The Sri Lankan Interlude



- L.N. Subramanian & PVS Jagan Mohan

The paucity of information on the IPKF has meant a never ending search for information.

We could have never done this without the help of our fellow BR Webmasters - Rakesh Koshy, Seetal Ramesh Patel and Rupak Chattopadhyay. They made the rounds of many libraries digging up whatever info they could find. We would also like to acknowledge a few soldiers who served in the IPKF and gave us a feel for what it was like. For appropriate reasons they do not wish to be mentioned.

Also like to thank Shridhar Sinha for bringing to our attention the role of his brother in the Battle for Jaffna. A citizen of Chavakacheri who was then only 12 years old wrote to us confirming the air attack on Chavakacheri and its subsequent effect on the LTTE. There is a lot more to be written about this conflict and we would welcome any additional information, corrections, photographs of the IPKF Operations in Sri Lanka.