Stallion Mk.III (4x4)


Stallion Mk.III (4x4)

Manufacturer: Ashok Leyland.

Payload: 5000 kg (4x4)
GVW: 11880 kg

Payload: 7500 kg (4x2)
GVW: 14380 kg

Wheelbase: 4500mm

Engine: Ashok Leyland W06DT.

Max Power: 160 PS @ 2400 rpm

Max Torque: 50.5 Kgm @ 1600 rpm

Clutch: 353mm single plate diaphragm clutch.

Gear Box: Ashok Leyland S 6.36 synchromesh (6F+1R).

Transfer Box: 2 speed with disengageable front wheel drive.

Steering: Integral power steering.

Tyre: 12.00 x 20-18 PR

Cabin: Modern, factory built tiltable sleeper cabin, with roof hatch.

Body: GS Role, All Steel Body, semi-tiltable with tarpaulin.

Max Speed: 82 km/h (5T)
.................82 km/h (7.5T)

Gradeability: 25º (5T)
.................15º (7.5T)

Turning Circle Diameter: 18.5 meters.

Tata Model 1210 SD

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Shaktiman (4x4)


Shaktiman (4x4)

Manufacturer: Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur.

Engine: 6-cylinder, 5880cc in-line diesel injection engine providing 110 HP @ 2500 RPM.

Max Torque: 35 mkg @ 1600 RPM.

Air Cleaner: Oil bath with cyclonic pre-cleaner.

Clutch: Single plate dry friction type, diameter 280mm.

Gear Box: Constantmesh with 5F + 1R.

Transfer Axle: Two speeds.

Front Axle: Composite (1-Beam & Drive Shafts) with two stage reduction

Rear Axle: Differential lock.

Brakes: Hydro-pneumatic on front tyres and pneumatic on rear tyres, with fail safe circuit & towing connection.

Tyre Size: 8.25 x 20 x 12 Ply.

Electrical System: 12 Volts with 24V Starter through relay switch, black out lights.

Fuel Tank: 300 Litres (2 tanks of 150 litres)

Max Speed: 72 km/h

Gradeability: 30º

Ground Clearance: 308mm

Payload Capacity: 3 Tonne.

Comments: Ideally suited for specialist applications as a Field Artillery Tractor, Bulk Petroleum & Water Tanker and a Front Winch Mounting truck. These trucks are being phased out systematically following the arrival of the new series of Ashok Leyland and Tata trucks.

Tata 407 (4x4)

Tata 407 (4x4)


Tata 407 (4x4)

Manufacturer: TATA.

Role: Cross Country Operations with 1 ton payload.

Engine: Tata 4SP Turbo.

Clutch: Single Plate Dry friction type.

Gear Box: Synchromesh.

Axles: Both live axle and differential lock provided.

Brakes: Vacuum assisted independent Hydraulic brakes.

Electrical: 12 Volts.

Steering: Mechanical
.............Optional - Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering.

Gradeability: 57º

Variant: GS role, Hard Top Troop Carrier.

Ashok Leyland Crash Fire Tender (6x6)


Crash Fire Tender (6x6)

Manufacturer: Ashok Leyland.

Engine: KCL NTA 8550.

Max Power: Approx 400 b.h.p. @ 2100 rpm.

Gear Box: ZF EComat model 6 HP 600 fully automatic transmission with torque converter.

Water Tank (m.s.): 6500 litres.

Foam Tank (s.s.): 800 litres.

Pump: 4000 litre/minute at 8.5 bar.

Performance: Acceleration (under test conditions) - 0 to 80 km/h in 40 seconds with full payload.
..................Maximum Speed - 100km/h.

Gradeability: 30º

Turning Circle Diameter: 24 metres.

Fordability: 600 mm

Comments: In service with the Indian Air Force. Used for extinguishing fire in the event of air crash, this vehicle is fully equipped for extinguishing fires of Class 'B'. The superstructure is fabricated on a chassis having 6x6 drive, left hand drive with three axles, full forward control, single tyres for front as well as rear axles. The vehicle is diesel powered. It is fitted with a centrifugal pump, driven off the power engine take off and automatic foam proportionator. The discharge of extinguishing agent is through 4 nos. of side lines and one monitor on top. It is equipped with self defence foam nozzles and first aid hose reel. The pump is mid-ship mounted having suction inlet fitted with a standard round thread connection of 100mm diameter and delivery outlets terminated in standard 63mm female instantaneous couplings. The outlets are controlled pneumatically with manual overdrive. Two 50 kg BCF fire extinguishers are provided as supplementary extinguishing agents.

Ashok Leyland Topchi (4x4)

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Ashok Leyland Light Recovery Vehicle (4x4)

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