Statement by DGMO to Media

I had briefed all of you on the terrorist action in Uri yesterday. The Army operations have been called off after conducting a detailed search of the area in and around the military complex at Uri. The total recoveries from the slain terrorists is four AK 47 rifles, four Under Barrel Grenade Launchers, 39 Under Barrel Grenade Launcher grenades, five hand grenades, two radio sets, two GPSs, two Map Sheets, two Matrix Sheets, one Mobile Phone and a large number of food and medicine packets having Pakistani markings.

The infiltration attempts by terrorists have shown a marked increase in comparison to the past 3-4 years. In 2016, there have been 17 infiltration bids eliminated by the Indian Army along the Line of Control. Of a total of 110 terrorists eliminated in J&K, 31 have been killed while they were attempting to cross the Line of Control. It actually indicates a desperate attempt from across the Line of Control to infiltrate more terrorists into Kashmir with a view to create disturbance and foment unrest in our area. The last two infiltration attempts i.e. 11 Sep 16 in Punch and on 18 Sep 16 at Uri have been successfully thwarted by the Indian Army by killing of four terrorists in each of the operations.

The Indian Army has displayed considerable restraint while handling the terrorist situation both along the Line of Control and in hinterland. However, we have the desired capability to respond to such blatant acts of aggression and violence as deemed appropriate by us. We reserve the right to respond to any act of the adversary at a time and place of own choosing.


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