Combat Weight: 4400 kg.

Power-to-Weight Ratio: 29.35 bhp/ton.

Engine: 6-cylinder petrol engine, developing 129 bhp.

Fuel Capacity: Not Known.

A Ferret armoured car

Maximum Speed: 93 km/h.

Maximum Range: 300 km.

Transmission: Pre-selective 5-speed transmission.

Steering: Not Known.

Suspension: Not Known.

Electrical System: Not Known.

Gradient: Not Known.

Side Slope: Not Known.

Fording: Not Known.

Art work of a Ferret armoured car

Trench Crossing: 1.22 metres.

Ground Clearance: 0.33 metres.

Vertical Obstacle: 0.406 metres.

Armament: 1 x 7.62mm machine gun.

Comments: The aging Ferret armoured car is currently used for internal security duties.

: Two.