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Note: To serve in the Indian Armed Forces, you must be an Indian Citizen. If not, then read the sub-heading meant for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who would like to join.

Recruitment Information for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

Recruitment information for NRIs can be obtained from an Indian Embassy or High Commission who will have a Military Attaché. The Military Attaché's job is to counsel people who are interested in joining the Indian Armed Forces. The Armed Forces' culture is such that they are courteous and willing to help. If you can get through to the Military Attaché, you will be in safe hands. The Military Attaché, if you establish a good rapport, will give you precise information to enable you, to reach a decision.

Military Attachés in Washington D.C., United States

Military Attaché: Tel: (202) 939-7081, Fax: (202) 462-8605
Naval Attaché: Tel: (202) 939-7061, Fax: (202) 986-6717
Air Attaché: Tel: (202) 939-7090, Fax: (202) 483-3976

Military Attachés in London, United Kingdom

Military Attaché: Tel: (171) 240-0870, Ext: 257
Naval Attaché: Tel: (171) 836-8484, Ext: 232
Air Attaché: Tel: (171) 240-1948, Ext: 222

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To Join or not to Join

The job satisfaction associated with a career in the Armed Forces is second to none. Protecting your country gives you a sense of purpose & responsibility. Even others seem to see it that way. Squadron Leader Mukherjee (retd.), presently flying for Air India, fondly remembers, "The kind of respect and authority that serving Officers command both within the services and among civilians can never be matched by any other profession." A career in the defense forces also gives one, a taste of India. Defense personnel get the unique opportunity to travel to and interact with people from the remotest corners of India as part of their duties. One learns how to deal with people from different backgrounds, respect others' opinions and lead from the front.

Is there life after a career in the Defense Services?

Definitely. There are numerous instances of individuals who take premature retirement from the services and do well in life in alternate fields.

Army Officers are perceived quite rightly as strict disciplinarians with a reputation for neatness, punctuality and efficiency in dealing with all sorts of people. This impression usually lands them good positions in the security or personnel departments of companies. With their clear thinking and a no-nonsense attitude, they make it to advisory positions at the top management of organizations.

Navigation Officers in the Navy generally join the Merchant Navy as Captains. Alternatively, Indian Naval Officers can take up shore jobs in shipping companies. It is also commonly observed that sailors (NCOs) of the Indian Navy usually join the Merchant Navy as Electrical or Engineering Officers.

Ex-Indian Air Force Officers encounter few problems making the switch to commercial airlines. In fact, most of Air India's senior commanders have an Air Force background. Apart from a career in flying, many IAF pilots also opt for teaching assignments as instructors in flying clubs or even set up training academies of their own.


Think about it. It's a challenge that will change you forever. And that's a soldier's word.

Recruiting Information for the Army, Navy & Air Force

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