Andaman and Nicobar Command

The flotilla at the ANC consists of four Trinkat Class fast patrol vessels, eight Mk.3 LCU vessels, a few Polnochny-C/D Class amphibious warfare vessels and the SDB Mk.3 large patrol craft. Do-228-101 maritime patrol craft, operating from airfields at Port Blair, Car Nicobar, Campbell Bay and Diglipur maintain surveillance over the sea areas and approaches. CGAS 745, consisting of Do-228s, operate from Port Blair. The army presence consists of an infantry brigade, which plans to increase its strength to a full division. The No.122 Helicopter Unit (Mi-8s) operates from Car Nicobar and is the air force presence at the ANC. Eventually a fighter squadron will also be based here, thereby increasing the ANC's strike capability.

INS Jarawa, located at Port Blair, has limited support facilities including a floating dock.

• INHS Dhanvantari, located at Port Blair, is a Naval Hospital.

• INS Kardip, located at Nicobar, is an advance base.