INS Jalashwa

INS Jalashwa, the latest addition to the Indian Navy's fleet entering Visakhapatnam harbour. The ship entered Vizag harbour on 12 September 2007. Image © Indian NavyINS Jalashwa, with six H-3 Sea King maritime utility transport helicopters embaked, headng for homeport Visakhapatanam. The ship has now formed part of the Eastern Fleet under the Eastern Naval Command, which is headquartered in Vizag. Image © Indian NavyINS Jalashwa LPD 41 lies docked at the BAe Systems Shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia on 07 June 2007 during her refit before being commissioned into the Indian Navy. Image © Marc PichéINS Jalashwa LPD 41 (at right) lies docked next to the US Navy's newest landing platform dock vessel - the USS San Antonio LPD 17 - at the BAe Systems Shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia on 07 June 2007. Image © Marc Piché USS Trenton LPD 14 prior to her being commissioned into the Indian Navy as INS Jalashwa L41. Norfolk naval base, 22 September 2006. Image © Marc Piché

Vessel Type: Amphibious Transport Dock or Landing Platform Dock (LPD).

Names & Pennant Numbers with Commissioning Dates:
INS Jalashwa L41 (former USS Trenton LPD 14) - 22 June 2007.

Displacement: 7696 tons dead.
...................8894 tons light.
...................16,590 tons full load.

Dimensions: Length (Overall) - 173.7 metres (570 feet).
................Length (Waterline) - 167 metres (548 feet).
................Beam (Extreme) - 30.4 metres (100 feet).
................Beam (Waterline) - 25.6 metres (84 feet).
................Draught (Maximum) - 6.7 metres (22 feet).
................Draught (Limit) - 7 metres (23 feet).

Main Machinery: Two boilers, two steam turbines, two shafts, 24,000 shaft horsepower.

Maximum Speed: 20 knots.

Maximum Range:  Not Known.

Complement: In United States Navy service, the ship's complement included 24 officers, 396 sailors and 900 marines. The Indian Navy complement includes 27 officers and 380 sailors.

Military Lift: Four LCM-8 landing craft were acquired, along with the purchase of INS Jalashwa. These boats are housed in a hangar below.

Radar:  Navigation; Not Known.

Weapons: In United States Navy service, she was armed with two Phalanx CIWS, two 25mm Mk 38 guns and eight .50-calibre machine guns. It has been confirmed that the vessel has retained the pair of Phalanx CIWS upon transfer to the Indian Navy.

Helicopters: Six H-3 Sea King maritime utility transport helicopters can be carried on board.

Comments: INS Jalashwa - a Sanskrit name for the Hippopotamus - with its motto The Fearless Pioneers, is an amphibious assault ship that can embark, transport and land various elements of an amphibious force to support operations ashore. Being the second largest ship in the Indian Navy's inventory, she is capable of undertaking amphibious operations, maritime surveillance, special operations, search & rescue, medical support and as well as humanitarian relief.

She was originally commissioned in the United States Navy as USS Trenton, one of twelve vessels in the Austin Class amphibious warfare series. She was laid down at Seattle, Washington on 08 August 1966 by the Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction Company. She was launched on 03 August 1968 and was commissioned on 06 March 1971. After nearly 36 years of service with the US Navy, she was transferred to the Indian Navy on 17 January 2007 and was commissioned on 22 June 2007. The Indian Government purchased the vessel for Rs 2.18 billion (USD $48.44 million). In India, she is based at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh under the Eastern Naval Command [ENC].  This is the first ship to be transferred from the US Navy, besides being the first Landing Platform Dock (LPD) to be acquired by the Indian Navy.

The specialty of this ship is the well deck, which houses the LCM-8 river boat which can be launched by flooding the well deck and operating the hinged gate at the rear end of the ship. The ship's cargo space enhances the equipment carrying capability. Unlike regular warships, this ship has a flight deck for helicopter operations from which four medium helicopters can operate simultaneously. This deck can also be used to operate vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft like the Sea Harrier, in special circumstances. Since the ship is capable of embarking over 1000 troops, she is fully equipped with extensive medical facilities including four operation theatres, 12-bed ward, laboratory and a dental centre to ensure the health care of the embarked personnel.

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