Operational Commands


The major field formations are:

  • Army {ex: Western Command} - commanded by a GOC-in-C of the rank of Lieutenant General.
  • Corps {ex: 21 "Strike" Corps} - commanded by a GOC of the rank of Lieutenant General.
  • Division {ex: 7 Infantry Division} - commanded by a GOC of the rank of Major General.
  • Brigade {ex: 191 Infantry Brigade} - commanded by a Brigadier.

Command HQ controls all the static formations in the areas of its jurisdiction. A static formation is one whose role is purely administrative and is responsible for a specified area. Internal security duties or the employment of troops during natural calamities may be allocated to a static HQ. The highest static headquarters is an Area HQ. Each area may have a Sub-Area under its command which is commanded by a Brigadier. Some sub areas are designated as Independent Sub-Areas when they are not under the jurisdiction of an Area HQ but directly under the Command HQ.

The main role of a static formation is administration, which includes execution of construction projects like houses, water works and other facilities; distribution of government funds for works; the control of static supply depots and other administrative units required in military stations and cantonments. The Area and Sub Area HQ keep in direct touch with civilian authorities of the state of region where they are located. In addition, each big station has a Station HQ which runs the administration of a station or a cantonment. All citizens/civilians can approach the Area, Sub-Area or Station HQ for any help or necessary information required from the Army. When active field formations, divisions or brigades move out for operational or other duties the administration of the cantonments is carried out unhindered by the Static HQ.

The major static formations are

  • Areas (e.g. Maharashtra & Gujarat Area) which is commanded by a Major General.
  • Independent Sub-Areas (e.g. Rajasthan) which is commanded by a Brigadier.
  • Sub-Areas (e.g. Pune Sub-Area) which is commanded by a Brigadier.
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