30mm AGS-17 PLAMYA

The 30mm AGS-17 Plamya automatic grenade launcher is a blowback-operated automatic infantry weapon system that can be mounted on a tripod or a vehicle. A prominent drum magazine mounted on the right side holds 29 belted grenade rounds. The non-disintegrating metallic link belt exits from the left side. The short barrel with disc-shaped cooling fins, protrudes from a large rectangular receiver. For ground transport, the system breaks down into four parts. The AGS-17 crew consists of a gunner and two riflemen-assistant gunners. For training, there may be only one assistant. When they dismount, the gunner carries the sight and launcher, the first assistant carries the tripod and a magazine and the second assistant carries two additional magazines.

The AGS-17 was designed to provide infantry with an area-type suppressive-fire capability. It is used primarily against personnel targets, although it has the capability to engage soft-skinned and lightly armoured vehicles. It is very accurate in the semi-automatic mode and is also quite effective in area coverage in the automatic mode. An important characteristic is its ability to provide indirect fire from protected positions against enemy troops in trenches, on reverse slopes of hills, or behind wooded areas. The gunner can engage targets by high-angle indirect fire at ranges from 1000 - 1730 meters. He can also use direct fire or high-angle direct fire at ranges from 50 - 1730 meters. The sight reticle can serve as a direct-fire sight for point targets at ranges of up to 700 meters. The range table allows the gunner to adjust his fire rapidly for various ranges without computing elevations for the sight.

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