Carl Gustav 84mm RCL

The 84mm Carl Gustav can combat heavy armour, armoured personnel carriers, landing craft, etc. The key to its versatility is the new generation of highly effective ammunition:

  1. The HEAT 751 round has a combined effect of explosively formed penetrator and hollow charge, strikes and penetrates ERA tiles without initiating them, and its main charge blasts through the armour protection leaving massive internal damage. It has an armour penetration of 500mm.
  2. The HEAT 551 round knocks out approximately 90% of all armour vehicles at ranges up to 700 metres. It is also highly effective against other hard targets, such as concrete bunkers, landing craft and aircraft. It has an armour penetration of 400mm.
  3. For target practice there is the 84mm TP 552 round. This is ballistically matched to the 84mm HEAT 551 round but has an inert warhead.
  4. The Illuminating 545 round rapidly illuminates target areas, helping ground forces to complete their mission. Has a maximum range of 2100 metres.
  5. The HEDP 502 round is a dual-purpose HE and HEAT round optimised for combat in urban areas. It is effective against light armoured vehicles, concrete and brick walls, field fortifications and ground forces.
  6. The SMOKE 469B round develops a smoke screen instantaneously on impact.
  7. The HE 441B round can be set to either impact detonation or air burst, to combat troops in the open or behind cover, soft-skinned vehicles and similar types of targets. Has a maximum range of 1100 metres.