTU Crashed while landing off bounce
21 Sep 43 Hurricane IIc KX112 Fg Offr H S B Tyabji +
Click to View Record 4 Sqn Cr on flight to Bairagarh from Phaphamau
21 Sep 43 Hurricane IIc HW493 Sqn Ldr Stanley Webster BALDIE +
4 Sqn Cr on flight to Bairagarh from Phaphamau. Possible
21 Sep 43 Vengeance II AN719
8 Sqn 43/8, Engine cut fuel problems, FL near Chharra, D
22 Sep 43 Hurricane Z4487 Plt Offr R M Engineer
Click to View Record 151OTU 3 Sqdn Batch, Swung on landing, no correction, acc
23 Sep 43 Harvard IIB FE370
1SFTS Overturned on aerodrome owing to severe braking
02 Oct 43 Vengeance AN902 Sgt Charles Guy MORRIS +
Sgt Walkington +
152OTU Cr on Bombing range - both crew killed (82 Sqdn)
07 Oct 43 Hurricane IIB Z4871
22AACU Crashed on Landing
14 Oct 43 Harvard IIB FE382 A/Plt Offr C B Contracter
1SFTS Landed with Undercarraige retracted
18 Oct 43 Hurricane Fg Offr M A Khan
2 Sqn 2200 Hours undershot runway and crashed in paddy f
24 Oct 43 Hurricane I AG131
1 Sqn Cr Ferry Flight to Raghunathpur
27 Oct 43 Hurricane Fg Offr Barker
Click to View Record 2 Sqn Belly landed at airfield without lowering undercar
28 Oct 43 Hurricane IIB HV494 Fg Offr Bashir Ahmed +
Click to View Record 6 Sqn crashed near Kaveli, south india ferrying Hurri to
02 Nov 43 Harvard IIB FE544 Flt Lt H M HILTON
A/Plt Offr Aziz Khan
Click to View Record 1SFTS Throttle stuck, ac cught fire - forcelanded at aer
03 Nov 43 Hurricane V7318 Plt Offr Jamal Ud Din
151OTU 3 Sqdn Batch Taxied into Hurri below - aircraft da
03 Nov 43 Hurricane AG185
151OTU ac received new wing tip
08 Nov 43 Hurricane AG138 Fg Offr S B Noronha
Click to View Record 151OTU uc failed to lock down . aircraft BL
09 Nov 43 Harvard IIB AJ783 Fg Offr Iqbal SINGH +
Plt Offr Vurghese +
Click to View Record 151OTU 3 Sqdn Batch Cr during instrument flying
18 Nov 43 Hurricane II B AP882 Fg Offr Anand Ramdas Pandit
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Engine failure on return from Nowshera firing rang
18 Nov 43 Hurricane HW849
4 Sqn Ran short of fuel, hit mound during forced landing
18 Nov 43 Hurricane KW722
4 Sqn Ran short of fuel, bellyl landed
26 Nov 43 Hurricane IIC LB605 Flt Lt N M Gazdar
Click to View Record 3 Sqn FL on way to Panna from phaphamau due to fuel shor
27 Nov 43 Hurricane HV438 Plt Offr Bob Kumar
2 Sqn Took off from Nagpur for Bhopal. Mistook Railway l
03 Dec 43 Hurricane HW254
1 Sqn Stalled after take-off and crashed
04 Dec 43 Hurricane IIC LB674
3 Sqn Engine cut, Crashed landing in FL 10m SW of Amarda
05 Dec 43 Hurricane IIB HV436 Plt Offr G Daniel +
6 Sqn Failed to return from sortie. At 1130 hrs . Last s
08 Dec 43 Hurricane V7123 Plt Offr Bhattacharji
151OTU failed to switch tanks - landed in field
11 Dec 43 Hurricane L1935 Plt Offr Grewal
Click to View Record 151OTU BL after Uc failure
17 Dec 43 Hart (India) K8328
151OTU 3s 7s Cr ldg Miranshah
20 Dec 43 Harvard IIB FE548
1SFTS Hit House and cr Ambala City
22 Dec 43 Hurricane Z4041 Plt Offr Jitendra Narayan Punnaiah Kotamraj +
151OTU Crashed and burnt out
22 Dec 43 Hurricane Z9146 Plt Offr D Souza
151OTU Taxied aircraft into Lodestar
26 Dec 43 Hurricane IIC LB798 Plt Offr Bhikhaji Shapurji Dastur +
Click to View Record 4 Sqn 0930 Hours. Fatal accident. Dived into groun druin
27 Dec 43 Harvard IIB FE891 F Sgt Denis Walter EARNEY +
Sgt Tilbury +
152OTU Killed during practice flying in Harvard
28 Dec 43 Vengeance EZ894 Sgt Walter Herbert ROGERS
Fg Offr Frank W/OODMANSEY +
8 Sqn Took off at 1000 hrs for dive bombing practice. FT
29 Dec 43 Hurricane BN241 Plt Offr Harbhajan Singh
151OTU BL in dry riverbed after Engine cut. Location Haza
29 Dec 43 Hurricane BG???
151OTU hit by other hurr on ground
31 Dec 43 Hurricane IIB BM915 Fg Offr Pirojshah Reporter +
6 Sqn After completing a recce at 1600hrs at Razabil Mau

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