No.2 Squadron – Photos from the 70s

Group Captain Gohain was commissioned in the fighter stream of 110 Pilots Course on 2 Jun…

No.2 Squadron

"Winged Arrows"

No.27 Squadron, 1967-70

No.27 Squadron, IAF Known as the Flaming Arrows, No.27 Squadron, IAF was raised in 1957 on the Hawker…

No.23 Squadron, Portraits

No.23 Squadron, Air Force. Poona 1958 In the late 1950s many new squadrons in the IAF…

No.220 Squadron – Presentation of the Presidents Standards

No.220 Squadron published this commemorative brochure when recently they received the President's standards at Halwara on…

No.3 Squadron


No.10 Squadron

"Winged Daggers"

No 28 Squadron

A history by P.R. Ganapathy 

The Day I (Almost) Became A Squadron Commander For The Third Time!

A plum posting as the OC Flying, Bareilly, turns out to be a difficult exercise in…

No.10 Squadron – 1950s

The Photographs here are courtesy of the Ministry of Defence , Government of Indian and Mr.…