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Hughes Hu-300

Hughes 300 On 15 Sept 1971, a Helicopter Training School was established and it was equipped with three Hughes Hu300 two seater helicopters. The Hu-300 was based on the Hu-269 which was a popular piston-engined two seater helicopter best used for training and crop-dusting.

These two seater helicopters were powered by a 190 HP Avco Lycoming HIO-360-D1A piston engine. These were also used by the US Army as trainers as the TH-55 Osage. Over 3000 examples of the Hughes were built over the years.

Four of these small sized choppers were procured by the Navy - IN-081, IN-082, IN-083 and IN-084. These equipped INAS-561, earmarked for Helicopter Flying Training. The Hughes were phased out in the Mid-80s.

Two of the helicopters known to have been preserved.

IN-081 is preserved at NIAT Cochin (Link)
IN-083 can be seen at the Naval Aviation Museum, Goa (Link)


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