Deepak class Fleet Tanker


The first ship, Yard 6186 was launched at Fincantieri's Muggiano yard on 12Feb 2010 as INS Deepak. The trials of ''Deepak''will start in April. The delivery of INS ''Deepak'' and its commissioning is scheduled in India in the later part of 2010.

The second fleet tanker is already under construction at the fincantieri Yard of Sestre Ponente, Genoa, scheduled for delivery in 2011.

INS Deepak construction programme by Muggiano Shipyard of Fincantieri, involved three different shipyards of Fincantieri, Italy, using state-of-the-art ship construction methods and concepts with extensive parallelism and concurrent engineering to deliver the ship, in a challenging timeframe of two years. The ship is in double hull configuration which provides greater safety against accidental oil spillages in accordance with latest MARPOL regulations.

Fincantieri announced in Oct 2008 that it won an order to build a fleet tanker, with an option for another, against competetive bidding from leading international players, especially from Russia and Korea. The contract, worth about 139M Euro includes a second vessel under an option clause which was signed in March 2009.

The vessel, which will be built at the shipyards in Liguria, for delivery at the end of 2010, will be 175 metres long, 25 wide and 19 high and will have a displacement at full load of 27,500 tonnes. The ship will be powered by two 10,000 kW diesel engines which will enable it to reach a maximum speed of 20 knots and its propulsion system will feature an adjustable blade propeller. There will also be a flight deck on board for medium-heavy helicopters (up to 10 tons). The ship will accommodate up to 248 passengers – crew and supplementary personnel. Equipped with double hatches, the vessel will be able to service four ships at the same time. In accordance with the new Marpol regulations of the International Maritime Organization concerning the protection of the environment, this will be the first ship of this type to be built with a double hull thereby improving protection of the fuel tanks and avoiding the risk of pollution in case of collision or damage.

Furthermore, in August 2009 it was announced that the Indian Navy has exercised its option for a second fleet tanker which was included in the contract signed in 2008, with delivery in the last half of 2011.

According to an interview published in in May 2009, senior BEL executives stated that as part of the offsets for the first fleet tanker, Fincantieri, in 2008, placed an order worth 14.3M euros for the supply of Composite Communication System, Versatile Communication System, ESM System, Electric Opto Fire Control System and their integration on board the fleet tanker. BEL will implement this order in 2009. BEL also expects a follow on order in FY 2009-2010 for the second fleet tanker.
Fleet Tanker

Details of these tankers are:

Length, overall 175 m
Length between perpendicular 162.7 m
Breadth, moulded 25 m
Depth to flight deck (Deck 01) 19.30 m
Depth to main deck (Deck 1) 16.30 m
Full load displacement, About 27,500 t
Corresponding draft from B.L. abt. 9.1 m
Transported Useful Cargoes abt. 15,760 t
Cruise speed 16 knots
Max speed at full load 20 knots
Range at 16 knots 10,000 NM
MCR of Propulsion Diesel Engines 2x9,600 kW
crew + additional personnel 248
Flight Deck for operating 10 t helicopters
Double Hull, responding to the new MARPOL rules on environmental protection
Capability to refuel 4 ships at time