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Osa II Class

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The Chamak lies docked at the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Khadakvasla, Pune. The vessel was presented to the NDA to offer its cadets a chance to understand how a boat functions and works. Image © Praveen P Sathaye

The Chapal lies docked ashore, as a museum ship, along the Goa-Mangalore Highway, near Karwar in Karnataka. Note the P-15M anti-ship missile mounted in the foreground. Image © Nitin M Nair

The Chapal during a high speed pass. Image © Indian Navy

The Prachand on a routine training exercise, whilst in service. Image © Indian Navy

The Pratap fires one of her P-15M (SS-N-2b Styx) AShMs. Image © Indian Navy

The Charag fires a P-15M (SS-N-2b Styx) AShM during a naval exercise. Image © Indian Navy

Pennant No. K98 - an Osa-I Class missile boat perhaps? K98, as per published reports, was never assigned to an Osa-II Class missile boat. Image © Indian Navy

A line drawing of the Osa-II Class missile boat


Vessel Type: Fast Attack Missile Boat.

Names & Pennant Numbers with commission dates:
Prachand K90
(17 February 1976) - decommissioned on 29 December 1999
Pralaya K91
(17 February 1976) - decommissioned on 08 June 2001
Pratap K92 (
17 February 1976) - decommissioned on 17 May 1996
Prabal K93 (
17 February 1976) - decommissioned on 29 December 1999
Chapal K94 (04 November 1976) - decommissioned on 05 May 2005 - displayed at INS Karwar
Chamak K95 (04 November 1976) - decommissioned on 05 May 2005 - displayed at NDA, Khadkavasla
Chatak K96 (09 February 1977) - decommissioned on 05 May 2003
Charag K97
(17 October 1977) - decommissioned on 17 May 1996 - displayed at SNC HQ, Cochin.

Displacement: 245 tons full load.

Main Machinery: 3 diesel engines with 10,800 hp sustained and 3 shafts.

Maximum Speed: 37 knots.

Maximum Range: 800 at 25 knots.

Complement: 30.

Radar: Fire Control; Targeting radar (NATO: Square Tie) in I-band for the P-15M AShMs.

Weapons: Four P-15M (SS-N-2B) AShMs with active radar or infra-red homing with a range of 25n miles; 46km.

Four 30mm guns with 85º elevation & 500 rounds a minute to 2.7n miles; 5km.

Comments: The Osa-II Class missile boats formed the 25th Missile Vessel (K25) Squadron, also known as the Killers, based at Vizag. Osa is the Russian word for Wasp. All eight missile boats have been decommissioned from service.

The Prabal lies on static display at Mumbai's entertainment park, Esselworld and the Chatak is stationed off Marine Drive in Kochi. Admiral Arun Prakash served as the second Commanding Officer of the Chatak from 19 February 1978 to 27 December 1978 and was the chief guest at her decommissioning ceremony in May 2003. Lieutenant Commander S.C. Ghildyal (Retd.) had the privilege of being the Commissioning Commanding Officer of the Chatak, which served for 26 years in the Indian Navy.

The Chapal and the Chamak were the last pair of Osa-II missile boats to be decommissioned on 05 May 2005 at Vizag, after having served for more than 29 years. Commander Harish Behl and Lieutenant Chris J Koshy served as the last Commanding Officers of the Chapal and the Chamak. Rear Admiral Raman Prem Suthan was the chief guest at the decommissioning ceremony of these two vessels. Both vessels saw active participation during the 2004 Navy Day Celebrations, with the Chapal having fired a live missile on 04 December 2004.


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