31 Mar 2017, 01:13 AM (IST)
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On this day we remember the following 18 martyrs who sacrificed their lives in various operations: Sep Shib Singh (14056) Kumaon Regiment (1948 Kashmir War) , Gnr Sita Ram Yadav (14392316) Regiment Of Artillery (Border Ops) , Gnr Yadvendra Kumar (14495004) Regiment Of Artillery (Border Ops) , Sep Sakattar Singh (4549212) Mahar Regiment (Border Ops) , Sep Kundan Singh (4431513) Sikh Light Infantry (Border Ops) , Sep Mohan Singh (4429608) Sikh Light Infantry (Border Ops) , Sep Mukkan Singh (4432734) Sikh Light Infantry (Border Ops) , Sep Jagir Singh (4432846) Sikh Light Infantry (Border Ops) , Nk Karnail Singh (3341638) Sikh Regiment (Counter Insurgency) , Sep K P A Pillai (13803839) Army Service Corps (Counter Insurgency) , Sep Sunil Kumar R Sangma (13839204) Army Service Corps (Counter Insurgency) , Sep K Seenuvasan (10452387) Territorial Army (Counter Insurgency) , Rfn Abdul Rashid (9087268) Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry (Counter Insurgency) , Rfn Harka Bahadur Limbu (9406636) 11 Gorkha Rifles (Counter Insurgency) , Lnk Beant Singh (3345623) Sikh Regiment (Counter Insurgency) , Lnk Surjit Singh (3351031) Sikh Regiment (Counter Insurgency) , Lnk Gajraj Singh (14342576) Regiment Of Artillery (Siachen Operations) , Lnk Durvesh Singh (14451300) Regiment Of Artillery (Siachen Operations) ,

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Harry Kler, the man who raced to Dacca (1924 - 2016)

H S "Harry" Kler, is well known in the war lores of the Indian Army as the Brigadier who knocked on the doors of Dacca on December 15th , 1971.  Retired as a Major General, he passed away last week at 93 years of age. Wg Cdr Unni Kartha writes a tribute to the man that was in the thick of action - in all wars.

Battle of Pakokku (Irrawady River Operations)

Brigadier Rattan Kaul of the 4/5 Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force) details the Battle of Pakokku (Irrawady river operations) during World War II, an operation that his battalion was involved with during its history.

Outline Organisation of a Standard Infantry Battalion

Outline Organisation Structure of a Standard Infantry Battalion in the Indian Army

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Book Review: A Sailor's Story, Vice Adml N Krishnan

A Sailor's Story, by Vice Admiral N.Krishnan. Edited by: Arjun Krishnan - Book Review by K. Chandni

INAS 311

INAS 311 was commissioned by the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Naval Command Vice Admiral Nirmal Verma on 12th May 2009 at INS Dega in Vishakapatnam.

INAS 311, commanded by Commander Sanjay Nandan, operates the Dornier 228 aircraft.

Talwar (Krivak III) Class

The Talwar class has its origins in the Severnoye (Northern) Design Bureau that developed intothe Project 1135.6 vessel using an earlier Project 1135.1 design. This back to the early 1980s. The extensive scope of redesign and re-engineering for these vessels has realised a multipurpose surface combatant of about 4,000 ton displacement (this increase being attributed to additional weapon systems and the replacement of light alloys with steel), tailored to meet the Indian Navy's specific mission and performance requirements.

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Another update to the Officer's Database by Anchit Gupta.  Records in the the existing database total 30021.

Awards Database now contains citations of all war time and peace time gallantry awards. (VM series not yet included)

Hunting Harvards in the Countryside

In the 1950s it was not uncommon for IAF aircraft to undertake "force landings" in the country side. Squadron Leader Kesavachandran narrates the story of an 'expedition' to document the evidence for a Court of Inquiry - much before the advent of GPS,  handheld cameras, digitial media and the social media.

The sinking of N.R.P.Vega - a first person narrative

The episode of blowing up at sea of a Portuguese Patrol Boat laden with explosives off Diu by IAF on 18 Dec 1961. First person account of the sinking of NRP Vega during the Diu Operations in 1961. Air Marshal P M Ramachandran, PVSM AVSM SC VM narrates his story of that eventful sortie from 18th December 1961.

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