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Active Ships

INS Shakti with 8 other naval vessels during a simultaneous jackstay transfer at 14 knots. Image © Indian Navy

Currently Active Fleet Strength and Details An Overview
INS Viraat Aircraft Carrier
Magar Class Amphibious Warfare Vessel
Kora (Type 25A) Class Corvette
Khukri (Type 25) Class Corvette
Abhay (Pauk II) Class Corvette
Veer (Tarantul I) Class Corvette
Delhi (Type 15) Class Destroyer
Rajput (Kashin II) Class Destroyer
INS Nireekshak Diving Support Ship
Car Nicobar Class Fast Attack Craft
Bangaram Class Fast Patrol Vessel
Trinkat Class Fast Patrol Vessel
Super Dvora II Fast Patrol Vessel
Deepak class Fleet Tanker Fleet Tanker
Project 17 (Shivalik) Class Frigate
Talwar (Krivak III) Class Frigate
Brahmaputra (Type 16A) Class Frigate
Godavari (Type 16) Class Frigate
Nilgiri (Leander) Class Frigate
Bhim Class Harbour Utility Tug
Mark 3 Landing Craft Landing Craft
INS Jalashwa Landing Platform Dock (LPD)
Shardul Class Landing Ship Tank (Large)
Polnochny Class Landing Ship Tank (Medium)
Sukanya Class Large Patrol Craft
Seaward Defence Boats Large Patrol Craft
Pondicherry Class Ocean Minesweeper
INS Gaj Ocean Tug
INS Matanga Ocean Tug
Ambika Oiler
Aditya Class Replenishment & Repair Ship
INS Jyothi Replenishment Tanker.
INS Sagardhwani Research Ship
Makar Class Survey Ship
Sandhayak Class Survey Ship
Varuna Class Tall Ship (Sailing)
INS Krishna Training Frigate
INS Tir Training Frigate
Nicobar Class Transport Ship

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