Indian Air Force in the United States

Reviewed by K S Nair.  

The S-75 Dvina – India’s first Surface to Air Guided Weapon

Which "aircraft" was 35 ft long, inducted in 1964, could fly at three times the speed…

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Pakistani Air Losses of the 1971 War (Official List)

Given below is the official list of aircraft losses in Pakistan to all causes, Combat, Non-Combat,…

The Airlift into Leh

Another perspective on the article HERK: HERO OF THE SKIES By Group Captain (Retd.) A G…

Air Commodore H S Ratnagar – Back to India

Continuing the Story of Homi Ratnagar, who joined the IAF in 1940 and flew with No.1…

Ganesha’s Flyboys : The Indian Air Force in Congo 1960-62

In August 1960, an Indian Air Force C-119G Packet landed at N'Djili airport in the Congo,…

Air Force Test Pilots School

ASTE’s fleet in December 1997 includes: 2 An-32s, HS748 ASWAC, MiG-21US, MiG-21Bis, Jaguar IS, Jaguar IM,…

The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965

Reviewed by Air Commodore Jasjit Singh (Retd), Padma Bhushan, AVSM VrC

The Indian Air Force: Flying into the 21st Century

This article was first published in the BHARAT RAKSHAK MONITOR - Volume 3(1) July-August 2000 Issue