The BR-IAF Chrome Browser Extension

The BharatRakshak - Indian Air Force Site Databases Chrome Browser Extension

This extension will let you query the Databases on the Bharat Rakshak Indian Air Force site. The database consists of over 30,000 individual officer details, 4800 awards, 2000 accidents and 5000+ serials. And more coming every day!

  • What is this? Its a “Plug-in” that helps a frequent visitor to the site to use some of the research tools right in their Chrome Browser without having to visit the Bharat Rakshak website.
  • How does it work? The extension appears as a small square logo right next to the address bar of your Google Chrome Browser. Clicking it will “Pop Open” a window – that will provide quick search boxes and links to search the Officers Database, the Awards Database, Aircraft Serial and Aircraft Crashes Database
  • It will look like below:

  • How do I get it?  Simply visit this link  – the Google Chrome Extensions Site where our Plugin is hosted. Click the “Add to Chrome” button on top right. This will enable the extension in your browser.
  • Is it safe? To quote our neighbour – 400% safe!. The extension is a simple html page that uses internet apis. It does not store cookies, nor execute any code.