122mm BM-21 MLRS

122mm BM-21 MLRS


The 122mm BM-21 MLRS

Crew: Six.

Calibre: 122mm (40 tubes).

Elevation: 0º to +55º

Traverse: ±120º in total.

Ammunition Range: 20,000 metres; long rocket.
..........................11,000 metres; short rocket.

Comments: The Indian Army has used the BM-21 system since the 1970s and the system was used to great success in the 1999 Kargil conflict. The Russian News & Information Agency (RNIA), reported on 23 January 2006, that a contract was signed between Rosoboronexport and the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) to deliver modernized rockets for the BM-21 system. The modernized rockets have an extended range of 40 km and feature more powerful warheads. Brigadier General Arie Mizrachi (Retd), Chairman of Israel Military Industries (IMI), in an interview with Globes Online in December 2004 stated that a $40 million contract was signed with the Indian Army for the upgrade of the Russian-made rockets to improve their precision and range. He also stated that the deal could expand to as much as $1 billion over a period of five years. It is unsure whether the deal signed with Rosoboronexport has IMI also involved in the upgrade.

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