Jonga (4x4)

Jonga (4x4)

Based on the BMP-2 ICV, the Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle (ERV) is intended to be a fully integrated system amphibious vehicle capable of acquiring, recording and transmitting combat engineer and military bridging reconnaissance data to a central command post. This enables the engineers to cross both dry and water obstacles. The ERV can provide a considerable amount of detailed information including height and slope of the river bank, load bearing capability of the soil and bed profile of the river. Equipment installed on the ERV includes a gyro land navigation system, a global positioning system, a radio navigation and guidance system, a hand held recording conpenetrometre to test soil, an electronic disomat and theodolite, a water current metre, an echo sounder, a laser rangefinder, picket driving and trail blazing equipment.

onga (4x4)

Manufacturer: Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur.

Engine: 6 Cylinder, 3956cc in-line, petrol engine developing 110 HP @ 3200 RPM.

Max Torque: 26.9 mkg @ 1200 RPM.

Air Cleaner: Oil Bath with cyclonic pre-cleaner.

Clutch: Single plate dry friction type, diameter 280mm

Gear Box: Synchromesh with 3F + 1R.

Transfer Case: Two speeds.

Front Axle: Fully floating, driven with birfield joints.

Rear Axle: Semi-floating, tubular with banjo housing differential.

Steering: Worm and Roller.

Brakes: Hydraulic.

Parking Brake: Contracting type on transmission.

Tyre Size: 7.00 x 16 x 6 Ply.

Gradeability: 30ยบ

Min Turning Circle: 10.6 meter

Ground Clearance: 222mm

Payload Capacity: 250 kg

Comments: The Jongas are being phased out following the arrival of the new series of high mobility vehicles from Mahindra & Mahindra.