Image © Mrityunjoy Mazumdar

The training ship Tir, enters the water for the first time, during her launch at Cochin SY. Image © MoD Annual Report, 1985-86 via Titash Sridharan

A spectacular bow shot of INS Tir at the International Fleet Review 2001. Image © Mrityunjoy Mazumdar

A detailed shot of INS Tir. Note the helo-landing assist system to the upper left of the picture and the armed sentry in the centre. Image © Mrityunjoy Mazumdar

An excellent shot of INS Tir, taken from astern. Location Unknown. Image © H&L Van Ginderen


Vessel Type: Training Ship.

Name & Pennant Number with commission date:
INS Tir A86 (21 February 1986)

Displacement: 3200 tons full load.

Main Machinery: Two diesel engines with 7072 hp sustained and two shafts.

Maximum Speed: 18 knots.

Maximum Range: 6000 at 12 knots.

Complement: 293 (incl. 35 officers) + 120 cadets.

Radar: Navigation; One Bharat/Racal Decca 1245 radar at I-band frequency.

Weapons: 2 Bofors 40mm/60 (twin) guns with launchers for illuminants and four saluting guns.

Countermeasures: ESM; One Telegon IV system at D/F-band frequency.

Helicopters: Platform for one HAL Chetak.

Comments: INS Tir is the first dedicated Cadet's Training Ship designed by the Indian Navy and constructed by Mazagon Dock Ltd., Mumbai. She is the senior ship of the First Training Squadron of the Indian Navy. The Ship's Crest has an eagle with an arrow; the eagle depicts majesty and might, while the arrow (in Hindi called Tir) signifies pursuit of professional competence. The vessel has been built to commercial standards. Has Decca collision avoidance plot and also a SATNAV (Satellite Navigation) system. Can carry up to 120 cadets and 20 instructors. A second vessel was ordered in May 1986, but may have been cancelled as an economy measure. Based at Kochi.