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Indian State Forces

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Jind Infantry » 13th Punjab (Jind)
Nabha Akal Infantry » 14th Punjab (Nabha Akal)
1st Patiala Infantry » 15th Punjab (Patiala)
2nd Patiala Infantry » 16th Punjab (Patiala)
1st Travancore Infantry » 9th Madras (Travancore)
2nd Travancore Infantry » 16th Madras (Travancore)
Cochin Infantry » 17th Madras (Travancore)
Mysore Infantry » 18th Madras (Mysore)
Kutch & Saurashtra SF » 7th Grenadiers (now 9th Mech. Inf.)
Mewar Infantry » 9th Grenadiers (Mewar)
Bikaner & Jaisalmer Risala » 13th Grenadiers (Jaisalmer)
Rajaram Rifles » 19th Maratha LI (Kolhapur)
Baroda Rifles » 20th Maratha LI (now 10th Mech. Inf.)
Hyderabad Infantry » 22nd Maratha LI (Hyderabad)
Sawai Man Guards » 17th Rajputanat Rifles (Sawai Man)
Saurashtra Infantry » 18th Rajputana Rifles (now 11th Mech. Inf.)
Sadul Light Infantry » 19th Rajput (Bikaner)
Jodhpur Sirdar Infantry » 20th Rajput (Jodhpur)
4th Gwalior Infantry » 14th Kumaon (now 5th Mech. Inf.)
Indore Infantry » 15th Kumaon (Indore)
1st Jammu & Kashmir Infantry » 1st Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
2nd Jammu & Kashmir Infantry » 2nd Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
3rd Jammu & Kashmir Infantry » 3rd Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
4th Jammu & Kashmir Infantry » 4th Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
7th Jammu & Kashmir Infantry » 7th Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
9th Jammu & Kashmir Infantry » 9th Jammu & Kashmir Rifles


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