Obituary Notices


Jan 2011 Sqn Ldr S Kesan passed away in Chennai, India. He served in the Admin Branch, retired in 1976. After retirement, he served 11 years in the private sector and lived in Chennai. He passed away in January 2011, aged 87.


16 Dec 2010 Gp Capt S Kailasam VSM passed away in Mumbai, India. A distinguished ATC officer - he is remembered by many as an outstanding officer and a gentleman.


5 Dec 2010 Gp Capt Harminder Singh Pannu (HMPS to his friends) passed away in his sleep at Ambala. Commissioned in the 71st Pilots Course in 1957, he flew a varied range of transport aircraft including the venerable Dakota and Lockheed Constellations. He also flew fighters (Vampires), was QFI (on T-6Gs/Harvards, HT-2) and was one of six pilots that were also qualified and recognized as Aeronautical Engineers. In his case AE(M)


5 Nov 2010 Gp Capt L R D Blunt VrC, passed away in Perth, Australia. He would have turned 88 on 7 Nov 2010. Cream Blunt was well known for his exploits flying the Hurricane fighter in Mehar Singh's No.6 Squadron, as well as being one of the first Spitfire pilots who flew into Kashmir in October 1947.


25 Oct 2010 Squadron Leader A S Williams VrC passed away in Australia. He has written Rescue Missions at Tsangdhar on this site related to his 1962 war experiences.


04 Oct 2010 Air Marshal Edul Jehangir Dhatighara PVSM KC


22 Sept 2010 Squadron Leader M S Pujji DFC | News Report


No Image 2 May 2010 Air Commodore P A Kennedy DFC, earned his DFC as a Flight Commander with No.4 Squadron RIAF. 


29 April 2010 Air Marshal C K S Raje


23 April 2010 Gp Capt Jacob Chakko


No Image 23 April 2010 Air Marshal Man Singh


21 Feb 2010 Wg Cdr R F T Doe DSO, the founding CO of No.10 Squadron, and one of the IAF's only three DSOs  passed away, aged 89 years