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Petya II Class

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Vessel Type: Corvette.

Names & Pennant Numbers with commission dates:
Arnala P68 (29 June 1972) - decommissioned on 09 April 1999
Androth P69 (30 June 1972) - decommissioned on 09 April 1999
Anjadip P73 (23 December 1972)
- decommissioned on 13 December 2003
Amini P75 (12 December 1974)
- decommissioned on 16 September 2002
Kamorta P77 (21 November 1968) - decommissioned on 31 October 1991
Kadmatt P78 (23 December 1968) - decommissioned on 30 November 1992
Kiltan P79 (30 October 1969) - decommissioned on 30 June 1987
Katchall P81 (23 December 1969) - decommissioned on 31 December 1988
Kavaratti P80 (23 December 1969) - decommissioned on 31 July 1986

Note: INS Andaman P74, commissioned on 28 December 1973, was lost at sea on 21 August 1990.

Displacement: 950 tons standard and 1100 tons full load.

Dimensions: Length - 82.29 metres.
................Beam - 9.19 metres.
................Draught - 2.9 metres.

Main Machinery: Two gas turbines with 30,000 hp. One diesel engine with 5400 hp sustained and three shafts.

Maximum Speed: 32 knots.

Maximum Range: 4000 miles at 20 knots.

Complement: 98

Radar: Surface; One (NATO: Slim Net) radar at E/F-band frequency.
.........Navigation; One Don-2 radar at I-band frequency.
Fire Control; Refer to 'Weapons' sub-section.
(NATO: Pole B).

Sonar: One Hercules hull mounted sonar, active search & attack with medium frequency.

Weapons: Four 76mm guns at 80ยบ elevation and 90 rounds/minute to 8n miles; 15 km. Fire control is provided by a single (NATO: Hawk Screech) radar at I-band frequency.

Three 533mm triple torpedo tubes with SAET-40 with active & passive homing torpedoes to 5.4n miles; 10 km at 30 knots. Four RBU-2500 16-tubed mortar launchers, with a range of 2500 meters.

Two racks of depth charges and two rails of mines.

Comments: These vessels are an export version of the Petya II with simplified communications. The Anjadip was commissioned under the command of Captain R P Bhalla at Batylik, Russia on 23 December 1972. The contribution of Anjadip was immense to the western seaboards of the country. Her role in the anti-submarine warfare was particularly praiseworthy. Anjadip served initially under the operational control of Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command as a component of the 32nd Patrol Vessel Squadron. On 01 March 1979, she was transferred to Visakhapatnam. During her service, the ship remained a constituent of the Eastern Fleet and was re-designated as the senior ship of the 31st Patrol Vessel Squadron. She took part in the International Fleet Review, 2001 at Mumbai.


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