IAF, IA and IN Aircraft Losses Database

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A total of 75 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
07 Feb 43 Vengeance Fg Offr Kartar Singh
Flt Sgt Ghosh
7 Sqn crashed at Kabul river , Flt Sgt Ghosh OK
15 Feb 43 Vengeance AN844 Plt Offr Ernest John BUTLER +
Cpl Phillip + (Fitt IIA)
152OTU Cr near Jamrud
25 Mar 43 Vengeance AN865
152OTU Cr on Runway Struct Failure
15 Apr 43 Vengeance AN902
152OTU tipped over on nose - salvaged
16 Apr 43 Vengeance AN977 Sqn Ldr Niranjan Prasad
Click to View Record 152OTU Belly landed on runway - pilot blinded by petrol l
24 Apr 43 Vengeance AP125 Plt Offr Kamal M
Plt Offr MJ Khan
Click to View Record 152OTU Cr 6 miles from unit Pilot TO with Dive brakes on
24 Apr 43 Vengeance AP111
152OTU Cr on runway due to seizure of port brake - crew u
28 Apr 43 Vengeance EZ800
152OTU BL at Aerodrome Hydraulics Failure
29 Apr 43 Vengeance AN997 Plt Offr Harold Brookfield WATERSON +
Plt Offr M K Chand +
152OTU Cr near Bombing range - Chand from 8 Sqdn
07 May 43 Vengeance AP104 Plt Offr Phillips
Click to View Record 152OTU landed off runway and collided with rubble, underc
29 May 43 Vengeance AN913 Plt Offr K S Sandhu +
Sgt Rustomji +
Click to View Record 152OTU Cr on Range
08 Jun 43 Vengeance IA EZ826 Fg Offr George PUTHENVETTIL IPE +
7 Sqn Dove into ground off turn at Bairagarh, India When
18 Aug 43 Vengeance AN801
8 Sqn Cr Thuna Range, Bhopal. Crew escaped with minor in
24 Aug 43 Vengeance II AN825 Fg Offr S L Rikhye
Plt Offr R Ghosh
Click to View Record 7 Sqn Fuel line came loose and cockpti filled with fumes
21 Sep 43 Vengeance II AN719
8 Sqn 43/8, Engine cut fuel problems, FL near Chharra, D
02 Oct 43 Vengeance AN902 Sgt Charles Guy MORRIS +
Sgt Walkington +
152OTU Cr on Bombing range - both crew killed (82 Sqdn)
28 Dec 43 Vengeance EZ894 Sgt Walter Herbert ROGERS
Fg Offr Frank W/OODMANSEY +
8 Sqn Took off at 1000 hrs for dive bombing practice. FT
11 Jan 44 Vengeance EZ893 F Sgt Alwyn Thomas Charles BENSON +
Plt Offr Dantra 
22AACU Flying Accident at Ahmednagar. Aircraft from AACU
28 Jan 44 Vengeance 1A ES878 Sgt Robert Oswald BROWN +
Sgt Harris +
152OTU Cr Dive bombing on Bombing Range
04 Feb 44 Vengeance Sgt Fotheringham
8 Sqn Crashed during take off due to dust. Ac W/O
11 Feb 44 Vengeance II AN687
8 Sqn Failed to take off ground looped and UC torn off
17 Feb 44 Vengeance AN629 Fg Offr Victor John HILLMAN +
W/O Barlow +
152OTU killed at approx 1415 after flying into Cu Nim Clo
19 Feb 44 Vengeance AN757 Fg Offr RACHPAL SINGH +
Click to View Record 7 Sqn Cr enroute to Gwalior / Lahore
19 Feb 44 Vengeance II AN612 Fg Offr Keki Nadirshaw Gocal
Plt Offr P A Kapadia
Click to View Record Click to View Record 7 Sqn Cr enroute to Gwalior / Lahore Flt Sgt Ghosh OK. [
19 Feb 44 Vengeance AN799 Fg Offr AJIT SINGH +
7 Sqn Cr enroute to Gwalior / Lahore. LAC Wadekar also k
24 Feb 44 Vengeance EZ993 Plt Offr Joseph Dennis O'LEARY
W/O Stewart Mosby
8 Sqn Returned from sortie with engine trouble and crash
25 Feb 44 Vengeance EZ909
22AACU Taxying accident dam to wing tips atC Flight
01 Mar 44 Vengeance AN909
22AACU Taxing accident at St Thomas Mount
03 Mar 44 Vengeance AN914
22AACU BL on boundary of Karachi airport due to engine fa
08 Mar 44 Vengeance AP132
22AACU Cr at Tollygunge , Calcutta killing number of civi
11 Mar 44 Vengeance AN983
22AACU B Flight - Cr at Asansol. Eng cut on TO and aircra
16 Mar 44 Vengeance AN906 Plt Offr Khan
151OTU Cr while landing after wing dropped. Damaged ac
19 Mar 44 Vengeance II AN671 Fg Offr E W Pinto
Plt Offr A W Chacko
Click to View Record Click to View Record 7 Sqn Engine cut , belly landed Pandua
19 Mar 44 Vengeance II AN730 Fg Offr Chuckerbutty
8 Sqn Broke off formation as smoke and oilopoured out. A
29 Mar 44 Vengeance AN893
22AACU Cr on landing at St T Mount
01 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN797 Fg Offr EDULJI HORMUSJI DADABHOY +
Fg Offr Jamshed Dordi
Click to View Record 7 Sqn Cr in Valley W of Imphal, Killing pt, J H Dordi OK
02 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN636 Fg Offr D M Engineer
Fg Offr K P K Menon
Click to View Record Click to View Record 7 Sqn Abandoned Take off and hit bund at Uderbund, uc sh
02 Apr 44 Vengeance AN837 Fg Offr Everett Embert ETTINGER
F Sgt Steele
8 Sqn Baled out at 1130 hours on drome as u/c hydraulics
11 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN727 Sgt Fotheringham
8 Sqn Failed to take off - insufficent power. Ac write o
14 Apr 44 Vengeance AN954
22AACU Cr during TO from Dacca - eng not on full power
15 Apr 44 Vengeance AN966 F Sgt Nash
22AACU Attempted to take off from Alipore.  Eng failure,
15 Apr 44 Vengeance W/O Lamb
8 Sqn Failed to take off in P run. Ac write of. Crew saf
25 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN678 Fg Offr N J Duggan
Flt Sgt Wijeyendran
7 Sqn CrL near Shillong, Crew OK Flt Sgt Wijeyendran. BL
04 May 44 Vengeance II AN736
8 Sqn Swung on take off, hit ditch uc collapse Mambur
08 May 44 Vengeance II AN834 Fg Offr M Latif Khan +
Flt Sgt Ghosh
7 Sqn FL after Eng Trble at TO, Pt Killed, Flt Sgt Ghosh
09 May 44 Vengeance II AN646
8 Sqn Hit bump on TO, uc raised to stop at Mambur
16 May 44 Vengeance II AN618 Fg Offr Hazen Edward Dougherty +
Sgt A M Khan +
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Failed to pull out of Dive in Baguna Area. The haz
17 May 44 Vengeance II AN663
8 Sqn [AB]Tyre burst on take off, swung into ditch and u
19 May 44 Vengeance AP107 W/O Morgan
AC Vaiyapuri
22AACU Cr taking off at St T Mount. aircraft Vaiyapur and
19 May 44 Vengeance EZ982
22AACU dam during flight , tail plane damaged. Cr landing

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