130mm M-46 Field Gun


Art work of a 130mm M-46 Field Gun

Crew: Nine.

Calibre: 130mm

Recoil: Hydraulic buffer and hydro-pneumatic recuperation system.

Shield: Optional.

Armament: FRAG-HE, APC-T, SP-46 (illumination), Smoke.

Rate of Fire: 5 - 6 rounds per minute.

Gun Elevation/Depression: -2.5º to +45º

Traverse: ±50º in total.

Ammunition Range: 27,150 metres (full charge).
..........................19,100 metres (reduced charge).

Comments: During its induction phase, an estimated 200 guns were purchased each year to replace the 105mm IFG/LFG. The Daily Excelsior, reported on 12 Aug 2002, that 750 guns of this type were acquired in the early eighties.

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