OT-64 "Skot"

Crew: 2 + 15 troops.

Combat Weight: 14,500 kg.

Power-to-Weight Ratio: 12.41 bhp/ton.

Engine: V-8 diesel engine, developing 180 hp.

Fuel Capacity: Not Known.

Maximum Speed: 94.4 km/h.

Maximum Range: 710 km.

Transmission: Semi-automatic transmission.

Steering: Not Known.

Art work of an OT-64 Infantry Combat Vehicle.

Suspension: Not Known.

Electrical System: Not Known.

Gradient: 60%.

Side Slope: Not Known.

Fording: Amphibious.

Vertical Obstacle: 0.5 metres.

Trench Crossing: 2 metres.

Ground Clearance: 0.46 metres.

Armament: 1 x 14.5mm main gun.
...............1 x 7.62mm machine gun.

Variants: DPT-65 repair vehicle*
.............OT-64R (command and radio)*
*It is not known as to whether these variants served in the Indian Army.

Comments: Before the arrival of the BMP-1/2 ICVs, the OT-62/64 ICVs were used. Currently they are used for mortar carrier duties.