300mm Smerch MLRS


Calibre: 300mm (12 tubes).

Launch Vehicle: The Indian Army has chosen the Tatra 816 truck chassis to mount the 9A52-2T launcher system.

Transporter & Loader Vehicle: The Indian Army has chosen the Tatra 816 truck chassis to mount the 9T234-2T transporter/loader system.

Ammunition Range: A variety of projectiles can be used such as the long range (90 km) 9M528 rocket.

Comments: The Kommersant (Russia's Daily Online Newspaper), reported on 11 April 2007, that a contract was signed on 31 December 2005 - worth USD $450 million - between Rosoboronexport and the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) to deliver 38 units of the Smerch MLRS to the Indian Army. This contract includes military vehicles, navigations systems, personnel training and Rosoboronexport's commission. A second contract was signed in the first week of April 2007, for a subsequent batch of 24 units worth USD $300 million and brings the total deal to USD $750 million and 62 units respectively. Deliveries of the units from the first contract is expected in April 2007 itself and will be shipped from Russia's OAO Motovilikhinskie Plant, which manufactures the Smerch MLRS. Delivery on the first contract will be completed by 2008 and the second contract by 2010.

Victor Komardin, Rosoboronexport's Deputy General Director, stated in an interview to Jane's Defence Weekly (JDW) that the Smerch MLRS for India is an upgraded version, as per requirements set by the Indian Army. He also said that the Smerch model the Indian Army chose has extended combat capability, longer firing range and higher accuracy. JDW also reported that the Yakovlev Pchela-1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) offered by Rosoboronexport was turned down by the Indian Army, which is expected to issue another tender for a UAV that will provide support to the Smerch system on the battlefield. This MLRS is designed to destroy combat vehicles, artillery units, tactical missiles, air defense systems, landed helicopters, command posts, communications centers and defense-industry facilities.

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