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A total of 54 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
14 Jun 41 Tigermoth II T1782
1SFTS While taking off from a field near Saharanpur, col
05 Nov 41 Tigermoth II DG530 Instr S Bhuyan +
Offr Cdt Sawaranjit Singh +
1EFTS VT-APR Pilot tried to loop at 1000 ft AGL without
09 Feb 42 Tigermoth II R5121 Plt Offr M J Mangalraj
Plt Offr A S P Jaipal
Click to View Record 1SFTS spun in from 600ft. Pilots injured but safe. 1 gir
11 Feb 42 Tigermoth VT-AQT Offr Cdt Redi
1EFTS damaged ac struck tree middle of secunderabad. Off
10 Mar 42 Tigermoth II VT-ANC Offr Cdt Goharbans Singh
1EFTS Stalled and crashed during turning at Begumpet
16 Mar 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-ANF Flt Cdt Ronald Eian MacKenzie +
Fg Offr Dennis John Alsen FLETCHER +
1EFTS Broken Prop caused engine failure 1 m N of Libkagu
19 Mar 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AMQ Plt Offr Raza Ullah Khan +
Offr Cdt S A Aziz
Click to View Record Click to View Record 1EFTS collided with VT-ANA over Yarragadda at Begumpet C
09 Apr 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AND Offr Cdt Gopalkrishna
Click to View Record 1EFTS tried to avoid boundary fence at begumpet, and fai
21 Apr 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AMT
1EFTS undershot runway at Begumpet and cr into fence. La
07 May 42 Tigermoth II VT-AMN Offr Cdt Shyam Sunder Nath Dar +
Plt Offr Dara Phirozshah Majoo +
Click to View Record 1EFTS Struck palm tree 1 mile N of Begumpet during LL Fl
04 Aug 42 Tigermoth II DG507
1 CDF FL 5m W of Bamrauli due to Engine failure . Ac fat
19 Oct 42 Tigermoth II DG483
2EFTS Pilot overshot landing area, aircraft overturned a
20 Oct 42 Tigermoth VT-APN Offr Cdt U K Nair
23 Oct 42 Tigermoth II VT-AMR Offr Cdt Jaganathan
1EFTS swung after landing and crashed into VT-AOC damagi
23 Oct 42 Tigermoth II VT-ALC Offr Cdt Faruki
1EFTS heavy landing at Begumpet, uc collapse and ac turn
23 Oct 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AOC
1EFTS struck by VT AMR which swung on landing AC W/O Beg
28 Oct 42 Tigermoth II VT-APN Offr Cdt W R Meneziz +
1EFTS Crashed out of control near ground at Begumpet - D
02 Dec 42 Tigermoth II VT-AQI Plt Offr B K Dass
Offr Cdt John
Click to View Record 2EFTS engine cut after LL aero from 500ft. Overturned on
23 Jan 43 Tigermoth II AX798
1SFTS VT-AIF eng failure on TO from George strip FL SOC
03 Feb 43 Tigermoth VT-ALH Offr Cdt Kolhatkar
04 Feb 43 Tigermoth DH82 VT-ANB
Offr Cdt W/Ood
1EFTS Cr at hakimpet ALG during LL aerobatics SOC Cat E2
17 Mar 43 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AGR Plt Offr Purushottam
Click to View Record 1EFTS While flying low at Medchal VT-AGR struck tW/O ped
21 Jun 43 Tigermoth LR228 Flt Lt Houston
Fg Offr Aziz
22AACU Crashed at Poonia nr Katni, both injured Aziz seri
19 Jul 43 Tigermoth II HK812 Plt Offr J W G Marley
Click to View Record 2EFTS Stalled and Crashed at Mellana AF, Jodhpur, uc col
04 Sep 43 Tigermoth II DG512 Fg Offr Reginald Ernest RYAN+
Fg Offr K B Joshi
Click to View Record 2EFTS Dived into ground after stalling at 1000 feet near
11 Sep 43 Tigermoth II DG515 Offr Cdt A J Clarke
2EFTS Spun into trees after stalling in a climbing turn
24 Mar 44 Tigermoth II Fg Offr S A Hussain
Offr Cdt M M Mansoor
Click to View Record 2EFTS pupil damaged u/c. Ac had to 'Crash Land' after go
17 May 44 Tigermoth NL748 Offr Cdt G L Choudhary
1EFTS Flying accident 1100hrs 3 m N of Begumpet. Pilot u
05 Jun 44 Tigermoth NL723 W/O Kay
22AACU Cr at Cholavaram after pilot tried to go around
28 Jun 44 Tigermoth II DG462
1EFTS heavy landing at Begumpet, uc collapse
07 Nov 44 Tigermoth II DP260
1EFTS Flying Accident at Begumpet
28 Nov 44 Tigermoth Lt N R Ker
Click to View Record 1EFTS From IA, Crashed after bad landing, AC W/O
30 Nov 44 Tigermoth Fg Offr J B Dordi
Click to View Record 1EFTS Crashed after Bad landing , AC W/O
06 Dec 44 Tigermoth II DG492
1EFTS Struck Telegraph pole coming into FL 1 M N of Begu
15 Dec 44 Tigermoth Lt N R Ker
Click to View Record 1EFTS Forced Landing, AC caught fire and burnt out
03 Mar 45 Tigermoth T6921 Fg Offr S B Noronha
Click to View Record IAFDF Accident while landing . lower part compression le
17 Dec 46 Tigermoth II DG524
2EFTS Zabeli - instr distracted during touch and go prac
26 Mar 47 Tigermoth II DD666
2EFTS Salpur Port u/c collapse on TO and extensive Damag
12 Apr 47 Tigermoth II DG545 Fg Offr E G Hall
Cdt Harrision
Click to View Record 2EFTS 6m SE of Jodhpur eng failure FL Pilot and Cadet Ha
05 Jun 47 Tigermoth II DG596
2EFTS Jodhpur - ac stalled on appraoch made heavy landin
12 Jun 47 Tigermoth II EM847
2EFTS Jodhpur - student pilot made bad ldg and cr - inst
15 Jul 47 Tigermoth II DP262
2EFTS Flying Accident at Jodhpur
15 Jul 47 Tigermoth II DP262
2EFTS Banar Landing ground in rajputana - ac stalled pri
10 Oct 47 Tigermoth DH-82 Flt Cdt Arjun Singh Negi +
07 Apr 49 Tigermoth DH-82 Flt Lt Trilok Nath Bhanot +
Click to View Record FIS Crashed as aircraft did not recover from spin
11 Nov 49 Tigermoth DH-82 Flt Cdt Gurdev Singh +
2 AFA In Memoriam
21 Dec 49 Tigermoth DH-82 Flt Cdt Kitto +
2 AFA In Memoriam
19 Apr 50 Tigermoth DH-82 Fg Offr Mahendra Singh +
1 AFA In Memoriam
01 Dec 51 Tigermoth DH-82 Flt Lt Gerald Bertram Cabral +
Flt Cdt S D Ghaisad +
Click to View Record 1 AFA Cr at Glass Factory Begumpet
13 Jun 52 Tigermoth DH-82 Flt Cdt Yagdutt Sally +
2 AFA In Memoriam

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