IAF, IA and IN Aircraft Losses Database

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A total of 401 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
11 May 41 Hurricane I N2457 Plt Offr Edwin Nazirullah
Click to View Record 56 OTU UK Engine Failure, Belly landed
15 May 41 Hurricane I W9207 Plt Offr Edwin Nazirullah
Click to View Record 56 OTU UK Baled out , Dislocated Shoulder
16 May 41 Hurricane P2717 Plt Offr M S Pujji
Click to View Record 56 OTU UK Flying Accident. UC Collapsed on hard landing
11 Jul 41 Hurricane IIB Z2519 Plt Offr A R Gnanamuthu +
Click to View Record 32 Sqdn RA Failed to Return
03 Nov 41 Hurrricane II Z3150 Plt Offr Hukum Chand Mehta +
Click to View Record 43 Sqdn RA Cr into High Ground Roxburgshire
09 Nov 41 Hurrricane II P3656 Plt Offr Tarlochan Singh
Click to View Record 56 OTU UK Flying Accident
04 Jan 42 Hurricane HV435
2 Sqn Hit tree low flying 2m NW of Barkakekarra
02 Jul 42 Hurricane Z4697 Plt Offr A S J Henry
Click to View Record 151OTU Belly landed on first solo - in error
20 Aug 42 Hurricane BD724 Plt Offr Noel Ruxton Clarke Murcott
Click to View Record 151OTU Crashed the only Hurri II - eng failure due to gly
02 Sep 42 Hurricane AG201 Plt Offr P S Gill
Click to View Record 151OTU IAF Cr L on Aerodrome after engine failure due to
27 Sep 42 Hurricane Fg Offr A A Narayanan
Click to View Record 151OTU BL on Aerodrome after wheels failed in up position
02 Oct 42 Hurricane II AG283 Plt Offr K Raghunathan +
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Demonstration Flight at Bangalore - struck wires d
18 Oct 42 Hurricane I AF960 Fg Offr P S Gill
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Engine lost power during aero. Overturned on FL at
11 Nov 42 Hurricane AG161 Sgt Leslie Alan EGBERS +
151OTU First Fatal - flew into ground 8 miles west of aer
24 Nov 42 Hurricane AG112 Plt Offr Robert Morris JONES +
151OTU Collided with AG155 - spun in and crashed into fla
04 Jan 43 Hurricane AG214 Plt Offr Madhusudhan BELEKAR +
Click to View Record 151OTU First Indian Fatal - Cr 20 miles S of Aerodrome In
09 Jan 43 Hurricane HV504 Fg Offr Keki Hormusji Motishaw +
2 Sqn Crashed 7m W of Ranchi. Stalled
03 Feb 43 Hurricane HV415
1 Sqn Missing
10 Feb 43 Hurricane AG139 Fg Offr Haider Raza
Click to View Record 1 Sqn Landed in crosswind, swung, failed to correct, ran
10 Feb 43 Hurricane AG128 Plt Offr Philip Walter LOMAX +
151OTU Crashed into Ground making mock attack on Audax du
02 Mar 43 Hurricane IIB Fg Offr B R Sanjana +
Click to View Record 6 Sqn Cr enroute to Bhopal 60m from Bairagarh
24 Mar 43 Hurricane HV414 Sgt William Armstrong W/OOLLEY +
151OTU Crashed near TANGI aircraft completely wrecked onl
08 Apr 43 Hurricane IIB BW931 Fg Offr Kartar Singh Saund +
Click to View Record 2 Sqn Swung on take off from Imphal, u/c collapsed. Airc
12 Apr 43 Hurricane BN694
151OTU Undercarriage collapsed on Landing
16 Apr 43 Hurricane
151OTU Writeoff same pilot as 12/4
21 Apr 43 Hurricane IIc BG859 Sqn Ldr Habib Ullah Khan +
Click to View Record 2 Sqn Hazaribagh, Flew into ground during forced landing
12 May 43 Hurricane IIc LH179 Fg Offr M M Latif
Click to View Record 2 Sqn Imphal Dett - Failed to return - taken POW. Strafi
13 May 43 Hurricane Z4562
151OTU Port uc failure on ldg, port wing hit ground aircr
15 May 43 Hurricane AG215
151OTU Pilot BL after go around and heavy landing aircraf
21 May 43 Hurricane Z4487
151OTU Pilot BL after hitting ground on first landing run
25 May 43 Hurricane IIB Fg Offr Manek Dadabhoy +
Click to View Record 2 Sqn No details known. Presumed lost on a sortie
27 May 43 Hurricane BN962
151OTU Overshot runway during aborted TO. Went into ditch
03 Jun 43 Hurricane AG243
151OTU Undercarriage collapsed on Landing
09 Jun 43 Hurricane BN877
151OTU Overshot on landing due to flaps aircraft damaged
11 Jun 43 Hurricane BN598 Plt Offr Dercas Peter De lima +
151OTU IAF Failed to return, crashed in CHARSADDA area
14 Jun 43 Hurricane AG235
151OTU Damaged after taxying accident
26 Jun 43 Hurricane BE232
151OTU Tyreburst on take off at Risalpur DBR
30 Jun 43 Hurricane IIB AP893 Plt Offr Bashir Ahmed
Click to View Record 6 Sqn Crashed ac.. Pilot safe. Overshot landing swung an
15 Jul 43 Hurricane AP890
151OTU Damaged in FL at Mianwali
15 Jul 43 Hurricane HV292
151OTU Cr in high speed landing
16 Jul 43 Hurricane HV987
1 Sqn Cockpit Hood detached and fouled elevator. Pilot b
16 Jul 43 Hurricane BP609
151OTU Uc Collapse on landing aircraft dispatched to MU f
19 Jul 43 Hurricane BN477
151OTU Overshot and went into ditch, uc port wing prop da
01 Aug 43 Hurricane AG268
151OTU Cr while landing in haze, aircraft damaged to MU f
04 Aug 43 Hurricane Z4696
151OTU heavy landing and uc failure aircraft to MU for re
06 Aug 43 Hurricane BN788
151OTU 4 Sqdn Batch, aircraft landed heavily and broke up
09 Aug 43 Hurricane AG158
151OTU ac swung on runway - damaged
17 Aug 43 Hurricane IIC AG102
1 Sqn Engine cut, Undershot landing a Sapam
17 Aug 43 Hurricane IIC BE223
2 Sqn Caught fire and abandoned near Valadi 17.8.43
24 Aug 43 Hurricane AG142
151OTU engine cut during to, aircraft bl back on runway

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